Closet Clear Out! - The Complete Guide for the Best Sales
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"Get the most out of Poshmark's Closet Clear Out with these proven tips - Boost your sales and clean out your old inventory!”

Closet Clear Out?

Closet Clear Out is a Poshmark promotion that offers discounted shipping to buyers who avail of price drops on your listings. Not to be confused with “Offer to Likers” or OTL, Closet Clear Out runs for a limited time only, typically a few days, and the discounted shipping is shouldered by Poshmark, not by the seller. It is also Poshmark that automatically sends price drop notifications to your likers, instead of sellers manually sending their offers to potential buyers.

However, as a rule, sellers must make sure that the dropped price is cheaper by at least 10% than its lowest historical price. Otherwise, the item will not qualify.

Another important factor to note is the minimum final price: Everything should sell for $10 and up. Time is likewise a crucial thing to keep in mind because the discounted shipping is valid only for purchases made within only a few hours upon posting of the price dropped listing. This is also what makes Closet Clear Out different from the “Offer to Likers” feature.

It’s a win-win case for both the seller and the buyer. You, as a seller, just have to be strategic and fast about it to protect your profit margins and, as a seller-buyer, score the best buys.

We know you’d ask…so we rounded up our best Poshmark Closet Clear Out tips and tricks that make most of this awesome opportunity to rack up your earnings. You may even consider some of these tips as hacks that will help you enrich your own closet – the physical one at home – with steals and deals from your fellow sellers!

1. Relist your stale listings before Closet Clear Out

Remember those chunky accessories from months ago that gathered more dust than likes? How about that chic vintage silk scarf that looks stylish now than it did when you first listed it? These may just find their rightful market if you relist and share them in time for CCO. Fresh listings stand a better chance of attracting more likes, and the number of likes could determine if an item gets purchased or not because Poshmark sends a price drop notification to every liker of your item.

We know relisting can be quite a hassle, but we’re sure the extra bit of time and effort will pay off when it translates to a purchase. While you’re at it, gauge if your existing photos give justice to the actual items. See if anything can be further improved with minor tweaks, such as setting an item against a neutral background to keep the focus on it instead of the visual clutter around it. Check also if the listing template is informative and enticing enough.

By breathing new life into your old inventory, we mean going beyond just dropping the price. Put on your buyer hat and consider other aspects that make an item hard to resist.

2. Find treasures in your unlisted items.

Along with targeting to convert your stale listings to sales, aim to sell something from the “death pile” of items you have not listed yet. Brave the hill – or mountain – for treasures that would be good to add to your CCO arsenal. Remember that trends in women’s fashion come and go quite fast, and what could have been a fashion faux pas before could be on-trend now. If you’re not fashion savvy yourself, it wouldn’t hurt to keep abreast of what’s hot nowadays. Browse through Instagram or online magazines for inspiration. Just make sure to set aside anything with major flaws and ensure the mint condition of each item you are selling.

Like a flash sale, a Closet Clear Out can induce an adrenaline rush and a different shopping behavior because of its “limited time only” appeal. If shoppers see something they like, they have to make purchasing decisions in a snap or else regret the price drop and discounted shipping if they waited a bit too long.

Use this chance to be more brazen with your choice of items to sell. What you thought might not sell in the past could find its match now, with shoppers becoming braver with their purchases, too, thanks to lower prices and reduced shipping.

3. Feel free to further lower prices.

Another great thing about Closet Clear Out is that sellers have the freedom to adjust their prices all throughout the duration of the promotion, and their likers would be notified each time accordingly. It is also possible to tag the likers in a comment under a particular item to make sure they don’t miss the slashed prices.

The key here lies in hoping your potential buyers opted in on the "Price Drop” notification to keep them in the loop of your great deals.

4. Amp up your closet’s visibility.

Sharing one’s closet is one of the most basic Poshmark tips. This move is even more vital during Closet Clear Out, and you would want as many users as possible to see your shop and your listings during this specific timeframe. Put it out there, cover all bases and promote your closet on social media apps connected with your Poshmark account. Who knows, a Facebook friend’s friend who stumbled upon your post could be the new owner of your teal-cropped top!

But whether a Closet Clear Out event is coming up or not, it’s great to consistently invest time and putting in the effort to share your closet, increase your followers, return shares and followers, and send offers to attract potential buyers and keep your inventory moving. Tending to your Poshmark closet does require work, more so if you rely on it to pull an insubstantial amount of income every month. OneShop can do the automatic marketing for sellers who don’t have a lot of time to spare to do the tasks that could easily and efficiently be automated. You’ll reap the benefits while focusing on your day job (if you’re only doing Poshmark on the side) or in other areas of selling on this platform that requires more thinking on your feet.

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