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The holiday shopping season is finally here, with shoppers dutifully enjoying crossing names out of their Christmas gift list. Now is the best time in the year to shop because everyone is in holiday mode, and this means that it is also the best time to sell on online marketplaces. Great news for Mercari sellers like you because Santa has to get his gifts somewhere. So, as an online seller, it is your obligation to take advantage of this opportunity to get your items out there and make more conversions.

All online retail platforms like eBay, Amazon, Poshmark and many more are buzzing with promotions, and sales like you wouldn't believe during the holiday season. As a seller, this is the worst time to be on Mercari vacation mode as it is the best time to hustle. In this blog, we'll discuss what you need to know to find out what's high in demand on Mercari, how you can boost your sales, attract potential buyers, and much more!

What sells the best on Mercari for the Holidays?

Gifts come in many kinds, and whether they are resale gifts or secondhand gifts, it's the thought that counts. Since the Holiday season is here, it means that it's time to make your new listings stand out. This season is also where you may sell your unwanted holiday gifts. To help you increase your sales this season, here's the breakdown of what sells best on Mercari for the holidays.


What are the holidays without gifting the little one's toys? This month is a great time to spread that Christmas cheer with a list of toys you have lying around the house and give them the chance to be loved by a new generation of owners.

Resale platforms like Mercari are treasure troves of in-demand secondhand items that make perfect gifts for the holidays. For example, suppose you have an old American doll that you no longer want. In that case, you may list it on the platform as there are buyers out there that are tirelessly scouting from one online store to another and tons of other selling app for that specific doll (after all, it's not just kids who love dolls). It doesn't always have to be new items that make a big sale.


It's a no-brainer that different types of apparel will always be on someone's gift list. Again, it doesn't necessarily have to be new. You'd be surprised at how profitable the secondhand market is for quality items made from specific fabrics and intricate or simple designs that cater to a particular niche market of Mercari users.

Seasonal decor

The holiday season is the season to sell festive home decor. Everyone loves a warmly decorated home, and crafts are always big this time of the year. If you've got decor (especially ornaments and figurines) tucked away in your cupboards, then now is the time to get them out, listed, and ready to pack with shipping labels and poly mailers to keep even the lightweight items safe and sound through shipment.

Video games

Toys aren't the only way to have fun this holiday season; video games are also a top pick for the season of gifting. Many buyers and niche market peer groups are always looking for a fan-favorite game for their consoles. After all, once you've beaten a game, it's time to move on to the next, and it's a safe bet that many gamers will be looking to finish off some classic and well-loved game before the year ends.

Boost your Holiday Sales

The holidays are always packed with buyers looking for the best deals with free shipping. Here are some strategies that you can use to boost your sales:

Send offers to likers ASAP

As soon as someone likes your items, be sure to connect with them and send the shopper a private message to discuss an offer. It's essential to do this and not delay while the item is still fresh on their minds, as potential buyers will often have already scouted other listings from other sellers. Aside from this, it also gives a sense of urgency to accept offers from sellers since they are only active for 24 hours.

Quality Photo Setup

People want to know exactly what they are paying for, down to the last detail and minuscule flaws. Taking blurred and low-quality photos are often one of the primary reasons buyers file return complaints because the item did not meet their supposed expectations. So be sure to take quality photos that make potential buyers stop scrolling and take notice of your listing. Invest in a good photo setup, remove distracting backgrounds, use a mannequin, and brighten up your photos to give the impression of a clean and professional seller.

Don't be afraid to counter offer

Just because it's the gift-giving season doesn't mean you should be generous with selling at lower costs. That means, if you get a lowball offer, always come back with a counter. Just make sure that even if you're selling at a discount of your retail price, you are only accepting fair offers, and when it is, don't lose the opportunity for a sale by asking for a few extra bucks.

Keep in mind that you should price your items reasonably while ensuring that you'll profit from them. Don't just estimate, as you should always include the fees the platform will get after you sell an item. Remember that accepting offers is okay for as long as you are not compromising the amount of your profit.

Automate with OneShop

Another strategy that top sellers do is using automation software like OneShop. OneShop is an innovative and customizable tool designed to act as your virtual assistant to get an advantage over your competition and boost your sales. It acts as your own sales expert by listing and relisting across multiple online marketplaces. It leaves you more time to work on more important things for your business rather than spend hours doing listings across platforms manually. Try it for yourself, register for free, and enjoy a 7-day with no credit card required.

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