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Selling online is a rewarding business. This is why many people manage their Poshmark closet either part-time or full-time. Not only do you get to sell new items, but you can also sell your personal collection - an efficient way to earn extra! However, success in this kind of venture requires specific strategies to direct the traffic to your items. Aside from catchy listing titles, detailed descriptions are also a significant factor.

But do you know what catches the eyes of many potential buyers in the online selling world and what sets the buyer's first impression? Photos! Yes, you read it right. Product photos are a powerful element in selling. It is an important deciding factor that can push your potential buyers to finalize their purchase decision. That is why most businesses in any industry use photos of their products because pleasing visuals make for effective advertisements.

Listing photos are crucial on online selling platforms like Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, Etsy, and other marketplaces. On Poshmark, whether Poshmark users search for a specific brand or just scroll in their feed, listings with high-quality Covershots will surely make them click on the item to check it out.

Have you ever wondered why top Poshmark sellers are making more sales than the others? This is because they put the effort in shooting their items; hence they have appealing cover photos. But don't worry because, in this blog, we will help you get started on how you can push for more Poshmark sales. Regardless if you are a beginner or a pro, these Poshmark photo tips are here to help you level up your Poshmark listing!

Use a backdrop or Photoroom to edit out the backdrop.

One helpful posh tip is to use a backdrop. Backdrops are essential in taking photos as it creates a massive impact on the subject you shoot. It can make or break the image you are trying to capture; hence you must use something that highlights your subjects. In the Poshmark app, if you will notice, top sellers have the most appealing, high-quality-looking listings. And most of their cover shots are neatly presented and captured with backdrops, highlighting the item they are selling.

Backdrops can be anything that you think may complement your listing. You may use different materials with solid colors such as walls, paper, or fabrics but not patterned backdrops. For photos for an online store, it is ideal to opt for a plain color like a black, light grey, or white background, which can intensify the focus of your viewers on the item and free it from any distractions.

However, not all the time, you have a complementing one for your items, and you will need to manually edit your photo to remove or change its background, which requires editing skills to do it perfectly. The good thing is there are apps in the market nowadays that you can use to help you enhance your photos by editing out the backdrop. One perfect example is the Photoroom app.

Photoroom is an all-in-one app where you can remove your background and edit your photos, giving you an edge in having great visual content for your listings. It is a mobile-friendly app which makes it handy to use. It is capable of cropping objects and people in your photos automatically, removing the background, and creating content that can help you showcase your product. In addition to this, you can also easily edit your pictures and add texts, logos, stickers, or use their background templates. With Photoroom, you don't need to invest so much money to turn your photos into high-quality content for your eCommerce business.

Have lighting from multiple angles.

There are so many factors to consider when taking photos, but one of the most critical elements of an image is lighting. Lighting is a key factor in having well-captured photos as it gives clarity to every detail of your subject. Aside from the brightness and darkness, the tone, mood, and atmosphere of your photo are what give it the balance. A good lighting source during photography will represent your items well.

While you can edit the lighting of your photos in various ways, like using filters or by increasing or decreasing the brightness, it puts you at risk of having your pictures appear grainy or overexposed. Hence, it is always advisable to have natural light or artificial lighting from multiple angles.

To ensure that your subject is well-lit, you may take your photoshoot outside, where natural light comes from different angles. Alternatively, if you are indoors, you may use an artificial light kit such as ring lights and box lights to be placed on each side of the item to avoid having shadows which are often the cause of a non-appealing picture.

Avoid having other objects in the background.

A clean-looking item in the photo is what will influence your buyers' decision. You want to give the impression that the item is from a clean and professional household. Hence, you must present them well to your buyers and avoid having other objects in the photo aside from what you are listing. Aiming for aesthetics is not wrong if you are doing it on a minimum level, but your main goal should be to enhance the visual impact of your items.

