Poshmark Virtual Assistants - The Guide to Doing It All with Poshmark Virtual Assistants
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It takes plenty of work to maintain a successful Poshmark closet and as a seller, you’ll find that as you continue to grow your business it’s easy to become overwhelmed with sharing alone. When it comes to running your Poshmark business it’s similar to other e-commerce platforms like eBay and Mercari, you have to do everything from sourcing, photography, listing, organizing, interacting with potential buyers and likers, responding to offers (dealing with lowballers), sharing, customer service, refunds, and shipping. These are just a few things that Poshmark sellers need to keep on top of in their day-to-day operations.

Doing all of these is extremely difficult for one person so one of the best tricks that the most successful Poshmark resellers have is to hire a Poshmark virtual assistant and turn to use automated tools.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

The key to growing your Poshmark sales is through consistent sharing. New poshers might not be aware of just how powerful shares are in Poshmark but seasoned Poshmark sellers know that sharing along with following, sending offers, and everything else takes a lot of time and consistent effort.

As a business owner, it’s tough to spend countless hours doing tedious tasks when you can focus on more important things to expand your business. Poshmark virtual assistants (also known as VA’s) generally do all the work that needs to be done such as helping you share your closet.

Nowadays, people are no longer limited to location-based jobs. Everyone is familiar with doing work via email, messaging, video calls, team management apps, and cloud tools like Google Docs. Having a virtual assistant is easier than ever contrary to popular belief despite having the word “virtual” in the name, virtual assistants are still people, not Poshmark bots.

Virtual implies that the person will be working in a remote location so their tasks are limited to virtual tools and virtual communication. However, some companies that hire out human virtual assistants still use automated software to help manage closets and improve their services.

Areas to consider when hiring Poshmark Virtual Assistants

Some Poshmark sellers overlook certain risks when it comes to hiring virtual assistants. The important areas that sellers must always consider when investing in the services closet assistant will provide are the following:


Hiring someone is another expense that must be carefully thought out and the cost of reliable virtual assistants vary depending on where you source your Poshmark virtual assistant, their skill level, and the cost of living where they are located.

If you’re wary of the budget and are looking for the cheapest option available there are generalist virtual assistants that work with low rates because of their country’s cost of living. If you’re only looking for periodical work then there are also services that you can hire for a single day to get a limited number of shares that are in the range of $5 to $10/hr.

For professional Poshmark virtual assistants, websites like Reseller Assistant and Poshmark Virtual Assistant let you work one-on-one with assistants but you can expect that they will run upwards of $100 to $800/monthly and while they are expensive, a handful of sellers prefer having the peace of mind that they have credible people to manage their business.


This goes without saying that you should always consider what features you’d like from your Poshmark virtual assistant. These are just a few virtual assistant features to consider:

  • Number of Daily Shares
  • Number of Weekly Shares
  • Number of Monthly Shares
  • What percent of shares will be from self sharing
  • What percent of shares will be from community sharing
  • Number of follows and return follows
  • Number of community shares and return shares
  • Safety - Will they land you in Share Jail?

Plus, how often can you verify that work is being done?

Risks, Security, and Assurance

By far the most important consideration in hiring a Poshmark virtual assistant is the risks in security of your account. When using any kind of third party to help with your Poshmark closet there are always going to be risks that you should consider such as having your closet put in share jail due to frequent sharing or having patterns that Poshmark considers as strange. Worst case scenario is having your account temporarily suspended or permanently blocked-which no one wants.

Aside from this is the risk of giving your account password to the virtual assistant so they can access your Poshmark closet on your behalf. What most online sellers do is that they share their access securely by entering their information into a form on their computer that then sends an encrypted version (with captcha alert) of their password over to the virtual assistant’s server for them to use. This is considerably safer than just giving your password in plain text over email then sharing it to multiple people depending on who’s shift it is to work on your closet.

With this being said if you are operating a cross-continental team then one of the typical challenges you will encounter is that Poshmark doesn't operate in all countries, so you might need to help your virtual assistant get set with a VPN or a proxy. And while this doesn't always happen, it's subject to change as Poshmark changes their security practices.

Not only do you trust them with your account, but you also have to have a level of assurance that they will get the job done. There is not an intuitive way to see if a Poshmark virtual assistant is actually doing their work in for your Poshmark account without babysitting the Poshmark application.

Where to find Virtual Assistants

You can browse popular websites like Fiverr and Upwork for gig work services and related services where you’ll find no shortage of Poshmark virtual assistants and support services at your disposal. Different sites have their own protection policy for buyers so it is best to do your research and also to read descriptions carefully as some packages may be worked with loopholes which may leave you short for what you pay for.

Ask questions and make sure that any assistant who promises such as getting 12,000 and more shares a week has no room to not deliver on that promise.

Some online sellers also choose to avail the services from lesser-known services to cut costs by outsourcing virtual assistance to other countries such as virtualemployee.com that outsources from India, or onlinejobs.ph who offers assistants from the Philippines. Now while you may encounter communication challenges compared to sites like Fiverr, this is considered a small price to pay compared to the low rates that can go down to as much as $1/hr.

Now as mentioned, human virtual assistants can help you with your business and there is also automated software that can help you skip the middleman and get straight to work.

So with this in mind, do you need a human VA or can you just use automated software?

The answer is yes, you definitely can.

Alternatives to Poshmark Virtual Assistants

We have gone over the factors to consider when it comes to hiring virtual assistants and many have mixed results which is natural, however, many people who want to ensure top-notch services use automation software like OneShop.

OneShop is an innovative tool that is designed to act as your Poshmark virtual assistant and get the advantage over your competition to boost your sales. It is a customizable tool that works as your own sales expert by working 24/7 to improve your customer exposure by automating shares, follows, and creates offers around the clock. It has a built-in share jail protection that allows it to create intelligent schedule variations to optimize your listings to be top of the search rankings.

Try it for yourself, sign up for free a 7-day trial with OneShop!

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