Tips and Tricks in Selling Electronics on Poshmark
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In this online social marketplace, you can sell a wide variety of items. While the items mainly cater to women, with its selection of new and vintage clothes, handbags, jewelry, and shoes displayed much like an Instagram feed, Poshmark is now branching out to men's items, and surprisingly, electronics.

Similar to huge e-commerce platforms like eBay and Craigslist, Poshmark is now allowing sellers to list brand new or secondhand gadgets, electronics, and at times, even small appliances. As a seller, you have additional options to garner more potential buyers.

What is even greater about this is electronics tend to be more in demand and can sell as high as luxury items. But given they are fragile items, there are different ways you have to keep in mind in marketing and selling them.

What to avoid in selling

Fragile items such as electronics require great care and attention not only in handling but also in selling. Unlike listing clothes and handbags, you have to be detailed in your captions and strategic in using hashtags.

Here are some of the things you should not do in listing:

A short and incomplete description

A short description is not enough as most buyers prefer to know the specs of a gadget or an appliance to help them weigh if this is the type they need and whether they should proceed to purchase it or not.

Provide as many details about the item's brand, specifications, key features, model, size, weight, and more. When you are comprehensive in your listing, this adds to your credibility as a seller, and potential buyers would flock more to your account. They know they can trust you as you are transparent with sharing information.

Vague about the condition

Unlike personal items like clothing that can easily be replaced or fixed, any damage to electronics, particularly in their internal mechanisms, would, of course, render them useless. As their value costs more, having them repaired is equal to or even more expensive than buying a new one.

That is why you have to be transparent about the item's working condition in the listing. Avoid putting in little details or when you receive a direct inquiry, make sure to answer the potential buyer's questions clearly and completely.

Do not hesitate to provide additional information because doing so will only backtrack on you once the buyer receives the item and discovers damage that you did not mention to them. They can report you for fraud, and you may be unable to sell anymore.

No price indicated

This is the same as when you placed a cheaper value than what the item should cost. Take, for an instant, high-end items and those that are still in the trends. You would not sell them for a low price as people would suspect these are inauthentic ones or knock-offs.

When tagging the price of electronics, review how much it originally costs from the brand's website and how other sellers do it. It can be within the Poshmark community or other e-commerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba. Of course, the value also depends on whether your items are brand new, vintage (think of cameras), or simple secondhand ones.

No photos or videos

Without any images of the items, people would think you don't have them, or these don't exist at all. Potential buyers prefer to have proof that what you have listed is something they can buy from you (whether it is on-hand, stored in a warehouse, or you have a direct supplier).

Buyers would want to see what the items look like and spot any scratch, dent, crack, or any damage they need to consider. Again, providing as many details as possible, including a clear photo and/or video, greatly helps the buyer.

Now, you don't need professional cameras to take images or videos. Your Android or IOS phone can easily do these. Just make sure that the output comes out clear and crisp rather than blurry and with little lighting.

What to sell and how

Currently, there are numerous types of electronics you can sell. You can easily source stylish wearables to electronic gear from different places.

This includes cameras, mobile phones and accessories (chargers, adapters, headsets), computers (webcams, keyboards, laptops), tablets, consoles (video games, VR headsets, skins), smartwatches, glasses, DVDs, CDs, modems, and more. You can see the complete catalog here.

One pro-tip is to research first what kind of electronics you want to sell. It would be best to think first about what type you can handle and what you can easily source and store.

Take note that when selling pre-owned items, make sure to delete all personal data (photos, videos, audio clips, notes, and more). If possible, restore to original factory settings so that the buyer receives it as good as new. You would not risk sharing sensitive data either with random people or strangers.

Once you are ready to sell, create listings for each item. Provide complete information or particulars, clear photos and/or videos, and a justifiable price. When you have accomplished these, you can easily cross-list them to other marketplaces like Mercari by using automation apps like OneShop.

With a few clicks, your items can be seen by other buyers from other e-commerce websites and apps such as Poshmark and Mercari (and more in the future), giving you more exposure. You don't need to worry about delisting and relisting, too, because OneShop handles these for you. Of course, this covers giving you an overview of your sales analytics.

On pricing and shipping

When packaging the items, follow the maximum box dimensions based on the country of residence. If you are in the US, it is 10 pounds. In Australia and Canada, it is 5kg, and in India, it is 4.5kg. You must abide by these dimensions. Otherwise, you will have problems shipping them and may spend a longer time in the post office settling the issue.

Poshmark handles logistics by selling you a prepaid shipping label to track when you ship the item. So, you don't need to worry much about this part.

On Posh Authenticate and warranties

Electronics also require proper verification, especially for giant tech brands like Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft. Thankfully, Poshmark offers free authentication for items that exceed $500 in the US, $700 in Australia and Canada, and ₹9999 in India.

In cases of damage, Poshmark, unfortunately, does not offer warranties. The platform is not also part of the redemption process. That is why you should be careful in handling and packaging the items. Wrap them up securely, provide enough bubble wrap and materials that make the box shock-proof, and similar so, during transportation or delivery, the product would not accidentally get damaged by the courier.

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