Tradesy Seller’s Guide to Returns
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Tradesy is a great platform for anyone to sell their items and make some extra money. However, there are many questions about how the return policy works and what to do if an item is returned. This article will discuss the basics of the Tradesy Return Policy and what to do as a seller if an item is returned.

Tradesy Return Policy

Tradesy is a website that specializes in buying and selling pre-owned clothing, shoes, accessories, and other fashion items. Sellers are responsible for accurately describing their products before listing them on the site. They must also provide accurate measurements to ensure that customers receive the correct size when they purchase an item.

What’s great about Tradesy return policy is that they make it simple, fair, and easy both for sellers and buyers to return an item without charging for return label or shipping.

How Tradesy Return Policy Works:

Tradesy return policy made simple, fair, and easy for both buyers and sellers. If you are a buyer and want to return an item for any reason (unless the item is a final sale), you can return it by following the steps below:

1. Submit Your Return Request

If you are unhappy with your recent Tradesy purchase, as long as the items are not worn or used (except for items marked final sale), you can file a return request within four days after the item has been delivered.

  1. Go to your account
  2. Select “Purchases” from the menu
  3. Select the item, then click “Return Request.”
  4. Select the reason why you want to return the item
  5. Click “submit.”

2. Print Return Shipping Label

After you hit the submit button for your return request, it will generate a return shipping label on your purchases page. The shipping label is free, and you can print it on your own, or you can ask for a friend if you don’t have a device to print the shipping label. Remember to pack the items carefully using your own shipping materials and attach the shipping label outside the package.

Also, ensure the items will be returned to Tradesy on the same condition you received them to qualify for a site credit or full refund (for misrepresentation claim.)

3. Ship Back to Tradesy

After carefully packing and attaching the return shipping label outside the package, take your item for return to any FedEx Drop off location. The returned item must be received at Tradesy HQ within ten days of filing for a return request. All ineligible returns will be sent back to the buyer.

Misrepresentation Claims

Tradesy only allows the sale of authentic designer fashion clothing and accessories. The Tradesy system detects counterfeit or designer replicas with 99% accuracy so that you can buy designer brands with confidence. All Tradesy sellers are required to be honest in representing their listing items, including relevant information such as size, color, style, and condition.

Suppose the seller fails to deliver these expectations or you are unsure about the authenticity of the item you bought. In that case, you can file for a misrepresentation claim instead of a return request within four days of delivery. Follow these steps in filing a misrepresentation claim:

  1. Go to your account
  2. Select “Purchases” from the menu
  3. Select the item, then click “Return Request.”
  4. Select “Misrepresentation Claim.”
  5. Click “submit.”

The Tradesy return and authentication team will review returned items under misrepresentation claim. If the items are a counterfeited item or designer replica or were misrepresented by the seller (undisclosed damage and wear), you are eligible for a full refund to your original payment source. Otherwise, if the item is deemed authentic and accurately described in the seller's listing, you will still get a Tradesy Site Credit, and the item will be returned to the seller.

What are Valid Returns

Tradesy made it hassle-free to return items you are not happy with. For buyers, simply request a return request on your purchases page and send the items to Tradesy for further investigation. Shipping and return shipping label is free of charge. Once the item has been received on Tradesy HQ, you will be given a Tradesy Site Credit that you can use to purchase something your like on the Tradesy platform.

What are Invalid Returns

While Tradesy made it easy to file a return request, there are things you should consider before hitting the request return button. You must consider the following guidelines before returning an item. All items that are ineligible for returns will be sent back to the buyer.

Final Sale Items (Non-Returnable)

All items marked as Final Sale cannot be returned or exchange for Tradesy Site Credit. Items marked as Final Sale may include the following:

  • Priced less than $50.00
  • Sold at a discounted price from Tradsy in-house closet
  • Selected Rare Items
  • Listed Categories belong to:
    • Weddings
    • Maternity
    • Perfume / Fragrance
    • Swimwear
    • Sports Bra
    • Hosiery / Legwear
    • Active Wear Gear
    • Tech Accessories

Returns without Return Request

All returns must be processed following the Tradesy return policy. All returns made after four days from the delivery date will no longer be accommodated.

