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Using different online selling platforms has made earning easier. Not only does it reach a wider range of buyers, but it also offers convenience to many sellers like you. Selling platforms like Mercari, Poshmark, and eBay are some of the popular avenues for online shoppers; hence, listing on these marketplaces can generate a good amount of extra income. Who knows? You can also become one of those who have ventured into online selling full-time.

Selling online may look easy, and many beginners in this field think that posting a new listing from time to time is the only key to success. However, becoming a successful business owner takes more than just listing consistently. That is why many selling platforms have offers and features that can help sellers reel in potential buyers. In addition to this, your knowledge about how you can maximize your listing potential is important. Many factors can affect your buyer's purchase decision, so you must be well aware of how you can negotiate with them, which can eventually convert to sales.

On this blog, we will share some useful selling tips and tricks that you can use to boost your sales, and one of them is how making an offer on Mercari works.

Mercari Offer

To understand how the Offer feature works for you as a Mercari seller, you should also be aware of how this feature works for buyers. So, what exactly is an Offer, you may ask? As simple as it sounds, it is an act of sending a proposition wherein your potential buyers can send you an offer to haggle about your listing price. They can use this feature along with coupons that they may have. While this is available to all Mercari users, some rules apply to all potential buyers that want to send you an offer.

A potential buyer can only send you an offer if the minimum offer is 75% of the listing price. Their offers are binding, which means if they change their mind, the only way to cancel the offer is for you, the seller, to decline the offer.

For you as a seller, the Offer feature gives a chance to your potential buyers to negotiate the price of your listing, which is only valid for 24 hours. You have the option to accept or decline to go on with the transaction or counter their offer. If you are firm with the price of your listing, you should be specific in the descriptions that you don't want to negotiate on the price and that your price is firm. Be mindful that once an offer or counteroffer is accepted, the new cost of the item will be charged to the buyer immediately.

Take note that to make the "Make an offer" feature work for both parties, the buyer and the seller should have the latest version of the Mercari app.

Negotiate Wisely!

Keep in mind that the essence of selling on any marketplace is to generate profit. As a seller, you must know what you need to consider when negotiating with your buyers when they send you an offer. This includes:

The condition of the item. Many buyers look at the item's condition when they try to negotiate its price. As a seller, it is always essential that you disclose the condition of the item in your description, whether it is NWT (brand new with tag) or used. Additionally, disclosure of any flaws that the item may have, like drop stitches, stains, or misprints in the fabric, should always be included in your description. This way, you can gauge the price and reason with the buyer until you both reach an agreeable new price.

The new price. Remember that it is your listing, so you have every right to price your item however you like. But if you want your item to move quickly and not get stuck in your closet for long, you must consider giving it a reasonable price based on the retailer's original price and your competitors' prices. You should consider putting a little wiggle room for haggling as giving discounts helps push a sale.

The shipping costs. When negotiating with your buyer about the new price of your listing, be mindful of other fees that the platform may take from your earnings when an item sells, including the shipping fee. Mercari offers low and fixed rates depending on the package weight and size shipped via USPS, FedEx, UPS Ground, or Mercari Pack and Ship. You have two options: to use a Mercari prepaid shipping label or ship your items on your own.

Always check the corresponding shipping fee applicable on the weight and size of your item before deciding on accepting an offer price. If you are going to offer free shipping to your buyer, be sure to include the cost in the price of your item without jeopardizing your profit.

The platform transaction fees. Listing on Mercari is free. However, charges and fees apply when an item sells or when a service is used. Don't forget to factor in the following:

  • 10% of the item price that the platform takes when you complete a sale.
  • 2.9% payment processing fee plus $0.30 per sale that is charged to you based on the completed sale price of your item.
  • $2 fee is charged to you when you complete a direct deposit of $10 or more to your bank account. Also, this fee applies if there is a direct deposit transfer under the minimum of $10, there is a direct deposit transfer rejected by your bank and returned to your Mercari balance, or when you completed an Instant Pay transfer.

To ensure you are not missing any transaction charges and fees when pricing your listing, you may visit the complete list of Fees on Mercari here.

Your profit. The number one thing you wouldn't want to sacrifice in accepting a buyer's offer is your profit. After factoring in your capital, shipping cost, and transaction fees, you would want to gain profit on an item, which is why you are selling on the platform. Sometimes, sellers tend to accept offers because they want to have sales and make their inventory move faster and realized after the transaction that after all the fees, they only broke even. Avoid this circumstance by being firm on your floor price. If your potential buyer declined your counteroffer, the best thing to do is move on and keep in mind that the right buyer for your listing will know your item's value and will purchase it for the right price.

Use OneShop

Veteran online sellers know that posting your listings is not enough if you want to reach your goals in no time. Aside from listing in the evening or on weekends as it is the best time to post on Mercari, making sure that your listing is attractive by using good photos and appealing prices is also a good way to boost your sales. But did you know that you can do more with little time by using an automation service like OneShop?

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