Rethink your Poshmark Sharing Strategy - Turning Shares to Profit
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As a seller on Poshmark, it is essential that not only are you active on the platform but you also know how to best improve your visibility to increase your sales. New Poshmark sellers may not be aware of just how important sharing is to attract potential buyers and improve business performance and that the easiest way to do this is by self-sharing.

Sharing isn’t as easy as it sounds, in fact, there’s actually a proven strategy that follows the Poshmark guidelines that guarantee that your Poshmark sharing will be effective and profitable which we’ll be discussing in this blog post.

What is sharing and what exactly does it do?

To share an item you simply click on the double arrow sign or the share button at the top or bottom of the available listings. Sharing is great because it shows Poshers that you’re active in the app as some buyers will check to make sure that your listings are not stale. It also works great for the Poshmark algorithm to bump up your item for exposure to other sellers and potential buyers.

By sharing an item it goes directly into the Poshmark feed for everyone to see and hopefully share so you can move to the top of the search results for the specific (similar and popular) brand of your item.

What are the types of sharing?

  • Self-share is when you share items from your own items from your Poshmark closet to your followers.
  • Community shares are when someone from the Poshmark community shares your listing that results in your listings being shown on the news feed of their followers.
  • New Posher shares are what’s called when you go into the “New People” to look for new users and share their listings. Essentially it doesn’t differ from community sharing.
  • Party shares are sharing and participating in virtual parties called a Posh Party that happens every day at around 9AM, 12PM, 4PM & 7PM. Take note that your own listings can only be shared once so don’t waste time by attempting multiple shares. The best tip when it comes to party shares is to share early to get the best views.
  • Social media sharing is bringing in more traffic to your listings by sharing them to several social networks to boost your sales.

What Activities on Poshmark Actually Help to Increase Sales?

Some important things to remember that will make your sharing strategy a lot more effective is to share on the computer because with the app there is a slight lag between shares so the faster method preferred by sellers is to access the platform from a web browser.

Another thing that can help you is to join a share group. This is a group that usually consists of 5 to 10 Poshers that are assigned Poshmark closets to share daily. You can find these on the platform just by searching for them and there are also plenty of social media groups on multiple platforms that help with following and sharing the listings of fellow Poshers.

Points to remember when creating a sharing strategy:

  1. It is better to prioritize self-sharing rather than community sharing, as self-shares are more likely to bring in more sales. This is true because your followers are to be considered your top priority when it comes to sharing because they already have prior buyer’s experience with your shop. This is also the best option when you are gathering more followers to build up your closet with top-selling items.
  2. Sharing constantly throughout the day is better than bulk sharing only a few times during the day. If your concern is oversharing then the answer is no. You most likely won’t overshare your item, in fact, the top-performing Poshmark sellers share continuously throughout the day to keep their listings on the top of the search results.
  3. Sharing in order does not matter, as most sales are through the search feature in Poshmark. There is no order according to Poshmark guidelines when it comes to sharing listings because when you share one of your own listings this increases its visibility in the general search feed. And the search feed is automatically set to list the shared items unless potential buyers change the filters of their news feed of the item they want to purchase. Remember that your item whatever it may be will always be first if you just share it (or at the very least at the top depending on the popularity of the search and the item).

Can you share your entire closet with a single click?

No, unfortunately, Poshers can’t share their entire closet with just one click, even with the Poshmark bulk sharing tool. They have to go through their closet and manually share each listing. Repeat this process as many times during the day as you can because Poshmark has announced that there will never be a feature that lets you share your entire closet.

It’s a meticulous and awfully repetitive task that has to be done if you want to boost your sales and ensure that your listings are at the top of the search results for potential buyers to see.

Fortunately, OneShop that is specially designed to do this task and more for you. OneShop is an advanced Poshmark serivce tool that acts as your own Poshmark virtual assistant to help boost your sales by working 24/7 as your own sales expert to improve your reach by automating shares, follows, and sending offers around the clock. OneShop features built-in share jail protection that allows it to create intelligent scheduling to optimize your listings to be top of the search rankings, getting you sales.

Try it for yourself, sign up for free, and enjoy a 7-day trial with no commitment or credit card needed!

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