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Being an online seller requires someone to be on top of everything. You should equip yourself with the know-how, the latest trends, new selling strategies, and more if you want to succeed in the online selling industry. Many sellers often think that listing is the start and end of everything when there is more to it than meets the eye.

When you started with your online business, we're pretty sure you've thought of your item's catchy title, perfect product description, and appealing item photos. While all of that is an essential part of selling online, one of the most important keys that you should think of is making your listing reach your audience. Yes, we are talking about promoting your items on Depop to your potential buyers.

You see, listing on an online marketplace is simple. All you have to do is create your account, set up your profile, and prepare your items. Sure, your listings will appear on the feed once you post them, but how about when other tons of sellers also posted their items after you? In these instances, knowing how to promote your listings further will be to your advantage.

This is why on this blog, we will let you in some tips and tricks that can help you boost your sales by promoting your items in different ways, including using the Depop Shop Share feature to help you reach your potential buyers in social media.

What is Shop Share?

Shop Share is Depop's tool that lets sellers promote their Depop listings to social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and most especially, Instagram. It is a helpful tool that is easy to share your Depop listings with your potential buyer outside the platform.

According to Depop, sharing your listings or shop in Instagram stories with the right hashtags is seen to have an 11% increase in searches for their shop in-app as a result. To do this, go to your Depop shop, click the Share Shop button beside your following list, choose photos, and click Post to share in your Instagram stories.

Take note that you need to have at least four items or products listed for the Shop Share tool to appear. If you can't see this option in your Depop account, keep active and continue listing your unique and high-quality items.

Consider peak times when promoting.

Similar to when you post on your social media feed, the time of the day when you post them matters.

You have to ensure that your listed items are visible to as many audiences as possible. So, you must consider the peak times. On Depop or any online marketplace, peak times mean the day where more buyers are browsing through the app and shopping. This could mean:

  • Evenings: This is when people are done with their long day of work and just want to relax, unwind, do retail therapy, and check for the items that they would want to buy online to pass the time.
  • Weekends: This is where most people have free time. Many are at home and would be looking online for items in mind.
  • Payday and Student loan drops: This time of the month is when most people have money to spend. It is a perfect time to promote your listing. Someone who has been eyeing to buy your item before has finally had the budget to spare.
  • Holidays: The atmosphere is festive during this time, and many people would be looking for gift ideas or new items for personal use.
  • Seasonal times: Most people are looking for season-appropriate items like hoodies when it's winter or dresses when it's summer, etc.

Regularly Share.

While you can share almost everything about your Depop listings on social media, you should consider sharing updates about your shop. Some of the contents that you must share on social media are:

  • New in stock: Let your followers know what's new in your collection. Not only does it makes your followers curious about what they can find interesting in your items, but this also encourages them to check out other listings, including the ones that you've previously listed.
  • Behind the scenes: Isn't it fun to have a glimpse of what's happening behind the glamourous photos that you use in your item cover photos? Well, your followers may also feel the same. Get them updated with how you are working on the upcoming items soon to post.
  • Lifestyle shots: Get your self look creative by sharing photos that show portraits of people or you wearing the item you are selling, much like a model, in an artistic manner. This is a helpful strategy that visually showcases your item.
  • Ongoing sales and Free Shipping: Who doesn't love sales, discounts, and free shipping? Make your ongoing promotions knowns by spreading the word on social media. This will surely attract potential buyers to your business!

OneShop as Your Partner

Having all the knowledge on reaching a broader audience in Depop to boost your sales is an advantage. Social media has indeed helped many Depop sellers share their items and make them visible on other platforms. We understand how time-consuming it is to maintain listings on an online store much more if you manage listings on more than one marketplace. This is why we have created OneShop.

This intelligent software can help you import your listing details to Depop from other marketplaces like Poshmark and Mercari. With our cross-listing tool, not only does it saves you time, but it also saves you effort as you only have to make your drafts once, and you can instantly cross-list them with just a few clicks.

With OneShop, you can now sell on Depop from your other closets to allow you more time to do other tasks that can help you grow your business. In addition to this, if you are also selling on other platforms, OneShop can automate tasks for you to ensure that your closet is active without you spending long hours in front of your device.

If this is something that you would like to try, you may sign up for our 7-days free trial. All you have to do is go here, and we will send you the text to the app.

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