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Tradesy is a women's fashion resale site where people can buy and sell clothing, shoes, accessories, handbags, and other items. You need to follow many listing guidelines when selling on Tradesy, such as describing the item in detail, providing clear photos of the items for sale, shipping out your items on time, and more. This article will cover all of these guidelines and seller responsibilities that you need to follow when listing in Tradesy.

What is Tradesy

Tradesy is a peer-to-peer marketplace for women's fashion and clothing created in 2012. The company connects buyers with sellers of used goods, providing an alternative to consignment stores and eBay auctions. Tradesy provides both the seller and buyer with access to their trade history and creates profiles for all users who join the site.

Tradesy Categories

Tradesy provides a hassle-free and smooth buying and selling experience for women who love fashion. They have 22 categories of shoes, bags, clothes, decors, and accessories to choose from.

Tradesy users can easily browse for an item they are looking for by category, brand, condition, size, color, and price range. They can also enter the keywords at the search bar to quickly find the specific items they are looking for. For a better understanding, here are some of the popular listing categories on Tradesy and what it has to offer.

New Arrivals

Tradesy has a category for everything's hot and currently in-demand items. This includes trendy clothing and accessories or newly released items from the brand you love. If you are always looking for new things to add up in your closet, check it out here!

Designer Items

Nothing beats having a luxury item or a limited edition item at a low price you can afford. Using the search bar, you can easily find designer items such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci. You can also browse on "Fashion" or "Closets" using the drop-down menu in the app or your computer to see more results.

Brand Name

If you already have a specific brand or item in mind, simply enter the word when searching on the search bar. Tradesy will provide you with a list of categories with the items for sale by that brand. The platform will collate all available items that match your search. If you are not satisfied with the first few things on the lists, you can check more items by clicking the "show results" beneath the search results page.

Seller’s Closet

If you are looking for a specific seller's closet, simply search by their closet name, and the top 10 seller's closets with matching names will auto-populate. If you still cannot find the closet you are looking for, you can see the full run-down of all closets that match your search by clicking the "Show results containing (the keyword your enter)."

Shopping Closets

Tradesy made it easier for users to customize their closet by adding a unique username. So if an item caught your eyes, you could browse for some more available items in their wardrobe to save more in shipping!

You can also use filters to narrow down available items by style, category, and designer. This is applicable for closets that have numerous items.


Tradesy filtering system made your shopping experience easier and faster. Simply enter the designer or item name, then narrow the search results to the option of your liking. In most cases, you can narrow the search by size, designer, price, color, condition, items on sale, and availability.

For other categories such as shoes, you can filter by heel height and style (boots, sports shoes, etc.). For a faster and smooth transaction, you can save your size preferences by clicking save, and the system will remember it on your next purchase.

Restricted Items

As a Tradesy seller, you must ensure all the items you've listed are authentic designer fashion items. The following are restricted items and categories you should avoid to have a smooth selling journey at Tradesy.

  • Electronics
  • Fake or counterfeit items
  • Fragrances
  • Free gift (in every purchase)
  • Kids clothing
  • Incomplete or mismatched sets (e.g., single shoe)
  • Items illegal to sell under any applicable law, statute, ordinance, or regulation.
  • Hair and beauty products
  • Health products
  • Makeup products
  • Men's items (except wallets, watches, and jewelry)
  • Sample Items
  • Sexy Lingeries and Intimate Apparel

Additionally, any listed items for sale that are not manufactured for retail by the designer, including the logo, trademark, or design, are strictly not allowed. No single listing of multiple items should also be published. Each unique listed item must have its own listing.

Sellers who sold any item listed on this restricted category do not guarantee any earnings and can cause their accounts to be penalized.

Selling Guidelines

If you are a seller, then it is crucial to know the guidelines and responsibilities of listing on Tradesy. Tradesy will do its best to help sellers as much as possible, but the final responsibility falls on the seller.

For instance, Tradesy allows a seamless return policy process to all the customers who are not happy with their orders. Unsatisfied customers are given a Tradesy site credit to buy things they love. (except for final sale items) If the Tradesy authentication team proves that the sold item is counterfeited or misrepresented, a full refund will be issued to the buyer.

All return items will be sent to the Tradesy HQ first for inspection and assessment. This way, even if the seller will not earn any from the sale, they will not be charged for return shipping. Plus, they can easily relist the returned item.

Below are some guidelines that sellers should be aware of before they list their item for sale

  • You must currently be living in the U.S.
  • The listed item must be physically present and ready to ship
  • The listed item must be authentic
  • The listed item shouldn't fall under any restricted items and categories.
  • The photo of the listed items should represent the item precisely.
  • The item details should be described accurately.
  • The seller must confirm and ship the sold items within ten days of the order date.

