Seller's Guide to Vinted Return and Refund Policy
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How it works

You must be familiar with your selling platform's return and refund policy as a seller. This gives you leverage in case you cross paths with a buyer out to scam you.

For Vinted, a popular online marketplace that originated in Lithuania and is known as a marketplace selling both brand new and second-hand items with various brands, giving buyers many options that best cater to their various needs and preferences. In essence, a refund policy means that if an item arrives at the buyer's location that is either damaged or not in the condition as described, they are qualified for a refund. Note that buyer protection will not apply to completed transactions without using Vinted's “Add to cart” and “Proceed to checkout” buttons.

How to respond to return and refund requests

You'll be notified right away on Vinted and by email when a buyer decides to submit a return request. The return request will be sent immediately to the Vinted Support team for assessment and response if it concerns a counterfeit or damaged product during shipping. But if the request is due to other reasons, the request will be issued to you, and you have 72 hours to respond. Take note that you will get an automatic reminder if you have not yet responded after 24 hours.

To see the return request, you can find it by clicking the link in the notification or going to Menu > My Orders > Sold, where you can choose the relevant order.

Should you accept the return and refund request, the buyer will have three days to ship the item(s) back to you. However, if you decline the offer, the Vinted support staff will review it again and decide whether to accept it.

You should include as many specifics as you can about the rejection for review by the support team. Always include images showing the item as exactly as described if feasible. From here, it will be sent to the support team if you don't respond within 72 hours. The support team will immediately give the buyer your default address listed on your profile if they approve the request.

Common reasons for returns

If a buyer cancels an order or returns the item to the seller, the buyer will receive a refund. Depending on the circumstance, they will receive their money back as soon as the order is declared void on Vinted or if you, the seller, confirm receipt of the returned item. The common reasons for returns and refunds include:

  • The item received is damaged
  • Item is incomplete
  • Item is counterfeited
  • Item is described inaccurately
  • The buyer was not happy with the order

Guidelines when receiving items

Once Vinted accepts the return and refund request, the buyer will be notified with the default address listed on your Vinted profile. If your address on your profile has changed or you would like to ship the item to a service point, always be sure to tell the buyer in the conversation.

Feel free to inquire if there is a tracking number even though the customer is responsible for the delivery method and return shipping costs. Take precautions to avoid miscommunication to prevent further confusion from both sides.

If you confirm that the item(s) you've returned have been sold using Menu > My orders > Sold, Vinted will refund the buyer.

If the return is part of a bundle: The customer must submit a return request even if they simply want to return a portion of a bundle, in which case they must list the specific goods they want to return(s).

With this, the Vinted staff will need to manually process the amount they owe for the item(s) the buyer kept and the amount required to refund the customer. If the request is granted, you must get in touch with the support staff before receiving the returned item(s), so they can take the necessary action.

To get in touch with the Vinted support staff, click the Get in touch option below and then choose Only portion of a bundle order is being returned under Returns-related queries & issues. When you do this, don't forget to specify the things that are being sent back to you.

The support staff will suspend the refund while you wait for the items, and once you confirm that you have received the returned item(s), you will be paid for the items' value, and the rest will be refunded to the buyer.

How refunds work when sellers cancel the order

A seller can submit a cancellation request via Menu > My orders > Sold if you changed your mind and want to keep the item or if you no longer have the item. However, you can't cancel the order once it has been shipped. Note that Vinted will automatically cancel the order and refund the buyer if the buyer doesn't reply within three days.

To respond effectively, it's crucial that you choose the correct justification and explicitly state why you wish to cancel the order. Suppose your cancellation request is rejected, it will be sent to the Vinted support team for review, and you will receive a notification once they arrive at a final decision. In "My Orders," you may see the current status of your cancellation request.

Managing your business from one dashboard

Running a business is not easy and staying on top of returns and refunds is a must to ensure that you are effective and efficient in your operations. One way sellers can be effective with their business and make time for important things is by letting automation take care of their daily tasks using OneShop.

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