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The Depop app is an online marketplace for buying and selling clothes, accessories, artwork, furniture, and other goods. When you're listing on Depop, your photos are the first thing potential buyers will see. The better the picture quality, the more likely to increase sales!

There are three key points in this blog post:

  1. What makes a good photo
  2. Tips and tricks on taking pictures
  3. Other types of photography could also be helpful for your listing

Let's get started!

What Makes a Good Depop Photo

If you're new to taking photos with your phone or camera, we've got you covered! Our team lists down tips on taking eye-catching pictures and their importance in creating a great listing.

Your First Photo Matter

Sure, free shipping and great deals get our attention, but nothing beats an eye-catching cover photo. The first photo of your listing is the most crucial part of your listing. You want it to be eye-catching, wrinkle-free, crisp, and clean. Make sure this is the neatest and features everything you want to show to your potential buyer.

Utilize 4 Photos in 1 Listing

Depop allows you to upload four photos in 1 listing, so make the most out of it. Utilizing four images instead of 1 increases your chance of selling faster. Make sure to take photos at a different angle, including the front, back, label, and close-up. In this way, potential customers can easily see the fit and sizing, the item's condition, and its flaws (if applicable.)

Use Natural Lighting

If you do not have lighting equipment or a budget for a professional photographer, using natural lighting is the key. It is free but needs a little bit of effort and time management to work. Natural lighting simply means using the sun as your lighting resource in taking a quality photo for your listing.

The only trick in using natural lighting is. First, you have to take a photo during the daylight hours. Second, have a bright and clutter-free spot where the natural light can peak through. This is ideal in your backyard, garden, near a window, parking lot, or even just outside your door.

Interesting Product Shots

A great quality photo is the heartbeat of Depop. It simply means your product shots should captivate the eyes of many potential buyers. Try to elevate and make your product shots more interesting.

Additionally, having a sense of consistency in your listing will create branding for your Depop shop. We suggest having a consistent pose, backdrop, and lighting. This will generate originality and help customers get familiarized with your shop and your style.

Also, stay away from stock photos. Aside from most of them being generic, they are also not allowed inside Depop. Depop will remove the item from your listing if you are caught using stock photos. So it's best to just take a photo of every item in your shop before uploading them to your closet.

Styles of Photography

As the popularity of Depop has grown, so have the expectations for listings. People are looking for an experience when they come to your page, and with good photos, you can give them that!

When selling on Depop, You must remember that a vital part of the listing process is uploading a good-quality photo. Many people are just getting started on Depop or aren't very experienced taking pictures. And we are here to help you out!

Here are the two best styles in taking photos in Depop and their advantages:

  • Flat Lays

    Flat lays are a type of photography wherein you shoot an image directly from above. We recommend having a solid yet straightforward color background to make your item pop. When finding the best background, you may stick with light colors or white background. Avoid using a dark-colored background, floors, or printed bed sheets.

    Pro-Tip - Use a photo editing app to change the background or eliminate unwanted elements on your photos. Remember that a white background remains the best option to keep it simple yet captivating. Plus, many photo editing apps are free and easy to use. Don't overdo it or use unnecessary filters to change colors or modify the actual item.

  • Model Shots

    This is a type of photography wherein you show off your item by modeling or wearing it. Many buyers prefer this type of shot because it allows them to know how it fits. However, model shots are quite tedious and need a lot of effort.

    Here are some things you need to consider when taking model shots:

    1. Be creative, set the scene, and highlight the item.
    2. As much as possible, aim at a bright spot. Avoid being in a messy background.
    3. Try to use indirect light, whether indoors or outside. This eliminates shadows and creates a bright and sharp image.
    4. Be consistent and unique. Have your signature pose, backdrop, and lighting.
    5. Pair your item with a prop or accessories that highlight the style of the clothing

Be a Successful Depop Seller

We know that pictures are the heartbeat of Depop. The same thing goes with other resale sites and marketplaces such as Poshmark, Mercari, and more. With this in mind, OneShop developed a smart system that allows sellers to have an easy and seamless online reselling business.

OneShop is an all-in-app app that does all the manual work with reselling. This includes liking, sharing, following, and even re-listing so you don't have to. OneShop's cross-listing feature allows you to easily import your listing across marketplaces like Poshmark, Depop, Mercari, and more.

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