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"If you're looking to boost your Poshmark sales, these five tools are an awesome place to start. We'll show you how the tools can boost your sales and help you maximize your profits."

Online shopping is one of the most popular ways to get the goods you want to buy nowadays. Not only does it offer convenience, but you can also get the best deals amongst marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, Poshmark, and more.

A shopper's goal is to find the best price on an item and save a good amount of money most of the time. But for sellers whose goal is to earn through selling, whether from their collection or by reselling, boosting their sales and maximizing profits are their main goals.

Many Poshmark sellers like you have been successful in their business. While you can do it as a side hustle, you can also make it your full-time job because selling in online marketplaces is indeed a profitable source of income. This is why it is understandable that many sellers have either a virtual assistant or a bot that helps them manage their store, as it is not a secret that having an active closet is truly advantageous. This is why many Poshmark sellers use item sharer, auto follower, feed follower, closet sharer, and more to maximize their time and do other things to grow their business.

It is to your advantage if you know how you can get up your game and maximize your profits as a seller. Aside from knowing what trends in the market, being aware of the tools you can exploit is a helpful trick that can help you achieve your goals. In this blog post, let's learn how these tools can help you grow your business.

Here are the five tools that you can use to help you boost your sales and maximize your profits:


As a fashion seller, aside from generating more sales, it is also important that you know how you can make your items more attractive in the eyes of your buyers. Unlike selling in a physical boutique where you can interact freely with your potential buyers and make recommendations, online selling offers a very slim chance of attracting your buyer through conversation. So, what is the best way to catch their attention and want to visit your listing or your closet? Display solutions!

Investing time and effort in creating an attractive display for your item is a major factor when selling online. Remember, the covershots in your Poshmark closet are the first detail that a Poshmark user will see, which can trigger their interest in what you are selling. Hence, you must provide photos that give an accurate and attractive representation of the item you sell. How can you do it? Mannequins!

Using this tool to display clothes in a store window has been standard practice in the fashion industry in almost all parts of the world. Not only does it make the clothes or clothing item attractive, but it also shows shoppers a good representation of an item once worn, making it more inviting to purchase. Here are why you should consider using a mannequin:

  • They come in different sizes: One great thing about mannequins is they come in different sizes such as plus size, pregnant, children, or teen mannequins, which is very helpful if you are selling a wide range of clothing sizes. This will enable you to show the realistic view of an item depending on someone's body frame, making it easier for buyers to know how it will fit them or the person they are buying it for. The more your buyer can relate to the size of the dummy, the higher the chance that they will click on your listing and increase their chance of purchase.
  • They come in different colors: For aesthetic purposes and in addition to the elegance of your photos, you may opt for mannequins that come in different colors such as black, chrome, gold, or other customized colors depending on your preference and style. This can help boost the appearance of the clothes and add a luxurious and unique impression on your retail clothing.
  • They can do different poses: Depending on the style of the clothing that you are selling, you can customize your mannequin's pose to portray any kind of attire that suits them. Nowadays, flexible mannequins can be set in different poses and modeled into any position, which helps your buyer's imagination.

Soft Lighting

Photos are one of the most important elements of listing in any marketplace. Aside from gaining many likers, photos also create the first impression on your closet. The neat and attractive your covershot is the more chance of Poshmark users scrolling through your closet. Also, quality photos make potential buyers notice your listing and contribute to why they want to share items.

We all know how to take pictures, but not all pictures have the same quality. The same goes with selling online, any seller can take a picture of their item, but knowledge about what you should do and not do in taking pictures of your listing is essential. So, what is the key to having an attractive and perfectly captured item photo that can catch the attention of many shoppers? Let's dive deep.

In photography, good lighting is essential. This will make your photos look well defined and clearly represented. In online selling, you will find many great items with terrible lighting, making them look old, unappealing, less vibrant, or even faded. And if you will compare it to those items that are shot under adequate and soft light, they appear more attractive hence many buyers are reeled in to browse and eventually buy.

