Poshmark For Beginners: 2022 Version
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"Starting your Poshmark closet? Here is our beginner's guide with the essential details that you have to learn to be successful in online selling!"

Starting your online selling journey can feel overwhelming. Looking ahead might put a lot of pressure, especially when you want to succeed in it in no time. Similar to other businesses, learning the ropes of how things work in your online business might look difficult. Still, you can surely accomplish your goals if you have the essential knowledge on how you can hustle in this field and get shoppers' attention, which ultimately leads to more conversions.

Selling online can give you sufficient earnings, especially when you know what you are doing. Many sellers on different online marketplaces like Poshmark, Mercari, eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, and many others list not just as their side hustle, and many others have also done it as their full-time job. I am sure you've heard many success stories of these people. That is why you have decided to start listing online. While it is true that there can be challenges, it is not impossible to be one of them in the future. With the right strategy, you can also have a profitable online venture like a Poshmark closet.

In this beginners guide, we will share the tips and tricks on having a profitable Poshmark account. Learn the important details you should pay attention to to get more eyes on your closet and eventually have more sales!

Many beginners may feel deterred due to many competitors on the platform, especially those top sellers with big closets. But worry not, these Poshmark sellers were once like you. They also started with a few listings before they turned into hundreds and eventually thousands of items they are selling. No one started big right away, and success isn't overnight. So always remember that if they can do it, so can you!

Create an Eye-catching Listing!

To start your Poshmark venture, you must be aware of how things work in the platform. Let's start with how you can catch the attention of your potential buyers by creating an eye-catching listing.

Have a catchy title.

Your listing title is the most important detail in your listing. This is your forefront, which makes you visible in your potential buyers' feed, especially when they use the search engine. A powerful title is consists of keywords related to what you are selling. Creating a catchy title may sound simple, but there is more to it than simply putting words together.

It is crucial for any listing to have a perfectly curated title as it serves as your main selling point. Always remember that it should contain important details about your item. A perfect title should have the following:

  • Brand name: This is the main keyword in your listing. Don't forget to always include the brand of the item you are selling because most of the time, buyers specifically look for the brand they want. Also, ensure that you have the correct brand name spelling so it will always come up in searches.
  • Target market: Be specific about your target market. Is it for men, women, boys, girls, etc.? Indicating who the item is intended for is also an important factor, especially there are tons of listings on the platform intended for everyone. It should be categorized properly in the title in a gender-specific manner.
  • Category or sub-category: Your category should state what kind of item it is. Whether it is a bag, shoes, jacket, shirt, pants, etc., your sub-category should tell what kind of "category" it is. For example, you are selling a Nike Dri-Fit Men's Tapered Camo Training Trousers. So, the category of this item would be Trousers, and the sub-category would be Training.
  • Product style name: This might look redundant, but the product style name can be the whole description of your item. So, if the product style name of your item is already given as the other parts of the title components, it is okay not to repeat the words. But if, for example, you are selling a bag from Chanel, their bags have specific names per style like 2.55, Classic, or Grand Shopping Tote. You must include the product style name so your listing will appear to those specifically searching for this bag style.
  • Style of the item: This is a big factor when buyers search for a specific style that they want. For example, suppose you include the words top handle in your Chanel bag's description, and a posher is specifically looking for this bag style. In that case, your item will be one of those that will appear in the search results, being on top of other Chanel bags with different designs.
  • Color and material used: Indicating the color and the material the item is made of gives your buyers a more detailed description which also serves as your keywords when a potential buyer uses a filter to search for a specific item. If they like Red leather handbags, and your Chanel bag is in that color and is made with that material, then the search result will show your listing.

These details are keywords that can help your listing rank up on the search results when buyers search for a specific item that they are looking for. This is called the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) method, which boosts the traffic on your listing by appearing in search engines, much like in Google searches using relevant keywords that users frequently use.

Use a good-quality picture.

Using a good-quality photo for your item contributes a lot to a buyer's purchase decision. Not only does it catches your potential buyers' attention, but it also gives them an impression of what kind of a seller you are. Making your photos appealing to the eyes makes your potential buyers think you take care of the items you sell.

