Tradesy Photo Tips: How to Take Photos That Sell on Tradesy
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A seller’s listings are only as good as the photos that they take. A picture is the buyer's reference that influences their decision to make a purchase. So it's important that sellers take good quality photos and be aware of how to optimize them to increase their sales. This article will discuss Tradesy photo guidelines and tips and tricks to improve your product photography.

Importance of uploading quality product photos

One of the most critical secrets to Tradesy's selling success is the product photos when crafting your listings. Sellers should always strive to write extensive, accurate descriptions (the more details, the better) and upload photographs showing the item's condition.

Always make sure that you post high-quality photos of each item you sell, including both the overall appearance and close-up details.

Tips on taking great photos

Most Tradesy sellers are inexperienced photographers, so take your time and do your best! A great tip to start is to simply place your item on a flat surface by itself and shoot it from the front or above. Tradesy will remove only the backdrop of your initial photograph, so make sure the rest of your photos have a plain background.

Natural lighting is ideal because it allows cameras to capture the most accurate color. Ideally, your item should be placed near a window, but not in direct, strong sunshine.

And remember to take photos of the complete object and detailed views of certain sections. If you're using a smartphone camera, you might be able to push the lens open by tapping the screen.

And while it is not necessary to fill all allotted 12 slots for the product photos, if the item shows signs of wear, you should ideally post all pictures detailing this. At least three different images are required for all objects, regardless of condition.

How to choose your first image

Make the best, most precise shot that depicts the overall look or shape of the first image once you have a selection of photos (with a click of the mouse or a press of your finger on the app, you can simply change the order of the photographs.) Remember, first impressions count, and a great photo can entice potential customers to learn more about your item by clicking on it.

There's enough space for up to 12 images per listing so that you may show the interior and exterior and different angles of the item.

How can item photos protect you from buyer disputes?

The practice of any seller is always to take your own photos. You shouldn't use stock photos, screenshots from stores, or any other copyrighted image you don't own or have permission to use in your listings.

Furthermore, by just sharing images of the genuine item, you can avoid a possible buyer's allegation of misrepresentation.

What to do if you have multiple pieces of the same item

A single listing with numerous products is not permitted on Tradesy.

Each one-of-a-kind object needs its own listing. If you have many of the same or similar items, go to your listing and scroll down past Shipping & Returns to save time. Find "Have a comparable item?" and choose "Sell Another" from the drop-down menu.

Note that this feature is not currently available on the app; instead, use a browser to log in. While you'll still need to add three fresh photographs to the listing, the rest of the information will be filled in automatically.

You can include multiple items in one listing if you have the item's original accompanying accessories, like shoes that still have their branded, matching dust bag and shoe box. Make sure to state this in the Tradesy description and provide at least one photo that shows all of the accessories. Because everything in the first photo is whitened except the actual item, accessories should be in the second or later photo.

How automation can boost your sales

Although taking great product photos is crucial to getting sales, it also helps you adopt new strategies to optimize your daily operations. One way to make your listings stand out from the competition is to cross-list your listings to other online marketplaces. It lets you get more sales without manually increasing your effort by using innovative automation software that can optimize your operations by cross-listing from Tradesy to other sites like Mercari and Poshmark.

OneShop is a design-friendly automation tool that acts as your virtual sales expert. It allows you to focus on other essential parts of your business while it takes care of the daily manual processes that bring in sales from potential buyers.

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