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Technology has become such an integral part of our daily lives that it's nearly impossible to function without our devices for work or play.

Some aren't particular about style or latest features as long as their gadgets work well enough to perform the bare minimum. They buy only when their gadgets break down, with the more practical ones opting for slightly used models. Some consider gadgets as not just useful tools but also forms of self-expression. They're accustomed to upgrading their gadgets regularly with newer models acquired on a good deal. Both groups comprise a robust market for electronics on reselling marketplaces like Mercari.

Tech companies typically unveil new models once a year, around May or September to November, depending on the type of gadget and the manufacturer. Think of all the current models that will soon be considered old when new versions come in.

Suppose you're a seller looking into listing gadgets under the Mercari Electronics category. In that case, there are two ideal times to sell those items: right after the brand drops the new gadget (especially iPhone or Android) as potential buyers who can't afford the latest version will be on the lookout to buy the next best model. Or another best time to sell is as soon as you acquire a new gadget and know for sure you won't be using the old one anymore. Don't let it gather dust and get further outdated; list it right away. In the case of iPhones, it would be strategic to hold the listing off for a short time if there's a new release coming.

What are the fast-selling electronics on Mercari?

According to the volume of available and sold listings, there's a strong market for personal gadgets such as mobile phones, wearable devices like smartwatches, and wireless earbuds. As gaming has become a popular form of entertainment and relaxation in recent years, there's a demand for video game consoles - Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo. Other saleable electronics you may want to consider listings are cameras and speakers.

Tips for a Perfect Electronic Listing

Now that you have an idea of what electronic items to sell, continue reading for tips on how to prepare your listings. Aside from providing sharp, clutter-free photos of the items, make sure you craft a Mercari listing that includes everything potential buyers would want to know to convince them to purchase.

Provide the IMEI number. Smartphones connected to a network or plan have a unique code known as International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), which, when provided in the listing, could help a serious buyer confirm that the device wasn't stolen. This number could also inform them if the smartphone is compatible with their network. The IMEI number is revealed by dialing #060# for most smartphones.

Be honest about the device's condition and clear about its inclusions. A typical reason why a potential buyer would shy away from purchasing used gadgets is the ambiguity of the sellers in their listings. While some buyers would reach out to get the details, it would be more convenient for both parties if all relevant information is out in the open and truthfully disclosed. This will also help Mercari view your side favorably should the buyer claim for a return and refund for allegedly not getting an item as described.

Your listing should ideally contain the name of the model, brand, color, the year it was released (if known), how long it was used, and the condition, including any known defect or issue. For mobile phones, it would be helpful to disclose the battery's health, which you can locate under your phone settings.

Remember to mention in your listing the accessories the buyer will be getting, if any, and if these are original ones or replacements. Think chargers, camera bag, extra lens, phone case, memory card, and (the like. Also, include if the item comes with its original packaging and manual.

Revert to a factory setting. Reset your device to its default factory settings and ensure to erase all traces of previous ownership as much as possible. Do this as a courtesy to the next user and for your own protection. Delete all photos, phone numbers, credentials, uninstall applications, or at least log out from all of them. If you're using a password keeper tool, it's important to delete that. Unlink the device from your cloud storage, too.

Scan the marketplace for price comparison. When pricing your gadgets, find out the price similar listings go for on Mercari and use those as a basis to price lower or higher depending on your strategy and considerations such as the condition and age of your item and its unique features. Take note that on Mercari, listing prices are capped at $2,000.

Consider relisting and dropping the price. As Mercari Electronics is a competitive category, your listings may take some time to get sold. If your gadgets remain unsold for a week, you may want to relist them for better visibility (also, be sure that your listings are optimized with the right keywords and tags). Another strategy is to drop the price by at least 5% using the "Promote" button. Mercari will boost your listing's search results and notify its likers regarding the price drop when you do this.

If you're not willing to slash your listing price just yet and are open only to relisting, note that refreshing your Mercari listings can be tedious and time-consuming if there are plenty of them, especially when done manually.

Many resellers conveniently manage their old listing by using an automation tool that makes relisting a breeze. Beneficial automation software like OneShop can help sellers like you as it automates relisting with just a few clicks.

If you're looking for the perfect automation system to help you succeed in online reselling, OneShop is here for you. Visit OneShop to learn more, or directly sign-up here to start your 7-day free trial.

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