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Every seller on online marketplaces strives to succeed financially. On Poshmark, there are numerous categories to list the items you want to sell under. The good thing is that you don't always need to close a sale to earn. Poshmark has a “Love or List Daily Challenge” where you only need to list an item to be entered to win prizes.

How exactly do you enter the challenge? Does it have any limitations? What can you win? This guide will help you through the rules and some tips to help you out.

Another way to earn on Poshmark

Whether you are a new or seasoned Poshmark seller, you are most likely aware of the many special events and promotions the site has to engage Poshers. Among these are the Posh Parties like Posh N Sip, where you meet fellow sellers, network, shop from each other, and more. But if you are the type (or you simply don't have time) to join events, there is another challenge you can participate in.

Poshmark has promotions on random days that award sellers prizes. If a seller participates, it is much like joining a lottery. A seller gets a “raffle ticket,” and they have a chance to win.

Love or List Daily Challenge

This challenge is open to Poshmark sellers aged 18 and above residing in the United States, including Washington, D.C. It begins every 12 AM (PST) and ends at 11:59 (PST) during the Sweepstakes Period.

The mechanics of the challenge is quite simple:

  • Every day, list a new item - this doesn't include bumping a listing. It has to be completely new with new photos and descriptions.
  • Each listing counts as a new entry - this means the more you list, the more entries you have. This gives you more chances of winning.
  • The winners are announced every Sunday - only one seller wins every week, so there is a total of four to five winners every month.

To enter the challenge, follow these steps:

  • List an item.
    • If you are on the website, click the “Sell on Poshmark” on the upper right area of the screen. Upload photos of the item you want to sell. You can upload multiple photos by dragging them from your computer to the listing form. Afterward, fill in with important information such as the brand or title of the item, the price, size, category, and similar.
    • If you are on the app, tap the “sell” button. Upload the photos of your item either by taking them from your phone's gallery or taking a snapshot directly from the app. Once done, include the required details like the title, price, and size.
  • Another option is to fill in an “Online Sweepstakes Entry Form.” This allows you to enter the challenge without having to list. Make sure that you submit the form within the Sweepstakes Period.

Now, you may be wondering about the prizes of the challenge. There are 1,400 winners of $50 Poshmark store credit, while there are four grand prize winners of high-value items like an iPhone or a $500 cash prize. You can check the list of winners here.

If you are curious about the odds of winning, it all depends on the number of eligible entries. The draw happens daily, but the winners are announced only on Sunday. Once a seller is selected as a general winner, they can't win again in that same category for future challenges.

Listing Tracker

There is a listing tracker where you can track your progress, not only on the challenge. The tracker features the month, week, and day overview. Tick the circles off every time you list.

A listing goal is also indicated at the top so you can type in what you want to achieve. It can be quantitative (how many items you are targeting to sell) or qualitative (what kind of items you want to sell).

A list of Poshmark seller tools is also listed below. This includes Price Drop, Price Suggester, Bulk Listing Actions, Offer to Likers, and My Sales Report.

Tips on effective listing

Scrolling through well-known social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, you will notice that posts with the most likes are professional-looking photos. They attract the most attention for their clear or crisp quality and minimal background.

What matters first are the photos of the items. You don't need a professional camera for this - your smartphone will suffice. In taking photos, make sure you have natural lighting. In case you shoot at night, use artificial light that still clearly shows the details of the item.

Potential buyers are also cautious of fakes, so they are keen on details. This is why when your item is branded, take close-up photos of its tag, logo, and other brand identifiers.

The next crucial part of a great listing is the title and description. Be as comprehensive as you can. Aside from indicating the brand and type or model, be specific about the details of the item. For example, if you are selling a secondhand bag, state if it has flaws no matter how minute it is. Something as small as light scratch, a broken zipper, or a faded area should all be disclosed. The more honest you are on the listing, the more you gain credibility with potential buyers.

Lastly, share your listings. The more your items appear on the front or the latest pages on Poshmark, the more people will see them and, hopefully, inquire about them. One way to refresh listings is to change the description and replace photos. These will “bump” your listing on the Poshmark feed.

Let OneShop win for you

When you are online selling part-time, you may not have the time to list items daily. On top of taking care of your account or shop, you are also doing other tasks to help you earn more. This is why automating your tasks is the best way to assist you in your business.

OneShop will automatically relist your items for you, giving you additional entries for Poshmark's Love or List Challenge. Listing is simple, crosslisting is easy, and relisting is effortless with OneShop.

OneShop is an app that allows you to “Schedule Listings.” It is available on Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, and eBay. You only need to fill out the listing form and set a date. In this way, you don't have to list an item every day nor set the alarm to do so. OneShop publishes your listings according to the dates you set. This gives you more chances of winning in Poshmark's Love or List Daily Challenge as you won't forget to submit an entry daily.

Additionally, OneShop has a “Duplicate Listing” feature that allows you to edit an existing one without having to start from scratch. You can also relist when you want to refresh (bump your listing to the site's feed) and delist (when an item gets sold on a platform, OneShop deletes the listing from other sites).

OneShop has a 7-day free trial, so you can experience all its amazing features without paying outright for a subscription. Sign up today to find out how managing your business is much easier when an app automates tasks for you.

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