Your cover shots and the rest of the photos in your listing must be:

  • Neat: Photos of your listing gives your potential buyer the first impression. Your photos must look clean, clear, colorful, and vibrant to capture their attention.
  • Well-lit: Having a well-lit item in the photos contributes to your customer's purchase decision. When taking pictures of your item, remember that it is best to use a natural light source or artificial lighting from multiple angles to make your subject look more vibrant.
  • Showing multiple angles: Showing your item's different angles lets your buyers feel the item through visual experience. Remember that most online buyers get attracted to photos more than descriptions.
  • Includes flaws if there are any: When posting photos in your listing, make sure to take one or two pictures of its flaws so you can set the buyers' expectations and avoid future disputes.
  • Have a clean background: The rule of thumb would be, if you like your item to stand out, you may use plain backgrounds in different materials with solid colors. This can include walls, paper, or fabrics but not patterned backdrops. It is also ideal to opt for a plain color like a black, light grey, or white background. Having other objects on your photos takes away the attention to your main subject. Hence, if you can't avoid showing other things in your background, using a background removal app like PhotoRoom is essential.

Have a complete description.

Your description is your extra push to help your potential buyer finalize their purchase decision. Without a complete and detailed item description, buyers may tend to leave and look somewhere else if they find your details insufficient. That is why knowing what to include in this section of your listing is important.

Like creating a catchy title using the SEO method, your listing description should also contain keywords that are helpful to buyers and relevant to what they might be looking for in your item. A well-structured listing description should include:

  • Similar information in your title.
  • Your item's measurements.
  • The size indicated on the tag if available.
  • The condition of the item, including its flaws (to set the expectation of your buyer).

If you feel like there could be more information that you can include in your description, but you are not sure about them, cross-checking on the brand's website is your best bet. You can also include other descriptors related to the trend, texture, pattern, and many other keywords in your description as long as they are relevant.

Price your item reasonably.

Your listing price can make or break your conversion. Often, when buyers search for something, they have a specific budget in mind. And most likely, they have a rough idea of how much that specific item costs. While it is understandable that you want to have profit, you must price your listing reasonably.

After considering all the commissions and fees, the platform will take when you sell the item, checking your competitors' prices will help you put a price tag on your listing.

For new items: Don't stray far away from its SRP if the item is brand new and has an intact brand tag, as buyers will tend to buy directly from the brand if your listing is more expensive than in the store. Remember, the competition is tough. You would want to be recognized as a reliable source of great items with great prices rather than be avoided by the platform users due to having expensive and unreasonably priced listings.

For used items: Although it is from your collection and you have the right to price them as much as you like, it is helpful to check marketplaces for how much other sellers are selling a similar item like yours. Take note of the flaws and state of your item and give it a reasonable price so it will sell fast and won't get stale at the bottom of your closet.

Don't forget the Poshmark Fees and Shipping costs.

For every business, the proper computation of investment, revenue, and profits are crucial. As the owner of your online business, you have to ensure that all amounts going in and out are accounted for. That is why you must know the commission fees and other costs you will be charged for while making sales on Poshmark.

Commission Fees

Unlike other online marketplaces, listing on Poshmark is free. And to make it easy for Poshmark sellers, the platform's commission and fees are straightforward. Here's what you should know:

A flat commission fee of $2.95: This applies to all sales under $15. For as long as they are priced lower than $15, only $2.95 will be taken by Poshmark from your earning.

The 20% commission fee: This applies to orders that are $15 and over. Poshmark keeps 20% of the sale, and you get to keep 80%. Now, this might come off as a big chunk of money when you compare it with other platforms' commission fees. However, you must understand that this 20% that Poshmark is taking from any sale that you make above $15 goes to Poshmark's services such as card processing fees, package insurance, and maintaining a support team that assists the Posh community.

Shipping Cost

As for shipping, Poshmark offers a flat rate of $7.45 for expedited shipping on all orders. For this cost, it covers a maximum weight of 5lbs per package, which is fulfilled by USPS Priority Mail.

In addition to this, if your buyer's order is more than 5 lbs, take note that you pay any overweight costs, so it is also important that you upgrade your shipping label accordingly. To do this:

If you are using the Poshmark app:

  1. Go to your Account Tab (@username)
  2. Tap on My Sales and select the relevant order
  3. Choose Need New Shipping Label
  4. Then select Need Heavier Weight Label on the menu

On the website:

  1. Click on your profile picture at the top right of the page
  2. Select My Sales and click on the order that you need to upgrade the shipping label for
  3. Select New Shipping Label
  4. Then select Need Heavier Weight Label on the dropdown menu
Package WeightLabel upgrade fee for Sellers
Up to 5 poundsFree
6 pounds$4.50
7 pounds$9.00
8 pounds$13.50
9 pounds$18.00
10 pounds$22.50

Make Your Presence Known!

Poshmark is a super social platform. Poshmark users are composed of sellers and buyers who support each other by doing tasks that connect each other. Much like social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, you can take advantage of some of its features to establish a connection with your potential buyers.

Share: Sharing on Poshmark works much like sharing your friend's post in your newsfeed. Only this time, you are sharing other people's listings. On Poshmark, the member of its community loves helping each other hence when you share someone's listing, it is likely that you'll also get the same favor, and they'll share your listings, too. This will help you reach more users, especially those who are not yet following you.

