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Any fervent social media user has heard of "Stories," a feature where people can share photos and short videos about their day, an item, event, and other content. Poshmark finally jumped into this trend by launching "Posh Stories," which are now available to over 8 million sellers and 60 million users of the app in the United States and Canada.

The new feature allows resellers to create snackable content such as photos, videos, and snippets or teasers of their item listings. Similar to Instagram stories, these remain visible on the feed for 48 hours.

Why "Posh Stories" Matter

Some sellers may think this is additional work to create listings, but delving into this new feature has more advantages than you think.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the online marketplace has thrived more than ever, raising global retail trade from 14% in 2019 to 17% in 2020. With such immense growth, staying online, especially on resale platforms, has created a necessity to strengthen the human connection between sellers and buyers.

Shoppers wouldn't want to only read descriptions of the items they want to purchase. Similar to platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, they prefer to visualize how products look and feel when worn or used. That is why lifestyle photos tend to garner more views than simple product shots.

With the addition of Posh Stories, you can help buyers see the potential in your items. From secondhand clothes, accessories, beauty products to home decor, you can showcase different integrating them into their daily routine or homes. This is a good way to market products and invite more users to check out your listing and eventually purchase. Better yet, you can see what your "competitors" are doing and come up with approaches to up your ante.

Creating attractive content

With the new feature, Poshmark sellers like you can showcase the items you sell through creative images and live 15-second videos with custom texts and links to official brands, similar listings, and even the profile of fellow users. It acts strongly like a social media platform content that others can view and engage with.

How do you do this? You can use the images you attached to your listing and turn them into a vertical slideshow for photos. For instance, if you are selling a pre-loved Louis Vuitton bag, you can model yourself or a friend holding it and dress down in an outfit that complements the bag well. Create more images similar to this, showing different ways to match the bag with a look.

You can also shoot a simple story describing a specific lifestyle when your item is used for shoppable videos. For example, if you are selling secondhand Nike shoes, you can create a video of you or your chosen model running using those shoes. In this way, potential buyers can better assess the fit to them and imagine how it would like when they wear the pair.

You can be as creative as you want with Posh Stories.

Customize captions

Make sure to craft a caption that describes your Posh Story. This acts like a short video-like newsletter that helps potential buyers know right away if you have a "clearance sale," tips for using the product, and/or simply marketing your listings.

You can even have a specific date as your caption to tease Poshmark users into the offer you are planning or any brand-new listings you are about to publish. Such a simple teaser can encourage users to follow your account and anticipate your next Posh Story.

Tag items and brands

To make shopping convenient for buyers, you can also tag items in your stories that lead to your "closet" or your custom offer.

Another good way to market it is to have a tagged brand so that when shoppers search for that specific brand, they can come across your Posh Story.

If you have a collaboration with another reseller, you can also tag their profile. This further builds the community building within Poshmark as you are helping each other out by giving a strong visible presence and credibility.

Overall, creating a Posh Story can be as simple or as creative as you want. As long as you can get your message across, you are all set to strengthen your connection with potential buyers.

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