Selling on Tradesy: Shipping Options You Need To Consider
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With the flurry of sellers joining the fastest-growing segment in fashion, luxury brands in the secondhand market are forecasted to grow from 10 to 15% over the next decade. This includes Tradesy, the largest platform in the US for pre-owned luxury goods.

The online marketplace is filled with high-end clientele looking to purchase pre-owned designers, ranging from clothes, accessories, and bags to shoes. Top-selling brands include Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Tiffany & Co., and Burberry.

If you have been selling on Tradesy for some time now, or you are a beginner, you listing items may be a breeze. But what about the logistics? From packing to shipping, here is what you should know about Tradesy's shipping methods and policies.

Confirming Orders

After an order is placed, you have four (4) days to confirm the correct item or orders. Head to your "Sales" page to do this. Once the deadline passes and you have not accomplished this, the client receives a full refund.

But when you have confirmed, you have ten days to pack the items, prepare the shipping, and finalize any other logistics concerns. If you have multiple orders, keep track of the correct package to the right buyer. Otherwise, you may encounter inconveniences in shipping the erroneous parcels back and forth.

Scanning the package may take (3) business days within this time frame. After this, Tradesy sends tracking news to the buyer about their purchase. If they don't, they can contact customer service, cancel the order, and receive a full refund.

Shipping Options

You can pre-select the shipping method for every item you list as a seller. This differs in size, weight, and material of the luxury goods.

The shipping expense of your preferred option is added to the item price. The buyer pays for these upon checking out. So, consider these two aspects (shipping and item cost) when listing your items.

Tradesy Shipping Kit

Most Tradesy sellers choose this option to receive a USPS prepaid Priority Mail shipping label. All you have to do is use the packing materials they sent, print the label, and ship the parcel off to the local post office.

The shipping kit is mailed to you within 3-5 business days after an item is purchased. If you have not received it within this time frame, head to your "Sales" page, then choose "Print a Prepaid Label" instead.

The exception to this kit is when you sell flimsy garments such as those in the weddings category and certain types of gowns. This is because the size and the material are too fragile to carry pre-made packaging.

Printable Label

If you choose this option, all you need is to choose between FedEx and USPS and print the prepaid label. However, FedEx is now the platform's preferred shipping carrier, including FedEx Home Delivery.

If you have trouble printing or need packaging materials, the nearest FedEx office can print and provide for you directly as long as you email it to them.

Take note FedEx label is not yet available on the Android version of the app. For Android users, Tradesy provides USPS labels. But if you want FedEx, change your device or switch to browser mode.

Own Shipping Carrier

Other sellers prefer to look for other options. This is at your discretion as you may be too far from the nearest courier, or you may want to avail of others that have better reviews, in your opinion. A pro tip is to choose the most convenient shipping methods for you to avoid any hassle.

A Note on Order Status

Once all the details are complete, Tradesy alerts you by sending an active tracking number. You can check this when you click the purchases page from your account on the browser or the mobile app.

If you are using the iOs app, click "Me" on the bottom toolbar and then "Purchases" from the menu. On the Android app, select the "Me" icon on the top right corner and then "Purchases."

You are free to send this last tracking update to the buyer. But Tradesy automatically gives the tracking news or the shipping status to the buyer. In this way, they know when to expect their package to arrive in their residence and prepare accordingly.

If you have any important notice to the client, the website/app also alerts them. So, you can confirm their valid email address and phone number with them. New messages, especially urgent ones about order updates, can quickly be received.

Take note that buyers are not allowed to cancel an order. So, it is up to you, the seller, to do so at the buyer's request. Make sure to communicate well or reach a formal agreement with the client before canceling any transactions for any reason.

Keep in mind that canceling too many orders may cause your listings to get deactivated.

Your Earnings

Once the client pays for the listing price and shipping cost, you are prompted to ship the item/s. Your sale, however, remains pending. This can go on for up to seven (7) days after the package has been delivered.

You can check this on the "Earnings & Site Credit" page, wherein once it is available, you can transfer your profit to your PayPal account, debit card, or checking account.

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