Poshmark Update - Bulk Listing Actions and All You Need to Know
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Update! Poshmark’s bulk listing process - take advantage of our update to improve your listings, sell faster, and drive more traffic to your closet!

The Poshmark community has recently received the news about the new Poshmark update alert released on June 21, 2021, with the claim that promoting your listings on the platform just got easier with the new feature, which is Bulk Listing Actions. Now, the question is, is Poshmark finally making the lives of its sellers easier with this new update? Does it really help with your Poshmark business? Is it the real deal that will make selling and interacting on the platform a breeze? Let’s find out what the update is all about and if it is the answer to the time-consuming and laborious process of listing items manually. Through sharing listings, sending of offers, and listing price editing, let’s check if you will benefit from this update, especially if you are the type of seller who has a lot in your closet.

So what does bulk listing mean? In line with its keyword, the term refers to the process by which instead of tending to your listings one by one, you can now select the old and new items in your closet all at once and select the action that you intend to do with them. For example, on Poshmark, one of the new features in bulk listing action includes the ability to edit how much is the best or lowest price you can offer to your potential buyers. So yes, the sense of cutting down the actions required to perform tasks is what bulk listing can offer.

Poshmark is unlike its competitors in the market. Different platforms such as Mercari, eBay, Amazon, Depop, Etsy, Grailed, and Kidizen do not get as social as Poshmark. Similar to Instagram and Facebook (which, by the way, has a Facebook marketplace), Poshmark sellers are able to perform social tasks that will help them attract potential buyers to their closet. After you upload your new listing, you have the seller tools ready to help you work your way around the platform and help boost your sales. You can use them to self-share, do community shares, and follow other posters to increase the exposure of your closet, and ultimately, offer discounts where negotiations can take place. With that being said, Poshmark undoubtedly created these features to keep their sellers happy.

In the update, Poshmark claims that it would save time, increase visibility, and help drive sales. With these, the Poshmark sellers have expected something that will enable them to share instantly, which can help them make more sales. As exciting as the claim can be, the reality is, Poshmark only lessened the time and effort it requires for you to be able to share your Poshmark listings - by 50%!

So what is special about the newly released Bulk Listing Actions? Well, as it turns out, instead of tapping twice to select your items and share them, now, you just need to tap them once and then hit the bulk share button. Yes, everything’s still done manually and will still require some time before you can finish sharing and sending offers to your potential buyers unless you only have a few listings in your closet.

The New Features

Bulk Sharing

With the new update, instead of manually selecting a single item from your closet and sharing it one by one, Poshmark claims that sharing is now a breeze with the bulk sharing action. It states that sharing your items from your Poshmark closet can now be done 2x faster than sharing them individually. Furthermore, bulk sharing will keep your listings at the top of search results, brand pages, feeds, and more. And lastly, it can make you reach more shoppers as you can now bulk share on posh parties - no more sharing of items one at a time. This feature essentially claims that it can drive more purchases to your closet.

Bulk Offers to Likers

Sending bulk offers to likers is now made easy with just a few clicks, according to the update. You know how you select items for bundles? In a sense, this feature can do the same, but this time you are sending offers to those who like your item. Poshmark says this new bulk offers to likers action will now enable you to speed up your sales by sending multiple offers in just one click, including the shipping labeldiscount. Furthermore, bulk actions like this can be handy in accomplishing specific actions such as sending offers to buyers, which will make joining giveaways like Make a Deal day easier.

Bulk Edit Price

This feature, according to Poshmark, will save you time as it will enable you to edit multiple prices of your existing listings in a snap. The update claims that changing your listing fees or price can now get easier because of the bulkedit option. In addition to this, it will let you attract potential buyers as it will notify your likers when you do the price drop. Similar to bulk offers to likers, taking a specific action like dropping your prices can make you qualified for giveaways, especially during Closet Clear Out.

Issues With the Update

It’s still very hands-on!

Although the platform has lessened the time needed to do these tasks, it still is an inconvenient process for sellers, especially for those with many items in their closets.
The bulk sharing feature shares the selected listings at once, which still makes it time-consuming as sellers still have to do this throughout the day to get the most out of sharing. On the other hand, sending bulk offers to likers is still a manual process as it doesn’t encompass when someone new likes your listing. Therefore, it will still be a tedious task to go over your listing one by one and manually share it with someone who likes the item. The update offers help at some point, but it is still very hands-on and will still eat up sellers’ time doing everything manually.

Not what everyone was expecting.

It is essential to understand that there are sellers who only do selling on the platform as their side hustle. While some are doing it full-time, many sellers do not have the time to sit in front of their computer and manually tend to their listings. So, when the platform announced the new update and claimed that it would save time, poshers were expecting a feature that would automate sharing. Yes, the update speeds up the process of manual sharing, but the point is tasks are still done manually, and it will still eat up time before sellers can go through all their items and share them.

However, with all these concerns with the new update on Poshmark, it is worth understanding why the platform cannot make every feature automated. While the effort of giving some convenience to posh sellers is there, the platform understandably will not work fully on its sellers’ behalf.

Keep in mind that it is still a business, and for Poshmark to be able to provide an all automated feature to its customers, they will have to invest plenty of resources to make it possible - which they won’t as it will cut down their profit. So what do they do? They make the experience of selling a bit better by cutting down the process of sharing by releasing an update like bulk listing action. In addition to this, for an online marketplace to thrive and increase its community interaction, it will maintain its sellers’ manual activity by engaging with other platform users through its seller tools and features.

Furthermore, updates such as this are a strategy to compete with other platforms out there. Poshmark offered the bulk listing action to make its customers happy to some degree which really can appease many sellers, especially those with just a small number of items listed. But for sellers with hundreds of listings in their closet, well, maybe, we just expected too much. Because everything is still done manually and will require a lot of time and effort, using a bot like OneShop is still the way to go. With the intelligent system that OneShop has, it can undoubtedly increase your earnings.

OneShop’s Take on Bulk Listing Actions

While the intention of Poshmark is to make the sellers’ lives easier by releasing their new feature, it is still not convenient for resellers and retailers who have hundreds and hundreds of items in their closets. The process of sharing to followers and parties and the bulk Offers to Likers actions are only cut down to 50%, so it will still require a lot of effort and time when it comes to selecting and tapping your listings one by one. Everything is still done manually.

The bulk editing of prices is also good but, it is important to keep in mind that not all items in your closet are priced similarly and have the same profit percentage. So, editing them all at once and dropping your prices in bulk may not be a convenient move if you want to achieve your desired earnings after the final sale price and avoid unforeseen profit loss.

OneShop is still unmatched when it comes to automation and doing tasks that can help you increase your earnings. Sellers are no longer required to exert much effort in doing all the key actions that this update offers. With this cross-listing app, sellers won’t need to spend so much time selecting and tapping their listings individually, as our intelligently built system will handle it all for you in a matter of minutes. We know how essential time is, and spending it on more important things related to your business, like when you pack the items or restock your inventory, and doing other errands in life is more important than spending it sitting in front of your computer or smartphone manning your closet.

OneShop not only make things easier for you by crossposting and keeping you synced on more marketplaces, delist items when sold, give you sales data, compare how you’re doing, and relist automatically, but it can also share to followers and parties, do return shares, like, follow and return follows, and send offers to potential buyers in Poshmark. What’s more, is, you don’t have to monitor your closet round the clock as it works 24/7 without any supervision necessary. If you are ready to experience how it is to have a next-level boost in sales, all you have to do is sign-up to oneshop.com.

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