Remember that you should avoid adding objects on your photo that is not included in the sale. Not only would this confuse the inclusions of your listings, but it will also take away your buyer's attention to the main subject, which is the item you are selling.

Take square pictures with an iPhone or any smartphone.

There are different camera modes that you can use when taking photos. However, with most social media platforms, the optimal photo size would be square. In photography, using the square format places the subject in the center or close to the edge, making the subject appear well. So, if you're shooting using your smartphone or camera, it is worth considering that the photos that you list on your Poshmark closet will only fit in square size. While you can edit and crop, adjusting your settings to shoot in a 1:1 ratio is a much better choice. This way, you can save time and can directly upload the images.

To access the square mode in your Apple devices such as iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 11, or iPhone 11 Pro, tap the arrow button so you can see the square mode including other more options. This way, shooting with your phone camera will give you a screen frame limited to a square.

Purchase a mannequin and mannequin cover.

As a seller, it is your responsibility to present your products or items in the best way possible. Whether you are selling shoes, accessories, or clothing items, your goal should be to give your potential buyers the impression that your items are beautiful, well taken care of, and are in a clean environment. Having a well-represented item is not only an essential part of connecting with your customers, but it also establishes their impression of you as a seller.

Using a mannequin is one great way to show off the items you sell, especially apparel. Mannequins are so widely used because they represent the human body accurately; hence, they can help your customers get an idea of how the clothes will fit them. Another great advantage of using a mannequin is that you can give them different colors by using a mannequin cover. This can improve the aesthetics and add elegance to your items.

Take multiple photos of key areas.

Poshmark allows up to 8 photos for each listing after the Covershot. Uploading multiple photos gives you the chance to be transparent and showcase all the details and angles of your item. Your photos can include the item's appearance when laid full out, the front and the back. Including a detailed series of photos in your listing helps avoid future issues and prevent opening cases against your Poshmark business. You must consider including:

  • Sizes: You can include the neck tags of your item if available. Furthermore, using a ruler or measuring tape beside the item helps you show the exact measurement in the photo. Alternatively, you can put a small object or a coin beside your item to help you show its scale.
  • Tags: Don't forget to include a photo of the item's tags so your buyer can reference the sizing and the wash labels to make them aware of how they can properly care for the item.
  • Texture: Include a close-up or clear photo of your listing's texture. It is crucial for fabrics or bags as not all potential buyers are familiar with some materials.
  • Defects or Signs of Wear: Including a photo showing any possible rips, stains, or signs of wear is important. This way, it will inform the buyer about the exact condition of your item to avoid any surprises after the item is received.
  • Specific details: Specific details such as the sleeves, collar, zippers, or buttons of clothing items, insole, and outsole of shoes, or inside pockets and lining of a bag that are not usual should be included in the photo. This way, you are informing your buyer fully of what kind of item they should expect.

There could be more details that you may want to include in your photos to show to your potential buyers. Keep in mind that the goal is to set their expectations and avoid any complaints or cases against your closet. Remember that your buyers would want to see the actual item, so fake features, covered-up scratches, or enhanced colors of photos are a no-no.

Use a marketing service like OneShop.

Managing an online business such as Poshmark is a time-consuming and laborious task. Often, sellers get caught in a pile of tasks, yet there is so little time to do them all. Using a marketing service like OneShop is a great way to help you accomplish the tasks of growing your business while helping you save time so you can focus on taking better pictures for your listings. Furthermore, OneShop offers a background removal for images via PhotoRoom, making it easier for you to edit your Covershots and Detail photos.

In addition to this, you don't have to worry about the Poshmark tasks in your closet such as sharing, following, relisting, returning shares & follows, and sending discounts and offers anymore as tasks can be made easier and faster with an automated tool like OneShop.

If you are ready to experience having more time focusing on different aspects of your business without compromising the growth of your Poshmark closet, we offer a 7-day free trial with a responsive team ready to help you. All you have to do is sign up here!

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