The earnings can be voided, and the items will be returned to the seller for any violation of Tradesy's policies or if any fraudulent activity is suspected. Additionally, Tradesy charges a low commission rate of 19.8% on items $50 or more. You can withdraw your earnings using Paypal, a debit card, or an ACH Transfer.

Seller Responsibilities

All sellers on Tradesy are expected to be responsible members of the Tradesy Community. They must be helpful, respectful and should always abide by the rules.

The following are seller's responsibilities they need to follow:

  • Sellers should politely respond to buyers' messages.
  • Sellers must put their closets on vacation or on hold (temporarily) if they will not be around to fulfill the orders.
  • Cancellations of orders can only be made under extenuating circumstances unless they agree to a buyer's request.

If you do not abide by these guidelines and responsibilities, your listings may be deactivated.

Tips and Tricks for Managing your Listing

If you aim to have a smooth Tradesy selling success, it is necessary to have your time invested in creating an appealing, catchy, and carefully crafted listing. Don't worry! We have listed tips and tricks on managing your listing to increase your views, have a fantastic-looking closet, and get more sales!


Your cover photos should be aesthetically pleasing to the buyer's eyes and free from unwanted elements. Try to take a picture of your item at different angles in a clutter-free background. There are many photo editing apps that you can use if you have limited space and resources to improve your cover photos. Also, remember that your item must match your listing and item details.

Product Description

Your item details should match the cover photo of your listing and has all the relevant information your buyers should know before purchasing the item. Be sure to enter at least 100 characters with relevant keywords so buyers can easily find your item and know what to expect.

Be honest when explaining the item's condition. State all signs of wear, tear, holes, stains, and align all the written information on your pictures. The more details you share in the description, the fewer questions you will get from potential buyers. For starters, remember to include the following on your product description:

  • Size or Dimension - Enter the exact size in number instead of vague or subjective comments. For example, "36 inches" instead of "above the ankle."
  • Color - Never forget to add the correct color of the item you are selling on the item details. When adding color to the categories, make it as simple as possible, focusing on primary colors. For example, instead of writing "pastel sky blue," put "blue." In this way, your listing can easily be found under major color categories.
  • Brand Name - If you know the brand and item name, you can also include it in the listing title and the description box. This way, potential buyers looking for a specific brand or item name can find your listings quickly.
  • Condition - Make sure your listings depict the item's condition accurately. If you are selling items with tags still attached, you can put your item under New With Tags. Tradesy will automatically place your item under the appropriate category in most cases. Just make sure to include the serial number or engravings to verify its authenticity. Always remember to check the item's condition before packing and shipping the orders. If you state that the thing is in perfect condition, it should also arrive at the buyer's doorstep as you've previously stated on the item details.


While Tradesy's designer list is expanding all the time, there are still brands and designers that are not yet available on the platform. In this case, you can still add the name in the other fields, such as on the title, description, and style name. In this way, buyers can still find your item by typing the keyword or the designer's name in the search bar.


Pricing listed items still depend on the seller. Quick research will pay off if you are not sure about the market price of an item you are selling. You can look for similar items on Tradesy or other resale sites like Etsy and Thredup to base your selling price.

If you have a rare or limited edition piece, you can price it higher than the suggested price of Tradesy. But if you want to sell the item fast, you can set it lower than your competitors. If you know the item's original price, you can add its retail price to the list.

Tradesy has a fair pricing system. If you list an item significantly higher than its manufacturer's suggested retail price or its current market value, Tradesy may remove your listing.

Multiple Items

Tradesy does not allow a single listing of multiple items. Each listed item must have its own listing. In case you have numerous items of the same or similar things, go to your listings, scroll down past the Shipping and returns, and you will see "Have a similar item?" Select "Sell another." Then add additional three new photos. The rest of the listing information will auto-populate, so you no longer have it entered manually. However, you can only use this feature on a browser. This feature is not yet available on the app.

Tradesy Selling Success

Sellers are the backbone of Tradesy, which is why we provide you with a comprehensive set of guidelines to follow when listing on the platform. While earnings from the sale are fun and exciting, listing and all the manual work that comes with it can be challenging and time-consuming.

With this in mind, OneShop developed a smart system intended to help marketplace sellers of Poshmark, Depop, Tradesy, and more have an easy, quick, and seamless reselling business. OneShop is your trusted bot for sharing, following, liking, and even relisting on multiple marketplaces. Leave all the manual work on us and save time doing the things you love!

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