When shooting your item photos, make sure to use soft light. Soft light offers little to no shadows on your subject, making your photos appear bright yet balanced. While you can set up a light and reflector to bounce it, using natural light with a broader light source is also an option. But keep in mind not to expose your subject to a harsh light shining directly to it. In addition to this, avoid using flash as it may change the colors of your items and overexpose the image.

Another important thing to keep in mind when listing your items is to avoid grabbing stock photos from google as it violates propriety rights. It is also unethical to use something that is not yours, which can say a lot about your character as a seller. It is always best to show your potential buyers the actual photos of your item to set their expectations.

There are also many sources on the internet that you can use to have a background in using soft lighting when shooting your items. You can google basic photography in your Chrome browser, and you should be able to start learning about taking photos properly. Not only will it help you take good photos of your items, but you can also apply them in taking pictures in your daily life.


While you may be good at taking photos of your items, a little editing to enhance them is sometimes needed to help balance their appearance. Good thing that nowadays, many apps in the market are available to help you with that, like Photoroom.

Photoroom is an all-in-one app that is very helpful in removing your background and editing your photos. Aside from being easy to use, it is also a mobile-friendly app that makes it very handy. What makes it Poshmark seller-friendly is its ability to help you edit your photos to be square, which Poshmark requires.

Furthermore, Photoroom also offers features such as automatically cropping objects and people in your photos, removal of the background, and allows you to add texts, logos, and stickers to your photos.

Photoroom is a great tool that will help you turn your photos into high-quality content for your eCommerce business; hence a Poshmark bot like OneShop collaborated with the app to help Posh sellers create high-quality Covershots and Detail photos that will surely attract more buyers,


Aside from the tools mentioned earlier, having a scale is an important tool when you're selling on Poshmark. The last thing you want on closing a deal with a buyer is having problems when shipping their purchase.

Because packaging and shipping seal the deal with your potential buyers, you must finalize the transaction as smoothly as possible. Problems, especially with extra shipping fees, should always be avoided to provide your buyers with a positive shopping experience.

When your listing is bought, a USPS Priority Mail shipping label is sent to you by Poshmark. This label covers any package that is up to 5 lbs. Pretty convenient, right? There are so many items you can fit in 5 lbs! But, any excess weight can incur extra shipping fees, too. This is why you must have a scale to weigh your items. This way, you can set a proper shipping label for your listing, and you can also avoid unnecessary deductions from your earnings.

Take note that any package below 5 lbs. costs a flat rate of $7.45, and above that, an overweight cost applies. You can set your shipping label by doing the following:

On the app:

  1. Click your @username to access your account tab, and on the website, click your profile picture.
  2. Click on the "My Sales" tab, and select the order you want to set the label.
  3. Select "Need New Shipping Label."
  4. Click on the dropdown menu and select "Need Heavier Weight Label."


One of the many struggles of online sellers is time management while ensuring that their business is growing. While it is true that time and effort are the best combinations in achieving your goals on Poshmark, the closet tools and features that help with your listing exposure can be time-consuming to do manually. They may require you to babysit your closet for long periods. This is why OneShop is created -- to help you succeed in achieving your goals without managing your closet 24/7 with the use of our intelligently built automation software.

With OneShop, you don't have to worry about not getting enough shares as our hands-free Poshmark automation performs self-shares and return shares while maintaining a human-like activity to avoid getting your account in Poshmark share jail.

OneShop can automatically follow, unfollows, like, send offers, solve CAPTCHAs, relist, delist, and many more on your behalf while doing other important things that can help your business grow. All of these and more without requiring you to have a Chrome extension!

Cross-listing is also made easier for those who sell in different marketplaces aside from Poshmark like Mercari with just a tap of a button. Sounds like a good plan to boost your sales and achieve your goals, right?

So, if you are looking for a Poshmark share bot that can do auto shares, a reliable Poshmark follow bot that can also grow your followers, and a bot that takes care of your closet and pauses from time to time to mimic human-like behavior to keep your closet safe from getting into share jail, you don't have to look any further! OneShop is your best bet. What's more, is, we offer a free trial!

If you are ready to experience the best Poshmark bot in the market, OneShop offers a free 7-day trial with no credit card required. All you have to do is sign up here!

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