Poshmark Bulk Sharing - Not seeing results?
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With the release of Poshmark's bulk sharing actions, you can now do the simple tasks of automating shares, offers to likers, and price drops with fewer taps, saving, what Poshmark claims to be, 50% of your time! But does this actually lead to more sales?

As empowering and time-saving as the bulk sharing action is, it's not a guaranteed way of boosting your sales, or even your visibility! There are a few reasons why that may be:

1. There are now more shares competing for the same audience

Think of sharing as a lottery. Each share you do is a lottery ticket to win a prize, which is a sale to a buyer. Before, you were only able to scratch off 10 lottery tickets (shares) in a day, as did everyone else. But now, everyone gets 500 lottery tickets a day! However, if everyone now has 500 lottery tickets per day, the chances of winning (making a sale) are almost exactly the same. You may be sharing your listings more, but so is everyone else.

2. Bulk sharing cannot replace sharing constantly

When you share your listings, your items come up first as people are searching in Poshmark. However, as time goes on, your listings get brought down as other listings from other closets get shared. The best trick to keep your listings visibile in Poshmark is to constantly share your listings. There are many services out there that help you automate this constant sharing, such as OneShop's marketing services.

3. You hit your daily share limit earlier

Believe it or not, Poshmark has a daily limit on how much sharing you can do per day. Our research find it generally hovers around 6,000 to 10,000 shares per day, depending on closet size. With bulk sharing, you often hit this limit earlier.

What can you do from here?

We at OneShop find that the best trick is to focus on bulk sharing fewer best-selling items, but doing so more often throughout the day.

Still confused? We have at our blog post about Poshmark's bulk listing actions here!

Best of luck, and happy selling!

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