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Poshmark is a clothing and accessory trading site that lets you buy and sell clothes, shoes, handbags, and other accessories. One of the main things to remember when packing sold items on Poshmark is to package them safely so they will not be damaged while in transit.

Many people may not know that there are different ways to package items on Poshmark. This article will be about packaging ideas for Poshmark, including how to pack items safely and what materials you may need, and other packaging tips to delight your buyers.

Poshmark Packaging Guide

Poshmark's shipping and packaging are simple and straightforward. They made it easy for sellers to pack and ship their sold items. Once you've made a Poshmark sale, a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label is immediately emailed to you. You can easily print it at home using adhesive labels on a regular printer. No stamps or various service providers to choose from. Simply pack and drop it off at the nearest post office, and you're good to go.

Poshmark provides a shipping flat rate fee of $7.11 (paid by the buyer) for expedited shipping of orders not exceeding 5lbs. The seller can use USPS Priority Mail, Priority Flat Rate Boxes, and Priority Regional Rate boxes and mailers or even re-use a previously used shipping box to ship their sold items. (Just remember to remove or cover the previous labels before shipping!)

Packaging Materials:

There is no right or wrong when it comes to packing your sold items on Poshmark. As long as the product arrived safely and in the conditions indicated on your listing description, you're safe. However, some Poshmark sellers still put a lot of effort into their items for several reasons, such as getting a 5-star rating, brand awareness, or simply wanting to delight their customers from buying from their account.

Here are the basic packaging materials you will need to pack an item from your Poshmark closet safely:

Poly Mailers and Shipping Boxes

There are two ways to ship your sold items on Poshmark. You can choose between using a Priority box or mail. Both have their pros and cons, depending on the items you are selling. For example, it is better to use padded mailers for easily folded clothes, such as a shirt or jeans, because it is waterproof and can easily bend to fit on mailboxes.

Using poly mailers also guarantees that your item will arrive safely, especially in countries experiencing rainy or snowy weather. If you think that the winter or rainy season is approaching, it is better to use poly mailers instead of paper envelopes or shipping boxes to secure your items in any weather. The only downside of using poly mailers is that it is often single-use and hard to recycle compared to shipping boxes.

For shipping boxes, make sure only to use Priority Mail boxes. USPS does not support Express Mailboxes and can cause possible delays in shipping the item. Just like the poly mailers, shipping boxes are great for fragile items like glass. However, you may want to use the double box method when shipping fragile items.

The double Box Method works like this; You will put the items in a small box and surround it with fillers such as peanuts, air pillows, bubble wraps, and the likes, then place them in your shipping box. Make sure to test if the product is securely intact and won't move around in the box.

Packing Tape

Packaging Tape is one of the essential packaging materials you shouldn't forget. You will need this in almost all parts of your packing process. It is vital to use good quality packaging tape to secure the seal on the cartons or shipping boxes when you ship your sold items. Make sure the packaging tape has strong adhesive and can reliably hold the boxes together well to ensure that your customer's purchases arrive in good condition at their doorstep.

You may also want to use Tape with Fragile written on it for your sold items that need to be handled with care. Usually, when the courier sees these logos, they'll make an extra effort not to combine your fragile items with heavy or bulky ones. Just make sure to put plenty of cushions and fillers on fragile items to avoid unwanted damages while in transit.

Paper for Shipping Label

A pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label is immediately sent to your email after a customer purchase an item on your Poshmark closet. Shipping labels can be printed on adhesive labels using specific or standard printers.

To select the right shipping label format for your shipping label, simply follow the steps below:

In Poshmark App

  1. Go to your Poshmark Account
  2. Click "My Seller Tools"
  3. Click "Shipping Label Settings"
  4. Select the Page Dimension

Paper Size:

  • 4" x 6" - This paper size works best if you have a specific printer that allows printing on self-adhesive paper. If you plan to make Poshmark your full-time job, it is best to invest in these kinds of printers.
  • 8.5" x 11" - This paper size works for all standard printers. If you have a regular printer at home, simply adjust the size setting and print your shipping label.

3 Posh Packaging Tips to Delight Customers

Once you sold an item, packing and shipping is the next step. It is part of the whole buying experience, and if you are aiming to receive more love notes, it is better to learn more ways on how to delight your customers by following these packaging tips.

Remember that these tips are not necessary. Some buyers are fine with simple packaging as long as their orders arrive safely and are in the same condition you listed in your listing description. But if you want to go the extra mile and put in a bit of effort to pack your sold items nicely, here are the three packaging tips you can do to delight your customers and make them crave for more.

1. Presentation

Remember that your packaging is one part of the whole buying experience. If you want to pack your item nicely but more into a simpler approach, adding wrapping paper or tissue paper to your package is enough.

A nicely presented package creates a delightful surprise for your buyers. You may also add a touch of personal style by attaching a handwritten thank you note, a business card, or adding a bow or a ribbon as a finishing touch on your package. Just keep in mind to have it securely wrapped so it will stay in place, or you may want to fold it nicely to avoid getting it wrinkled while in transit.

You may also want to go the extra mile and add a small gift to your buyers. Giving little gifts is not necessary, but your buyers will surely be thankful for it. Adding a small gift such as stickers, stationery sets, or even just a custom note doesn't guarantee better ratings or more love notes. However, it is still worth a try.

2. Preservation

Always double-check the item you are selling for any signs of wear and tear, holes, stains, or damages. It is safe to double-check it to ensure that there are no damages left undisclosed. Contact your buyer immediately if you notice any flaws or damages that are not accurately described on your listing.

Frequently, Poshers are considerate enough, especially if it's just a minor flaw. But it is not the same for everyone. If there are undisclosed damages or flaws, it can be a reason for your buyer to return the item, even if it's on the final sale. To avoid these unwanted instances from happening, ask your buyers if they still want to purchase the item before packing and arranging it for shipment.

Always remember that honesty is important, especially when listing an item on online marketplaces. Any inaccuracies in your listing description can cause you unnecessary problems with your future buyers.

3. Protection

Last but definitely not least, make sure your items are packaged securely and are protected enough to withstand any damages that may incur while in transit. If you are going to ship fragile items such as make-ups, glass, or home products that need extra care, attach a fragile note on top of your boxes.

You may also wrap it with plenty of cushions and fillers before shipping it to avoid cracks or breakage from happening. Poshmark also reminds sellers of fragile items to making an extra effort in packing these items. No one wants to receive a broken glass or dented items, so go an extra mile when packing with these kinds of items.

Just keep in mind that no matter what processes or presentation you want to follow for your items is up to you. The only thing that matters is that the item arrived in good shape, and as described will surely make your buyers happy.

Now that you're well aware of safely packaging your sold items on Poshmark, your next focus is to market your listings. If you are looking for easy automation tools that can act as your sales marketing expert without breaking the bank, consider OneShop.

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