The Best Summer Items to Sell in 2022
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As summer starts to come around, sellers are beginning to get excited about the possibility of making a lot of money! Summer is an excellent time for sales because people are out and about and need refreshments, fantastic clothing items, ice cream, etc.

However, there are a few key things to keep in mind when selling summer items:

  1. There is no need to sell items unrelated to the season or year. For example, you wouldn't want to be selling bathing suits in January.
  2. Sellers need to be aware of what other sellers around them are doing and how they're marketing their products.
  3. Keep an eye on your competitors' prices and stock levels to stay competitive with pricing and demands!

Summer only comes once a year, so you should make the most and start sourcing the best summer items to add to your listing! Here we will talk about the best summer items to sell this year and how you can take advantage of selling in-season items.

Advantages of Selling In-Season Items

The important thing to remember when deciding on which product or item to sell is whether it's seasonally appropriate. What might be a hot commodity one month may not have the same demand three months later, so choosing in-season items is vital for both maximizing your profits and staying relevant with customers.

Selling in-season items such as summer products provides many advantages to marketplace sellers. The following are the benefits sellers can get from listing these types of items:

  • More demands - Right timing is important when selling seasonal items. You have to dive into the trends as soon as it starts to get the best sales. Selling in-season items are in-demand during its season, so you won't have a hard time attracting buyers as they are the ones seeking your product.
  • Maximizes your profit - Everyone's preparing for it, so you might as well take advantage of people's needs and begin listing seasonal items when the time is right. You may also take note of the hottest styles and design trends to drive more sales.
  • Give you more time to prepare - Selling in-season items allows sellers to plan, organize, and source from different suppliers. Keep an eye on the hottest trends and set sales goals.

5 Best item to List this Summer

Summer is fast approaching! To fully take advantage of this season, we list the five must-have summer items on your listing that can help you quickly achieve your selling goals.

Swimwear and Gears

Swimwear such as bikinis, swimming trunks, one-piece, two-piece, etc., remain the most searched summer items this season. Selling swimwear and swimming gear for women, men, and kids are in-demand during this time, so selling them is a sure hit for your summer catalog and will undoubtedly increase your sales.

Water Bottles and DIY Popsicles

The extreme heat, especially during summer, makes water bottles and DIY Popsicles a rising star in top-selling summer products. Adding water bottles with more color selection and customizable designs is a hit for all ages!

Your kids and even kids-at-heart would also love to have star-shaped popsicles under the sun, so adding DIY popsicles, ice molders, and other coolers to your listing could be a refreshing and profitable treat for you, too.

Beach Essentials

The best thing about summer is going out and hitting the beach! Check out the hottest design trends and add them to your summer product catalog! Colorful, vivid, and mandala-inspired beach blankets are the latest trends, so adding them to your inventory provides a sales-boosting product to your online store. Adding summer glamping items like tents are also a hit during this season, which can also be a fun family activity that your buyers might be looking forward to.

Travel Bags

For most of us, Summer is the perfect time to unwind and go on road trips! Whether a quick trip or a week-long staycation, many shoppers look for the ideal travel bags to bring to their next destination. Take advantage of people who often travel lightly and add stylish weekender and chic tote bags to your shop! These are the perfect-sized travel bags to pack and go and are definitely a “summer hit” for your online business.

Inflatables/ Pool floats

Summers are more fun and enjoyable with colorful pool floats and other inflatables where you can lounge or relax while enjoying an afternoon of baking under the sun. Pool floats are the perfect summer accessory that will be a total hit for any pool party! Add one of these to your summer product catalog and enjoy the upcoming profits.

5 Trending items to Sell During Summer

As the season starts to get warm, your online business should too. Take advantage of this season and know the trending items you can sell that would generate more sales and attract more potential buyers to your online store.

Aside from the top five best items to list during summer, we also collated the five trending summer items for 2022, which you can sell to make an excellent revenue during the most-awaited season.

Minimalist Bikinis

Bikinis remain the most popular and top-selling summer items to sell for 2022. Dive into the hottest trends and stock up the popular styles, designs, and festive colors like neon, red, and pastels. High-waist ones and cut-out one-piece are popular choices for this year, so choose these styles, colors, and designs when listing bikinis on your online stores.

Crop Tops

You can never go wrong by adding a few crop tops for your online store this summer 2022. Crop tops are popular among online shoppers because they are comfy, easy to mix and match, and space-saver! This year's popular styles are cold shoulder crop tops, ruffles, and wrap tops.

