How to Make More Money With Poshmark Make a Deal Days
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If you're a seller looking for ways to make extra money, you may want to consider selling on Poshmark to make cash while organizing your closet. Poshmark is an app that allows you to sell both new and used clothing to customers around the country. Poshmark selling does involve some initial preparation but if done correctly, it can be a tremendous source of income. In this article, we'll go over how to sell on Poshmark and generate consistent income by making use of Make a Deal Days.

Poshmark is a community-centered platform that gives sellers more opportunities to earn more with site-wide promotions on random days to entice buyers and gives participating sellers the opportunity to be awarded prizes from the platform.

Sellers are always focused on how to make buyers happy and Poshmark wants to do the same for its sellers. By joining in with the site-wide promotions, you not only get the chance to boost your sales with buyers, but you also can win big prizes courtesy of Poshmark, so it's a mini lottery of sorts for sellers.

What are Make a Deal Days all about?

Make a Deal Days is one of Poshmark's giveaway initiatives to get sellers to make Offers to Likers that will make them eligible to enter the giveaway.

Who can join?

The Make a Deal Days giveaway is open to residents of at least 18 years old in the 50 states of the United States, Washington, DC, and Canada (excluding Quebec), with no purchase necessary.

How to join Make a Deal Days?

Use the Offer to Likers option on a listing on the Poshmark app or website to make an Offer to Likers to enter.

What are the prizes?

Each of the general winners will get $50 (in local currency) in Poshmark store credit for a total retail value of $4,100. The grand prize winner will earn $500 (in local currency) in Poshmark store credit.

How to send Offers to Likers

Sending offers to Likers is privately done. Here's how to send an offer to likers:

  1. Go to your listing
  2. Select Offer / Price Drop
  3. Select Offer to Likers (private)
  4. Enter Your Offer
  5. Select a Shipping Discount
  6. Select Submit

Also, take into account that sellers cannot send a new bundle offer for a single-item bundle if the buyer has received an Offer to Likers for that same listing. Offers with no response will expire within 24 hours.

Here's how to enter Make a Deal Days:

  • Select Offer to Likers by tapping Offer/Price Drop on any listing.
  • Decide on a shipping discount and reduce the price by at least 10%.

Posh Tip: To automatically change the price, tap the calculator next to Your Offer and choose a percentage.

Talk about a win-win situation, your offer will be delivered to all Likers, and you'll be entered to win automatically. And note that there is an additional entry for each Offer to Likers you make.

Winners are selected, verified, and added to the winner's list whenever they are ready over the course of a few hours. All rewards will be awarded, although not all winners' names will be publicized. Here's the link where you can regularly check the schedule and list of winners.

Increase your chance to win and boost your selling power

Level up your selling power by automating your processes and making your life easier and faster. OneShop is a specially designed automation tool that routinely introduces new features to help merchants stay on top of their game. With this tool, you can increase your chances of winning on Make a Deal Days with OneShop's listing feature to help you easily manage your listings by having it in one convenient dashboard that lets you automate your Offers to Likers.

Get more things done with photo editing and enhancement tools like the Photo Stash that let you snap photographs directly from the app or fast and easily upload one from your phone to your listings. With tools and features like this, you can finish activities fast and with ease. And you can also easily manage order shipping supplies, schedule package pickups, print shipping labels directly from the app, and keep track of your seller goals, rankings, and so much more!

To maximize your sale potential, you can cross-list your listings across multiple marketplaces like Mercari, Poshmark, Depop, eBay, and more soon to come. Give it a try now by signing up. Set up your account in less than three minutes, and enjoy a 7-day free trial!

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