Returns Sent Back Directly to the Seller

Returned items must be check and investigated at Tradesy HQ before sending back to the seller. If the buyer sent the items back directly to the seller, Tradesy would not issue site credit or be responsible for any refunds.

Returns Sent Back Later Than Ten Days from Request

All items returned later than ten days from request are tagged as invalid returns and are ineligible for site credit. It will be sent back to the buyer.

Lost or Damaged Returns

Tradesy issues free Pre-paid shipping labels after submitting the return request. All lost or damaged items shipped without a Tradesy shipping label are invalid returns.

Unreasonable Amount of Return Request

There is no minimum number of return requests. However, an unreasonable amount of return requests under a single user account can be deemed invalid returns.

Order Cancellations

Tradesy does not allow cancellations of orders as all sales are binding. However, if the seller fails to ship your order within ten days of purchase, you can request a cancellation by contacting Tradesy directly.

Issuing Refunds

Only valid returns are eligible for site credit or a refund. You will only receive a full refund from your original source of payment in case the Tradesy authentication team reviewed and concluded that the items you received are, but are not limited to, designer replica, counterfeited items, items with unreported damages, and inaccuracies in the description listing.

On the other hand, The buyer will receive a Tradesy credit site for any reasons that dissatisfy them, such as the style, size, or simply just a change of mind. All are valid for returns unless the item is marked Final Sale. For items under misrepresentation claim that are authentic and described accurately at the time of sale, the buyer will still receive a Tradesy site credit. The item will then be returned to the seller.

Tradesy Return Policy for Sellers

Most online sellers know that returns are part of business; they're inevitable when shipping physical goods across borders with different size standards, languages, and cultures. The good news is, Tradesy has easy guidelines and processes for all returned items.

Return Shipping is Free

Tradesy takes care of all its users, both the buyer and the seller. While it is inevitable to have a returned item on online marketplaces and platforms, Tradesy makes sure that you will receive the returned item in the same condition you send it. Return shipping and handling are free of charge. Every returned item is carefully checked and evaluated before sending it back to the seller.

Easily Re-list Returned Items

Although you won’t receive any earnings for all returned items, you can ensure that they will still be in the same condition you sent them. You can re-list it within seconds and sell it to other users who are interested in buying your item.

Seller Shipping Address

Any returned items bought on Tradesy will be returned back to the Seller’s indicated shipping address. This means that the returned item will be sent back to your shipping address listed on your Tradesy account. Suppose the shipping address is outdated, incorrect, or the seller isn’t responding to Tradesy’s email regarding return delivery attempts. In that case, Tradesy has the right to deem items as abandoned and may be donated to Tradesy’s charity of choice.

Zero-Tolerance Fraud Policy

Tradesy has the right to take action against any users- seller or buyer that has acted maliciously or fraudulently against Tradesy or any user of the platform. Tradesy made it fair and straightforward to buy and sell items inside the platform. However, it will not tolerate users who violate any terms of use, including sellers who misrepresented an item on Tradesy. If Tradesy determines that the seller is misrepresenting the listed item on Tradesy, they have the right to revoke their Tradesy access and withhold any earnings. They can also extract funds from the seller’s Tradesy account or charge from a payment source on the seller’s file in order to recover any balance due to Tradesy. In extreme cases of fraud, additional fines, fees, and legal action may be taken in place.

Final Thoughts

While return items are unavoidable, especially when selling on different online marketplaces, sellers still must know what to do when there’s a returned item. Tradesy’s recent study shows that 80% of returned items are still sellable the second time around. So don’t panic! Check the item’s condition as soon as you receive it, make a draft, and re-list it within seconds. You can also enhance its photo by adding a background or using models to enable more customers to picture the style and fit of the item.

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