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What’s better than getting a love note in the mail? Aside from earning extra cash on the things you no longer need, it is also good to receive good words from your buyers who are delighted to receive a package from you. Now, you can show your appreciation to your seller for sending quality clothing or accessories, quick shipping, being a very responsive and friendly seller, and help potential buyers in finding the right shop for their fashion needs!

Poshmark is a shopping app to sell and buy clothes, shoes, bags, and other items. What most people don't know about Poshmark is that they have a love note feature that gives recognition to sellers who provide extra effort in packing (adding tissue paper or ribbon compared to the usual box and shipping 1label), excellent customer service, and selling products that are true to its listing description. This blog post will talk about how to send love notes on Poshmark, how to receive love notes and how they help your business grow.

What is Poshmark Love Notes

Poshmark Love notes feature allows you to give your stellar seller a love note by giving them five-star ratings with a positive comment. Most of the Poshmark transaction receives a rating average of 4.5-5 stars. In order to motivate more sellers into following guidelines and generating more sales, Poshmark introduced a rating system that allows buyers to give love notes to sellers who they think provided exceptional quality items and customer service.

Poshmark love notes work by receiving a five-star rating from a purchase made inside the Poshmark. If the buyer is well satisfied with how the items were pack, ship, and the actual condition of the received items, they can give the seller a love note by rating them with five stars together with a comment. The comment is the love note.

The love note will then be featured in your seller’s about me pages and will also reflect on the buyer’s page. Plus, leaving a love note is also one of the criteria in becoming a Poshmark ambassador.

How to Send and Receive Love Notes on Poshmark

As a seller, there’s nothing sweeter than receiving a love note from your buyer, especially if you’re a new seller on Poshmark. Receiving a love note means that a seller goes beyond their buyers' expectations. Whether it is a thoughtful handwritten thank you note, secured and beautiful packaging, or even fast shipping, these positive feedbacks will be posted publicly on the sellers’ about page for future buyers to see.

There are no specific templates or messages when leaving a love note. You can leave a comment about the packaging, the item's condition, etc., as long as the comment is related to the item and the seller. Even a simple “Thank you” can go a long way, and your seller will be grateful for receiving a kind gesture.

How to Send a Love Note:

Ready to send your love note? Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Browse your app and make a Poshmark purchase.
  2. When your order arrives, and you are satisfied with the condition, how your seller responds, or happy with how the seller pack the items, leave a five-star rating with a comment. The comment you made is the love note.
  3. After submitting the comment, it will display as a love note on your seller’s page and will also show on the buyer’s profile page.

How to Receive a Love Note:

Nothing can beat receiving a love note from our buyers. It simply means we are going the extra mile for them, and they recognize our hard work! When a buyer sends a love note, it will automatically be added to the seller's about page as well as the buyer. The seller will be notified that a buyer gives a five-star rating with a comment from their purchase. One of the perks of receiving love notes is that it gives your shop a good reputation and boosts the confidence level of new poshers buying from you.

In order to view love notes you’ve previously left to a shop, simply follow the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Poshmark account
  2. Go to your Account tab.
  3. Click “My Purchase.”
  4. Select the item where you want to view the love note you left.
  5. The love note you left can be seen in the additional comment section of the “Order Page.”

After leaving a love note, buyers can no longer edit it unless they permanently remove it. There is no way to hide a love note from the public view. So if you are having a problem checking or viewing your love note, it might have been removed by the buyer or the seller. If the buyer or the seller wants to remove the love note permanently on their pages, they can do so by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the Account tab.
  2. Click “My Purchases” for buyers and “My Sales” for sellers
  3. Tap on the item with a love note you want to remove
  4. Click “Problems/Order Inquiry”
  5. Select “Remove Love Note”

Remember that once the love note is removed, there is no way to bring it back unless the buyer will purchase from you again and sends you a love note. All removals are permanent and can no longer be undone.

How Love Notes Help Your Business Grow

Love notes are not only good for growing your business but are also good for the Poshmark platform as a whole and build a positive community for all Poshmark users. Keep in mind that a buyer does not always have to leave a love note for every purchase they made on Poshmark. Although for poshers who wish to become a Posh Ambassador, they are required to leave at least one Love Note. Why? Because interaction matters with Poshmark. Posh Ambassadors need to show that they are involved with the Poshmark community and are expected to represent Poshmark by helping, educating, and welcoming new users who recently joined the Poshmark community.

Just like badges given to Posh ambassadors, Love notes are also special because they can only be given to stellar sellers who go beyond what the buyer is expected with her products or shop. This feature is also great, especially for new Poshmark sellers, because their future buyers can know that they are selling great products or going the extra mile to meet their buyers' expectations. This feature also allows Poshmark to have a positive community and friendly competition amongst their sellers by highlighting sellers who are doing great jobs in selling and help other sellers improve their shops/ items in order to receive love notes from other Poshers.

But is sending and receiving love notes enough to grow your business? While receiving plenty of love notes is important in keeping your customers. You should also consider pairing your quality items and good customer service with a marketing automation tool that gets your business found by more customers ready to buy from your shop.

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