Selling on Kidizen? Use Promoted Listing To Boost Your Sales!
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This type of listing only means expanding your reach across the accounts in Kidizen. More people would see your listings or items on the category, filtered, and featured pages on the platform. Having extensive exposure increases your chances of gaining the attention of potential customers. Of course, this comes with a small cost. However, this proves to be worth it when you notice how this can increase your sales by toggling a single button.

How it works

When you opt for a Promoted Listing, you can easily turn this on or off. Currently, it is available for iOs and the website. An Android version will soon come, so better to keep checking for app updates.

What you can promote are clothes and shoes. The bundles and not-for-sale ones are not allowed. Take note that you can't choose which items to promote as well. The platform does it automatically for you – again, prioritizing garments and shoes. This means your other items that need promotion may not be accepted by the system.

Up to 100 items are allowed, but Kidizen focuses on the items listed for more than two (2) weeks already if you have more than this number. This gives them the chance to be seen again and find the perfect buyer for them.

There is a limit to the number of sellers allowed to promote at a time. This explains why you may receive a notification that Kidizen is not accepting your request at a particular time. There is no guaranteed timeframe for when a slot will be open again. You only need to wait a few hours before trying again. Be patient as you compete with hundreds of other sellers for the slots.

The cost of promotion

Promoting on the platform costs $10 for 5,000 impressions on your Kidizen account. Impressions mean the number of times your listing appears on an account's shopping feed. This only happens when a user uses a filter while browsing the shopping page. This is why you must label or categorize your items properly. You wouldn't want to miss out on a chance of closing a sale just because you mislabeled a listing.

Now, every time your listing does show up on someone's feed, your impressions are deducted from your original count of 5,000. This is updated daily. You will only see the balance the following day. There is currently no way of knowing how many impressions a listing earned. Kidizen has no report for this yet.

Additionally, there is an option of Auto-Renew, wherein if within 24 hours, your count reaches zero (0) balance, the platform automatically renews the impressions. But you can turn this off if you don't want to be automatically charged.

You can also set 0.50 cents (minimum) for the daily budget of your impressions. So, make sure you keep track so you won't go over your expected expenses within a month.

Shared vs. Promoted

When you promote, your listing gets bumped up on people's feeds across different sorting options. On the other hand, "Shared Listings" only appear on the "Just In" page–meaning they are something that is "new" to the feed.

You may want to evaluate whether you will opt for Promoted Listing (with additional cost) or Shared Listing, which can also be limited. It is all about reviewing your priorities and the time you have in your hands to market your items.

Benefits of promoting

You would want to reach more users as a seller, whether you are a long-time seller or a new seller to Kidizen. Having your items bumped up and shown to more people increases the chances of gaining the attention of different audiences. This means you would most likely find someone interested in your items, even those that aren't currently selling well.

For those with small shops, this is highly advantageous to you. This drives traffic to your page and helps you gain exposure. Being noticed is your stepping stone to securing more sales.

Lastly, keep in mind that only items within the app are promoted. Your listings won't get promoted anywhere else unless you manually share them across other marketplaces or social media accounts.

Reach more buyers with OneShop

The ultimate goal of all online sellers is to increase their sales hence features like Promoted Listing on Kidizen are helpful. While this is true, there are other techniques to make your business successful, like reaching more potential buyers across other platforms using a reliable automation app.

OneShop is an automation service that acts as your all-in-one assistant trusted by thousands of sellers who dread the long hours of manually posting their listings on multiple marketplaces. It lets you easily cross-list across platforms like Poshmark, Mercari, Tradesy, Depop, eBay, and more (soon), resulting in higher chances of making sales even outside Kidizen.

If you are keen on keeping track of your sales, OneShop has a sales tracker and goal-setting features that will surely help you see your progress in achieving your selling goals. Plus, you get to access its social community, where you can interact with thousands of other resellers about topics relevant to online selling.

Give OneShop a try and test the waters with its 7-day free trial with zero risk. All you have to do is sign-up here, and we'll text you the link to the app. Get set up in less than 3 minutes and experience selling more with less work.

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