The Holiday Rush: 5 Best Tips To Sell Well On Poshmark
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The holiday season is here, which means bulks of Christmas gifts are on their way to you. Naturally, this is also the ideal time to make space for more by cleaning out your closet. From doing an inventory of what you prefer to keep to listing the apparel, accessories, and other items you want to sell, here are a few Poshmark tips to prepare you for the holiday sale on the social e-commerce app.

Stock up on supplies

The first thing you need is to review your Poshmark closet or listings. With the holiday rush of people looking for gifts to purchase, you need to keep your account up-to-date and have new items that potential buyers would be interested in.

This is why you need to know what kind of clothes and items sell well on the platform at this time around. You can do a quick Google search or look around the website or app that Poshers last year have purchased. This gives you an idea of what to sell, apart from the existing items you have on hand. These can range from winter apparel like sweaters and boots to dresses and suits worn to cocktail parties and other Christmas gatherings.

Beyond the items, you should also prepare packaging supplies. This includes festive wrapping, Christmas-themed ribbons and cards, boxes, bubble wrap, and other materials for shipping. You can also check your appliances like your printer to see if they work well before the holiday rush.

As you will have multiple orders, you may find it difficult to keep up even when you treat online selling as a side hustle. Stocking up on materials is a great help and time-saver. You wouldn't need to stress out if you are suddenly out of wrapping paper or a sudden bulk order comes up.

Do discounts and bundles.

As a Poshmark seller, you may have heard of or have been doing bundles. This is where you share listed items with your"likers," creating a bundle discount for them. This is a great way to attract potential buyers as they can get the pieces they liked from your closet--all at a low price and paid under one shipping fee!

Go to your "News" page from your account to maximize this bundle feature. Click the "likes" on the left side, and there, you will see all your "likers." Choose a user you want to create a discount for and click the "bundle" icon or the shopping bag drawing.

Afterward, click on the drop-down menu and switch to the "Sell View." Click the bundle icon from each item, and this automatically adds it to the bundle you are creating. The user then receives a notification about this new bundle.

A pro-tip: since people are buying gifts in bulk, of course, they would prefer to get them at discounted prices. Seeing a price drop on your account is attractive enough. This is why prepare to receive offers on your listings as well.

Be smart in negotiating with buyers: if an item has been sitting for so long on your page, you better let it go so you can get rid of it. However, you also need to evaluate whether it will sell for a higher price if you just wait a bit more. It is all about reviewing the value of your item and the offer.

Relist and edit

Having visually-appealing listings with complete descriptions attracts potential buyers. But if you have been on this game for a long time, you may notice or experience slow sales. One good way to counter this is to keep relisting. This means replacing photos of your items, editing the descriptions, changing the item price, and so forth.

This bumps up your listing as "fresh" or "new" ones on the Poshmark feed when you relist. In turn, you will garner more exposure, especially from new accounts. Aside from having a new good photo, you can have a different description (adding more details or paraphrasing) that makes your listing seem brand new.

If you are not doing this full-time, you need to utilize seller tools to assist you and save time. An app like OneShop has great features that help you efficiently sell. With a single click, it relists your listings across e-commerce platforms like Poshmark and Mercari.

You need not worry about delisting as well. OneShop does this for you automatically when you sell an item on a website. This helps you avoid selling purchased items on multiple online marketplaces.

Currently, there is a OneShop Affordability Program where you can get $10 off every week if you make less than $20 a week. It is only $1 a week for new sellers, and for standard pricing, it costs $13 a week. The latter is efficient if you list less than 500 items per month.

Share on social media.

Crossposting or sharing your items on social media platforms is an effective way to gain further exposure. This holds especially true if you are a small business struggling to find buyers. As giant online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon are garnering hundreds and thousands of users, it is tough to compete with other sellers.

To keep up with the competition, post your best items on apps such as Instagram and Facebook. The former is the trendy go-to platform for all things visually appealing. When you take a good shot of your item (using natural lighting, a plain background, or even a lifestyle photo), there is already a huge chance that people would "like" your post and direct them to your Poshmark closet.

This is why you should place a link to your Poshmark account on your Instagram bio so users can easily access it and see what else you sell. Make sure to do Instagram stories as well. This is where you can place direct links to the items, making it convenient for people to shop from your listings.

If you are struggling to take good photos, go to Pinterest. This app is perfect for you to learn how other people do it, and it also helps you create a consistent look for your photos. To do this, simply create a "mood board" by "pinning" or downloading images you like that you want to imitate. Once you have this mood board, you now have an overview of what you want your feed to look like, and you can study how to pull off such attractive photos.

Branding is important as a seller. Apart from being consistent in the overall look, people would know more about your "style" or "aesthetic." If it matches theirs or they think yours looks good, then you will most likely gain followers and more "likers" on your Posh and social media accounts.

Join Posh Parties

Whether you are a new or a veteran account, joining community events in Poshmark helps you gain the connections you need. Networking is a great way to drive more awareness to your listings, garner likes, and inquiries, attract potential buyers, befriend Poshmark Ambassadors or mentors, and of course, increase your sales.

You can join and invite fellow users and friends in-app Posh Parties, Posh N List, and Posh N Coffee. Here, you can talk to Poshers, learn tips, share experiences, and generally network. You can also share what you have in your closet, all based on the party's theme.

Poshmark Ambassadors usually host these events, but you can be one too. You can just check your progress from time to time. Check your Account Tab, then go to My Posh Stats.

To mark your calendars with these events, visit and refresh this page. This contains all the details you need to know to prepare for the parties, including the items you want to promote.

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