Poshmark Suspended Account? - How This Happens And What You Can Do
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Online selling and shopping have been on the ramp over the years. And now, it is intensified by the current situation of the pandemic. Because of this, many marketplaces like Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, and the likes are gaining more users every day.

Poshmark is undeniably one of the best reselling platforms out there, with tons of items available from different closets. Aside from having millions of users who can be your potential buyers to make good earnings, it also has a vibrant social community that helps provide a great shopping experience. As for retailers like you, whether you are selling brand new items or those from your collection, you will surely come across the right buyer who will purchase from your Poshmark listings.

Poshmark values its sellers and buyers; hence it encourages its community to practice responsible interactions and transactions. Like any legit marketplace, the platform has set its guidelines to sustain a healthy community that fuels its operation. On this blog, let's learn the rules and regulations on Poshmark and how you can keep your Poshmark account from being suspended.

Poshmark Rules

In everything that we do, rules apply. You can find them at work or even in our daily activities; rules are always implemented. While it can sound restricting, rules are in place to ensure that things are done properly. We should follow these guidelines to learn how to stick to what should be and should not be done.

In online selling, rules are made to protect the welfare of the buyer and the seller and enforce a sustained surrounding that is safe and favorable to all parties. Poshmark's guidelines are straightforward but comprehensive, aiming for a harmonious relationship between sellers, buyers, and the platform itself.

Here are the basics:

  • Be friendly and kind. - Poshmark is a great community of sellers and buyers. This is where you can find everyone helping each other in many ways, from as little as sharing or following to becoming a buyer to a seller or vice versa. Poshmark encourages its community to be kind and friendly to help sustain a healthy relationship amongst each other. In addition to this, Poshmark wants everyone in its community to feel safe and comfortable.

  • Be yourself, be real. - Poshmark wants everyone to be themselves when interacting with other community members, which is not only limited to your personality. Aside from listing and publishing fake information about your items, excessively using the platform is also discouraged. Spamming, scamming, and sending too many promotions such as discounts and bundles are prohibited as this may be annoying to some members.

  • Reach out to the Poshmark Customer Service. - Poshmark wants to make sure that all problems or issues of all its participating members are always addressed properly. Resolving any situations personally about any purchase, Poshmark account, community member, and everything else is discouraged. All users should contact customer support if they ever run into an issue.

What will get you banned?

Poshmark takes care of its users, ensuring that each posher gets an equal opportunity and treatment within the platform. This is why knowing and abiding by their guidelines is so important. Any mistake committed may subject your account to an investigation. But if you are sure that you are not committing any prohibited act, you don't have to worry about anything. Here are the things that can get a seller immediate and permanent suspension from Poshmark. Make sure to avoid these things so you can continue selling and enjoying the platform.

  • Selling counterfeit goods/fake items: Part of Poshmark's prohibited products are fake and counterfeit items which are a big no-no on the platform. Not only do they make shopping difficult, confusing, and misleading, it is also a violation of the law. Aside from literal fake copies of branded products, also enclosed in this prohibition is the use of 'inspired by' description on the items followed by a brand (i.e., inspired by Louis Vuitton), and using portions of branded items like straps, buttons, patches, zippers, etc. from an authentic designer item and using it to make other items like jewelry, or accessories is also prohibited. Sellers can face permanent suspension for listing counterfeit items.

    In addition to this, luxury items that cost $500 or more are eligible for Posh Authenticate. This feature is for free (for a limited time only as of writing) and aims to help buyers check the authenticity of their purchased item. Should the authentication process fail to prove that the items are 100% real and are replicas and it does not match the listing description, Poshmark will give the buyer a full refund.

  • Selling unsupported items on Poshmark: Poshmark is a platform specifically curated for fashion items and accessories; thus, listing something irrelevant to the marketplace's categories is prohibited. This include:
    • Electronics-related items such as cellphones, DVDs, etc.
    • Furniture and appliances
    • Used personal care products like used makeup, used underwear, etc.
    • Any health and wellness products such as medical items, breastfeeding equipment, dietary supplements, protein powder, body wraps
    • Current airline and airport uniforms and related items such as pilot, flight attendant, TSA, baggage attendant gate agents, and all other flight and ground crew uniforms).
    • Any products like clothing, shoes, jewelry, fur, bags, accessories, rings, bracelets, and home decor that may be interpreted as trading in or derived from threatened or endangered species listed on End Wildlife Trafficking Online are also prohibited.

