Mercari Seller Secret: Relist your old Listings!
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Stale listings and Mercari sales don't mix. If you're relatively new to this reselling platform, right off the bat, you must know how vital it is to relist your older items to keep them on top of search results and boost their purchase potential. Some sellers might find the task of relisting daunting as it simply means doing twice (or more) the work you've already done, but know that this step is non-negotiable if you want your Mercari inventory to move and earn you dollars in the process.

Why is relisting that important?

Thanks to how the Mercari algorithm works, listing placement is king in this marketplace. Assuming that potential buyers would naturally gravitate toward the first few listings on top of a page, the visibility of your listing on the prime spots matters a lot. Now, it doesn't mean that older listings have absolutely no chances of getting sold, but we bet fewer people would have the time and patience to comb through and click on listings from several weeks or months back.

Relisting unsold items will propel them to the virtual equivalent of a window display to attract viewers, likers, and eventually buyers.

Another way to get your listing to the top is to drop the price of your item by hitting the "Promote" button. Price drops are a good option if you are willing to cut your profit margin on an item or prioritize it getting sold soon over making a nice profit. Otherwise, stick with relisting. With little extra work, you will be able to sell an item for your original price.

How do I relist?

Relisting is time-consuming, but the process per se is super simple. All you have to do is copy the title and all the descriptions from the original listing to a new one. On your desktop, open the new listing on a different tab so you can easily do the copying and pasting. To optimize this process, follow the tips and tricks below.

If you have loads of old listings, get to the bottom of it. Ideally, you should relist from old to new items, but the decision is yours on how to go about it, depending on your strategy. Whichever order you decide on, you must remember to delete your original listing before posting the new one! If not, your new listing will be tagged a duplicate, and Mercari might remove it, putting your efforts to waste.

Relisting Checklist

Before copying and pasting from an old listing to the new one, make this mindless task work more to your advantage by reviewing how it could further improve a listing to up its chances of getting sold. Here are some points to consider:

  • Are the keywords complete?Make sure the brand name of the listing is highlighted, and details like product style, size, color are included. If it's brand new with or without tags, don't forget to incorporate that as well. Take this time to refine your description to make it concise but enticing.
  • Are the photos crisp, clear, and eye-catching?You can, of course, just use the existing photos from the original listing, but if you've noticed that there are blurred, bad ones, it is advisable to put in the extra work to do a reshoot. After all, great visuals could make or break a sale!
  • Are you satisfied with your pricing strategy?Mercari offers a shipping option through USPS or FedEx (to be shouldered by buyers), but sellers can also opt to use their shipping label. You may adjust your list price higher and offer free shipping to make it appealing to buyers looking to save on shipping costs.
  • Are you strategic about your posting time?Take advantage of the most likely best times to post your relisted items. Posting on evenings and Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays is ideal.

With the additional time relisting will require from you as a Mercari seller, it will be great to get a reliable tool that could easily automate some tasks. Snap up OneShop's free trial to experience the ease of not having to manually do tasks like sending offers and growing your followers. If you also sell on Poshmark, OneShop can manage your cross-listing, making this tool an indispensable ally in growing your reseller business.

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