Like: Having mentioned that the Poshmark community is composed of helpful users, liking someone's listing can also earn you likers; aside from that, when someone likes your listing, you can send that buyer a discount on the item along with shipping discounts via the Offer To Likers feature.

Follow: Following other Poshmark users can earn you more followers, too. Frequently, those who you follow will follow you back, which can help you grow your closet. These followers can also see your listings every time you share them or post new items in your inventory.

Participate: Always stay active and try to participate in Posh Parties, where you can share your listings in front of many Poshers. Not only does it offer more exposure to your listings, but you may also get a host pick from Posh ambassadors who host such parties, which can help bring more eyeballs to your closet.

Take note that with enough activities, including sales, you may get the status of being a Poshmark ambassador, which gives you access to many more privileges on the platform.

Offer Discounts

One advantage of selling online is it gives you the privilege to offer discounts at your discretion. Shoppers love discounts, and this is one of the most powerful strategies to help them finalize their purchases.

Offer to Likers: This promotion enables you to reach out to your listings' likers and offer them a discount without publicly lowering your listing price, which is valid for 24 hours. You are obliged as the seller to offer shipping discounts on this kind of offer which will be deducted from your earnings. To do this:

  1. Select your listing
  2. Click on Offer / Price Drop
  3. Select Offer to Likers (private)
  4. Enter Your Offer.
  5. Select a Shipping Discount
  6. Select Submit

Price Drop: Using the price drop tool enables you to lessen the listing price by 10% from its original price, which is visible to the public. When you do this, Poshmark notifies users who have liked your listing about the price reduction, which may help persuade them to buy your item. To do this:

  1. Select one of your listings in your closet.
  2. Click on the Offer / Price Drop icon.
  3. Select Edit Listing Price (Public).
  4. Then, select the Price Drop Calculator icon.
  5. Click on Apply Suggested Price.
  6. Publish the listing to save your changes.

Bundles: This kind of discount lets you add listings to Bundles that your potential buyer might be interested in. This also allows you to send a private offer that includes a shipping discount exclusive for that user. To add an item to your buyer's Bundle:

  1. Select a listing in your closet.
  2. Select Share.
  3. Then select one from the users shown, or you can also search for a specific user and select their name.

After doing these steps, the item is automatically added to the buyer's Bundle. If you want to see your buyer's Bundle:

If you are using the Poshmark app:

  1. Go to your Account Tab (@username).
  2. Click on My Bundles.
  3. Select the Sell tab.
  4. Locate the Bundle and select View Bundle.

If you are on the web:

  1. Click on your profile picture at the top-right of the page.
  2. Select My Bundles.
  3. Select Sell.
  4. Locate the Bundle and select View Bundle.

Take care of your closet!

Taking care of your Poshmark closet isn't only limited to securing your account by making a strong password, being active, listing regularly, and growing your followers. Taking care of it means you also have to be aware of the platform guidelines so your closet won't get in any trouble with Poshmark and your buyers. A good practice is to always ensure that you don't:

  • List prohibited items
  • Transact outside Poshmark
  • Use other shipping labels except the one provided by the platform
  • List items with incomplete details or false claims (i.e., not disclosing any flaws)
  • Overshare your listing.
  • Disrespect other community members
  • Leave mean or unpleasant commentaries
  • Resolve issues on your own (always reach out to Poshmark Customer Support if there are any issues or complaints)

OneShop at your service!

Having enough knowledge on how you can level up your game on Poshmark means you are on your way to climbing the ladder to success. Now, we understand that to do this; you will have to spend tons of time and effort managing your closet to make sure everything is in order and that you are active on the platform. That is why we have created a useful and helpful automation system that enables Poshmark sellers to have extra time in their hands by not being in front of their devices just to supervise and manage their listings.

We at OneShop have intelligent software that can automate activities in Poshmark such as share, like, follow, unfollow, relist, delist, and many more to help sellers maintain their presence and boost their sales even without them babysitting their closets 24/7.

You don't even have to worry about getting into Poshmark share jail as our software works in a human-like manner, ensuring that you don't overshare beyond what is allowed in the Poshmark app. Furthermore, OneShop has partnered with PhotoRoom to provide our users easy access to background removal so sellers can have neat and professional-looking covershots.

Having OneShop as your assistant lets, you have more time doing other important thighs that can grow your business. This includes managing your inventory and shipping your buyers' orders, as well as letting you have extra time for your personal life.

If this sounds good to you, we offer a 7-day free trial without any credit card needed! All you have to do is leave your phone number here, and we will text you the link to the app.

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