4 Best Sites to Resell Luxury Items
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Many people want to make money, and there are many ways to do so. One way is by reselling your used or new luxury items. Luxury items are high-end goods that usually carry a hefty price tag. When it comes time to resell these products, some people have difficulty figuring out where to start.

This article will discuss the best sites to resell luxury items. The following websites will be addressed: Tradesy, Mercari, Grailed, and Poshmark. These sites all have a variety of different processes for selling luxury items. This includes each site's perks and downsides.


Tradesy is the most well-known site in this category, and it's very easy to use. Tradesy is an established buy-and-sell marketplace for women. You can buy and sell women's clothing, shoes, accessories, and other stylish items for women. Setting up your account and making your first listing can be done in just a few minutes.

Many brands are available on this platform, from lululemon to designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, and more. Tradesy also has an authentication team that helps users confidently buy and sell their luxury items.

Tradesy Authentication Fees

Tradesy is known to always give the best interests to their sellers. They do not charge any authentication fee to check the authenticity of the designer item. Their refund and return process is seamless and offers free roundtrip shipping for buyers (if they want to keep the item) and free return shipping to the seller. (If the buyer refuse to keep the item after Authentication)

Tradesy Authenticity Guaranteed

Nowadays, there are a lot of replicas or duplicate items around the market. Tradesy assures its buyers that they will only get what they paid for. They have an authentication process that automatically detects and removes fakes or counterfeited items. In this way, buyers can buy their designer items with confidence.

Tradesy authentication system promises a 99.7% accuracy. They also have a money-back guarantee to assure buyers of buying luxury items. Their Authentication and return process is simple and easy.

For buyers, If you want to check the authenticity of the designer item you bought, simply send it to Tradesy HQ. The authentication team will run a thorough inspection. If they determine that it's fake, you will get a full refund. If it's confirmed to be authentic, you can choose to keep it or buy something you love and get a Tradesy site credit.

For sellers, once the item has been confirmed authentic and the buyer no longer wants it, Tradesy will send the item back to the seller with no return shipping fee. Aside from it, the Tradesy HQ will also guarantee to send back the item in the same condition it was received. Plus, the seller can re-list it around and sell it to other buyers.


Mercari is a buy and sell platform with offices located in Japan and United States. Amidst being new, this platform still caters to over 19 million monthly active users. Mercari has been known due to its user-friendly platforms and low fees. If you are planning to declutter some of your items, even if it's a designer item, Mercari is the place to be.

Mercari introduces Mercari Authenticate, which assures buyers that the designer bag they are eyeing is guaranteed authentic. A third party will thoroughly inspect the requested item to be authenticated. Once it's been confirmed accurate, the seller can request certification, and the listing will have a diamond badge in it. However, certifying an item comes with a fee.

Authentication Fee

Real Authentication is the third party in charge of inspecting the Authentication of a luxury item priced at $100 or more. Keep in mind that authenticating an item is optional. However, this helps assure your customers that you are selling authentic luxury items.

Most buyers would be skeptical about buying a high-valued item without guaranteeing its authenticity. So if you are listing designer items, having them authenticated will help you sell them faster. Mercari charges a flat rate of $5 for each designer item you submit for Authentication. $10 is the charge for each digital certificate of authenticity. Unfortunately, the certificate is not yet eligible for jewelry and watches.

You will only need to pay the authentication fee after submitting photos for Authentication. The authentication decision can take up to 48 hours. If Real Authentication fails to determine the authenticity of your item, Tradesy will refund the full payment. However, if Real Authentication cannot determine the authenticity of your item, the $5 service fee can be refunded. The $10 certificate is also refundable the first time.

How Mercari Authenticate Works

Mercari can authenticate your luxury items within 48 hours. Here are the following steps to authenticate your designer item.

  1. Take Photos

    You will be asked to take multiple photos of the items to be authenticated. Real Authentication reviewers may ask for pictures of the front, back, serial number, tags, zipper engraving, and logo. Make sure to take photos clearly and in well-lighted areas. Check if the numbers and engravings can be easily seen and readable to avoid delays in authenticating.

  2. Get a Response in Less than 48 hours.

    After you submit all the needed information for the authentication of your item, the luxury reviewers of Real Authentication will get back to you in less than 48 hours. Items submitted for Authentication would not go live unless proven to be authentic.

  3. Get Authentication Badge

    Once your item is proven authentic, you will get a diamond or authentication badge. The certificate will be sent to you via email if you request a certificate. After receiving the authentication badge, your items will automatically have a boost in search. This way, more potential buyers can see and buy your luxury items with confidence. If your items were rejected or proven to be fake, Mercari would automatically delete the listing.


Grailed is the one-stop shop and the most extensive online menswear marketplace. You can also find many limited editions and luxury menswear finds here. Users have the option to buy, see, or bid on high-end gently-used streetwear and menswear.