    Poshmark will delete any listings that fall under these categories, and members who will try to sell such items will face permanent suspension.

  • Harassing other users: Always live by the basic rules, which include respecting other poshers. The comment sections or bundle comments are used for negotiations, asking, and answering questions about Poshmark listings, so using these features to harass other Poshers is grounds for account suspension or being banned.

  • Taking sales off of Poshmark: Taking any transactions outside Poshmark is prohibited. Even if the buyer initiates it, it is always ideal and safe to do your transaction inside the platform. As the seller, doing this will not only get you banned, but you will also lose Poshmark's seller protection.

  • Having multiple unshipped items: If you have multiple unshipped items, you may be at risk of being banned. So, it is always best to practice these tips:
    • Be sure to ship your items out promptly. Remember, you only have five days to ship the purchased item after receiving the prepaid Priority mail shipping label from Poshmark.
    • If you can, do what most sellers do, which is shipping the item within two days. Not only does it make your buyer happy as they will be receiving their order faster, but it also saves your Poshmark account from being flagged or suspended if you fail to fulfill your buyers' orders.
    • If you plan to go on a vacation and can't ship the purchased items within five days, it is best to put your Posh account into Vacation mode rather than have canceled transactions that can disappoint your buyers.
  • Scamming buyers: Wherever you go, scamming others and taking advantage of their trust is never a good thing to do. This goes the same in selling online as most people who would purchase your listings are relying on your honesty, which means you should not, ever:

    • Put false description about your item
    • Use fake stock photos
    • Ship something that's not exactly similar to what you have listed.

    Remember that trust is one of the most valuable things in the world and the buyer who purchased your listing trusts you so, be sure to:

    • Set the buyer's expectation on the item
    • Provide real/ actual photos showing the flaw of the item (i.e., stains, holes, etc.). This also saves you from copyright infringement.
    • Always ship the right item(s)

    If you accidentally send the wrong item, be sure to contact the buyer and Poshmark, as well as provide a resolution. Remember, taking accountability for your mistakes can help you and your Poshmark closet.

    Any reported issues about your listing will undergo an investigation, and should you fail to justify the mistake or counter the accusation, your Poshmark account can be banned.

  • Spam: Respect, respect, respect. Spammers are not tolerated on Poshmark. Putting yourself in the shoe of the listing owner is the best way to practice this. As the saying goes, don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you. Remember that the comment section, just like in any social media platform like Instagram or Facebook, is where you should put relevant statements or questions about the post. Spamming other comments can get you reported and can be grounds for suspension or, worse, get you banned from Poshmark.

What does looking banned look like?

Getting your account banned can be frustrating, so it is best to stray away from stuff that can get you temporarily or, worse, permanently banned on Poshmark. Here's what happens when you get banned on the platform.

A ban is completely different than Poshmark share jail. Poshmark share jail won't let you carry on with your usual sharing on the platform. Poshmark share jail occurs when you've shared too much. Remember that sharing and following on Poshmark has a limit which is 10,000 for each. If you end up in the share jail, you won't be able to share any listings. To know if you are in Poshmark share jail, you can check this by heading over to Poshmark's website. Access your account and share an item with your followers. Not seeing the "Shared Successfully" banner after sharing will confirm that you're in share jail

On the other hand, a ban (temporary and permanent) is a whole different story than Poshmark share jail. If you are banned you lose all your listings, and you won't be able to access your closet. Poshmark usually sends an email containing the reason why your account got banned. If Poshmark does not send an email, you will have to reach out to them asking for the reason. The most common reasons for being banned include fake items, taking transactions off of the Poshmark platform, spamming other's, harassment, and not shipping orders.

How do you get unbannned?

The only way to get unbanned is to contact Poshmark support and explaining what happened. It's entirely possible the ban was a mistake or misunderstanding that needs to be cleared up. There's no guarentee that you will be unbanned, however.

Will Poshmark Bots Get You Banned?

Using bots on marketplaces is indeed helpful in growing your business and increasing your chances of having sales. But the question of many is, are you going to get banned by using Poshmark bots? Let's deep dive and understand how things work.