Sunglasses and Accessories

Sunglasses never go out of style and are a staple fashion accessory, which should also be a staple addition to your summer listings! Keep in mind to look for trendy eyewear like the square retro sunglasses and other eyewear accessories such as the eyeglass chains, which are a perfect addition to your summer inventory.

Flipflops and Sandals

Flip-flops and sandals are a summer footwear staple, especially during warm-weather trips. Add these to your product catalog this summer and add various colors and styles your buyers would love! Some popular brands you should look forward to adding to your shop are Havaianas, Crocs, flip-flops, and Birkenstock.

Summer Dresses and Hats

The sun is scorching hot, and the demand for cool summer dresses is at its peak too. Take advantage of this trend and stock up on summer dresses. Some popular summer dress styles in 2022 are the open back, cut-outs, and puff shoulder dresses.

Also, try to market your summer dresses paired with summer hats to fit the overall summer vibe! Not only does it promote a stylish look, but it will also protect your skin from the sun's heat. With everyone excited for the beach season, pairing these two can be a great bundle on your online stores. Bucket hats, beach hats, and trucker hats are the most popular summer sun hats item that you may also want to consider adding to your stocks.

Tips for Upselling your Summer Items

One great thing about selling summer products during its season is that you will never run out of potential customers. Most of them seek summer products, making it easier to market and sell them and gain a good amount of profit.

However, your competitors will also try to snatch away your potential customers. So you must constantly keep an eye on them while trying other techniques to gain more customers and sell most of your summer products before the season ends.

We list down helpful tips on how to upsell your summer items and take advantage of people's needs during this season:

Optimize your listing

The more information you provide on your listing, the better. Make sure to upload clear pictures of the products and add relevant keywords like the brand, style, name, color, and design on your listing title and product description.

Furthermore, you must also complete all required information on your listing, such as selecting the correct category, subcategory, and condition. Be honest and detailed when writing your product description to lessen "item not as described" claims. Optimizing your listing helps in reaching more targeted audiences and winning more customers.

Price your items accordingly

Everyone likes fair pricing. Ensure to price your items according to their market value and condition. If you are clueless about the market price of your items, you can always look for a similar item or brand in your reselling platform or on other marketplaces. For limited edition or rare items, you may want to put it under auction-style price to get the best offer or have it published at a fixed price with the amount you are comfortable selling.

Pricing items can be a bit tricky. Most buyers would search for a lower price with good quality and condition before purchasing. So if you want to sell the item quickly, you can list it lower than your competitors. Just keep in mind to never take a loss from your item. You can always negotiate your price or respectfully decline the offer if you receive an offer lower than what you intend to sell.

Create Promotions and bundles

Everyone loves a good deal. You can try adding different offers to your online business to upsell your summer products. Consider adding discount promotions, free shipping, and bundle deals to your next summer campaign. By trying out different promotions, you'll see your selling performance and identify which summer products are selling faster and which items need improvement. Review your sales analytics after each campaign to better understand your customer's preferences and know which items are yay or nay.

Crosslist on multiple marketplaces

Crosslisting or cross-posting your items is another way to increase your reach, boost your exposure, and give you a higher chance of making a sale! If you are unfamiliar with how crosslisting works, it's a process where you list your from one e-commerce platform to another (i.e., Poshmark to Depop), which provides better visibility and attracts more potential buyers.

There are two ways you can crosslist your items to multiple marketplaces. The first is by listing them manually on several platforms. This means you must manually create listings on each marketplace by adding photos, listing titles, product descriptions, and other required information, which can be tedious and time-consuming.

A single listing can take up to 15 minutes of your time; imagine if you have hundreds of items in your closet. It can take days or weeks to list everything on 2-3 reselling platforms manually. Alternatively, you can use an automation service with crosslisting features like OneShop that allows a seamless cross-listing experience. Simply create your drafts on OneShop, then easily crosslist them to multiple reselling platforms in just one sitting!

Reach More Audiences with OneShop

Online competition can be challenging, with many competitors popping in and out. The key to staying relevant is to keep up with the hottest trends and to know your market well. Similar to sourcing the best summer products to sell this year, you should also be on the lookout for the best automation service that can help you improve your sales and ultimately grow your business.

OneShop is an excellent automation service that is a great addition to growing your online business. It allows sellers to effortlessly crosslist to Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, eBay (soon), and other marketplaces with additional in-app features that provides benefits to all its subscribers.

With OneShop, you can check your seller performance, set goals, track sales, schedule USPS pickups, order shipping suppliers, and talk with other sellers through our in-app social community.

Make OneShop part of your business and experience how it can make your life comfortable by giving you more time to do other important work and ultimately win more markets. Sign-up today, set up your account in less than three minutes, and enjoy a 7-day free trial!

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