Let's face it. Not everyone has the time to wait or queue in line just to get limited-edition sneakers. This is where reselling comes in. Grailed users are free to explore and buy limited edition or high-valued menswear with authenticity assurance. Grailed also has an authentication process called Legit Check Services.

Authentication Fees

No authentication fees are required to check the authenticity of limited edition kicks or high-valued men's items on Grailed. But, all high-risk products must go through an authentication review first before it goes live. Keep in mind that not all listed items in Grailed are required to have an authentication card.

Grailed Legit Check Services

Grailed authentication team is a mixture of both human and system detection. They have a team of experts and in-house moderators that analyzes all the digital content of listings before it goes live.

Product images and information are being reviewed thoroughly first to determine its authenticity. Once the listing passes the authentication review, the listing will receive a "Digitally Authenticated" card under the listing page.

Having a digitally authenticated card under your listing helps attract more customers. Buyers can guarantee that they will be buying a legit limited edition item, thus assisting the seller in selling faster.

How it Works

Grailed in-house digital moderators are professional and experienced in determining fakes to authentic items.

They determined the authenticity of the item through the following:

  • Listed item's design characteristics, craftsmanship, and detailing (engraving)
  • Authenticity Indicators (tags, logo, shape, embroidery, serial number)
  • Cover photo and item details accuracy (Photo must match its listing title and description)

All sellers of high-valued items are encouraged to send necessary information and detailed pictures of their items. These items must have a digital authentication before being published on Grailed.

Any listings that did not pass the digital authentication review will be deleted permanently, especially those high-risk items. Sellers listing fake items will also be warned, resulting in freezing of account or permanent suspension.


Poshmark is one of the biggest and most trustworthy online shopping platforms across the United States. You can buy and sell almost anything, including designer items and limited-edition goods. However, due to the increasing popularity of luxury items, more people are also selling replicas and counterfeit items.

Like other marketplaces, checking the authenticity of a luxury item can be a challenge. That is why almost all of these buy and selling platforms have a buyer and seller protection policy. In this way, people can have peace of mind even if something goes wrong. To protect Poshers against dishonest people, Poshmark has Posh Authenticate.

Posh Authenticate

Posh Authenticate allows buyers to purchase a luxury item valued at $500 or more with peace of mind. Designer items such as handbags, shoes, jewelry, etc. that are valued at $500 or more are authenticated directly in Poshmark HQ.

No authentication fees are charged on all items valued at $500 or more.

How it Works

If the customer is unsure about the authenticity of the item they purchase, they may request to authenticate it at Poshmark HQ. Poshmark's team of luxury reviewers will then examine the items. Once the item has been confirmed authentic, it will be shipped back to the buyer. For items that cannot be verified or found to be counterfeit, the buyer will be given a full refund.

Posh Authenticate is a part of the Posh Protect program. It means that if the item you bought does not match the listing description, you will get a full refund. Poshmark will also inform the seller about the buyer's claim. If you are a Posh Seller, it's essential to take a photo of the item before you ship it, together with supporting documents that prove the authenticity of your item.

Tips in Selling Luxury Items

Selling luxury items on resale platforms comes with advantages and disadvantages. You can sell a limited edition item at a higher mark-up, but you can also experience problems and issues with some buyers.

Here are the following tips you should consider before selling a luxury item in online marketplaces.

  • Never Transact Outside the Platforms

    The number one rule in buying and selling a luxury item or any item is to never transact outside the platform. Once you transact outside any marketplaces, you have to bear all the risks and consequences. You cannot file any claims or disputes since the buyer and seller protection policy do not cover outside transactions.

  • Always Have Supporting Documents

    Problems are part of the reselling business. As a seller, you should always be ready for it. Always take a photo of your item before packing and shipping. If you can, do a video while packing a luxury item.

    Also, take photos of the item at different angles. Include authenticity indicators such as tags, serial numbers, brand name, engraving, embroidery, etc. These will be your supporting documents, especially for buyers claiming misrepresented or damaged items. In most cases, the claims or disputes will be in your favor, as long as you provide them with the necessary proof

  • Authenticity Issue

    Replicas and counterfeit items are everywhere. So, before you list a luxury item in these online marketplaces, have it authenticated first. The platform can do authenticity checks at a low price. Some platforms don't charge the sellers to have their items authenticated. Having an authentic badge or certificate makes it easier for a high-valued item to sell quickly.

  • Get More Visibility

    We want to sell our items fast and make money out of them as a seller. Let's face it, high-valued items are hard to sell. Not everyone has the money to spare, or maybe you are posting on the wrong marketplace.

    Try to get more visibility for your items. The more people that can see your items, the faster you can sell them. Re-listing and cross-listing is simple and can be done in just a few minutes when you have the right knowledge and tools.

At OneShop, automating listing tasks, re-listing, and even cross-listing to Mercari ( and other platforms too soon!) is easy and fast. We value the time of our clients. That is why our intelligent system does all the manual labor that comes with it.

Remember, the more site you list your items, the better. Sign up now and start having a smooth and seamless reselling business.

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