On Poshmark's guidelines, the Automated Participation section states: "Do not use programs or other forms of automation to participate on Poshmark. This includes, but is not limited to liking, sharing, following, and unfollowing."

So what does Poshmark mean by this? Are bots totally not allowed?

Aside from the mentioned prohibitions above, Poshmark advocates an equal and fair environment for all its users. This means giving the same level of opportunities for all sellers at growing their business. So, whether you are a new seller or a top seller with a huge closet and many followers, Poshmark makes sure that everyone is at par when it comes to the visibility of recently shared listings that appear on top of the search results and be seen by potential buyers.

We think that this guideline of Poshmark is referring to the misuse of automation, which can influence its unbiased system for all sellers. It is undeniable that bots are faster than humans. Hence, this can affect small businesses who can get swallowed by the gigantic volumes of shares, follows, offers likes, and comments that bots can generate in a day. To give a clear comparison, a human who would spend a long period doing activities on Poshmark might be able to share around 4,000 times per day. On the other hand, a bot could share over 80,000 times per day if it just did one share per second.

Someone can take advantage of a bot and use it against other competitors. And Poshmark doesn't want that. We don't, either! We believe that empowering each other is the key to success regardless of the size of their business.

To draw a clearer picture, let's have another example: Mary is running a Poshmark closet, and for her to do other tasks such as source inventory, ship out orders, or get on with other important things in her daily life, she hires her sister, Karen, to do the sharing on her closet so she could have extra time on her hands.

Do you see anything wrong with what Mary did? We don't! What they did was actually a strategy to reach their goal, which was helpful for both of them. The same thing goes for bots.

The issue with the use of Poshmark bots does not evolve on having someone do the activities for you, but it is with the crucial fact that these bots can be misused and create an unfair advantage for someone who would use it irresponsibly.

This is why we at OneShop keep sharing to human-like rates automatically. We believe in the ethical use of Poshmark bots because it respects the capability of other human sellers. Other bots like Closet Tools have an option for their user to determine the exact amount of shares and recommend a similar target number. In addition to this, Poshmark also encourages sellers to stay within those limits by sending CAPTCHAs and putting over-active accounts in share jail.

So, to answer the question, using a Poshmark bot won't get you banned without any reason. If you want to avoid being banned, staying at human-like levels while ethically and responsibly doing your Poshmark activities using a bot is the key to avoiding being deemed an extremely suspicious account.

What OneShop does

With all the crucial reasons that may get your Posh account banned, it's important to choose a Poshmark bot that mimics human behavior. One that doesn't surpass a believable number of shares and pauses at or solves all CAPTCHAs. Hi! We are OneShop.

OneShop is here to help you grow your business without risking your Poshmark account to get banned. This software is designed to avoid activity jail by staying within human-like levels of sharing, following, sending offers, and relisting your items, which takes occasional breaks and slows down at night.

Furthermore, to get past Poshmark's tool in differentiating real users versus bots, OneShop also automatically solves CAPTCHAs to avoid getting in the list of over-active accounts that may end up in share jail.

Why choose OneShop?

We understand how time-consuming and laborious it is to maintain your Poshmark closet. Sometimes, it can get frustrating to do all the activities that need to be done to increase your sales and grow your business. In addition to this, being careful not to end up in activity jails and ensuring that you follow the rules so your account doesn't end up getting banned can also be tricky and confusing. But worry no more, as we have created this software to help online sellers like you to have time in other aspects of your life. This includes growing your business without supervising it 24/7 and without sitting in front of your device for long periods while ensuring your account's safety.

OneShop is designed to work intelligently without compromising the platform's rules. It can help you manage and boost your items by performing tasks like self-shares, community shares, following, returning follows, sharing in Posh parties, and relisting while mimicking a human-like manner. OneShop's smart system ensures that your account gets a sufficient amount of activities for your listings to appear to a broader audience and have more potential buyers.

Cross-listing to Mercari? We also got you covered! On OneShop, cross-listing is made easier. You can quickly make drafts, list & cross-list, track profit & loss, and many more! We care for you and your business. Hence, we also have a support team that's always ready to help you with anything about your Poshmark account. If you are ready to take your business to another level, OneShop offers a 7-day free trial with no credit card required.

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