The Trick to Selling Fast on Mercari? Get On Top Of Its Algorithm
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You may be wondering what exactly an algorithm is in the first place? It simply means steps you must follow to address a problem. But this is not limited to basic math. We use algorithms in our daily lives for simple tasks of walking, sorting, counting, or even tying our shoelaces! Any activity that has a step-to-step procedure is actually an algorithm. The objective is to generate a copied result.

On Mercari, there is a set of algorithms that sellers must follow to close sales fast. But you need not worry as these are not complicated.

Following these tips will only help you attract potential buyers so you can gain profit. From promoting and crosslisting your listings to relisting and shipping your items, here are the best ways to get on top of the e-commerce algorithm.

How does the Mercari algorithm work?

Firstly, for algorithms to be effective, they should have the following characteristics:

  • Level of Correctness – little error
  • Efficient – easy to complete
  • Comprehensive – easy to understand

As an online marketplace, Mercari favors new listings. This is why you must keep your listings up-to-date, relist, or drop the price. Your posts get “bumped” to the top of the feed when you do these. In turn, new and loyal Mercari customers come across your items and potentially inquire or purchase from you.

Pricing your items

One of the top ways to bump your listings is to pay attention to the price you tag your items. After all, your goal as a seller is to keep gaining profit as much as you can.

To do this, you need to indicate a floor price for your items. This is the minimum price by which you will allow your listing to be sold. Indicating your floor price will protect your listings from being sold at a losing end.

Make sure to compute your floor price carefully so you can still make a profit in case of further price reductions. A tip from veteran sellers: price your listing a bit higher, so you have elbow room for promoting or bargaining.

It is good to know that Mercari has a fee calculator that you can use to compute how much you will be selling your items to realize gains. The platform also has an existing pricing feature that will systematize procedures as far as pricing is concerned.

Mercari uses its algorithm to update the price you set, which also considers the need for your items. The platform automatically updates the price you listed until your item either sells or the price reaches your floor price. In effect, Mercari prices your items higher than what you listed as your floor price.

Taking advantage of Mercari’s algorithm does not only save you time so you can take on other tasks or activities, but it will also increase your chances of selling. Their platform has all the data to find out if your listing has a big chance of selling and at what price it will be sold.

Optimizing listings for the Mercari algorithm

There are many ways to boost your listings on Mercari.

1. Promote often

Increase the visibility of your listings to help boost your sales. Seasoned sellers know that the more you list, the greater the chance of making a sale. However, it is important to note not to list all at once because yours may become buried in the pile of so many users on this platform.

There are two features that sellers can use to create salesin your inventory:

  • Promote feature

    This feature informs previous visitors who liked your items of a reduction in the price of your listings. Mercari pegged it at greater than or equal to 5% of the original price.

  • Offer to Likers feature.

    This feature will inform the most recent 50 likers of a price reduction greater than or equal to 10%

2. The more items on your list, the better.

Increase your inventory with variety. People will definitely be attracted to your listings. Be careful, though, not to list all at once, as mentioned above.

3. Best time to list – At night and on weekends.

Experienced sellers swear that they usually have more sales on Sundays or Mondays. Posting late at night will make your listings fresh and likely to be on top rather than being buried in the search results.

It is also common knowledge that buyers or users are more active at night, after their day jobs or when they have finished their errands. Searching or browsing through social media, and even online shopping, are their ways of relaxing.

4. Shipping your items

You must know how much the whole package weighs before putting it on your list. Consider not only the item but also the packaging, that is, the container and bubble wraps, etc.

Keep in mind that packaging also takes up weight. If you do not include these, you or the buyer might be shouldering additional costs. Naturally, you and the buyer do not want surprise charges.

How relisting can help

One successful way to boost your sales on Mercari is to relist. This is usually done if your listing has no sales or transactions, even if it has been up for quite a while. But you may wonder, “how does relisting work?”

  • Use all the details you have from your old listings to create a new listing.
  • Go to your page where all your listings are.
  • Click the “Relist” button on the list that you want to relist. Doing so, will copy the details from the list and goes to the new listing form. List the item again by pressing the button on the form.
  • Delete the old listing.

Relisting moves your items on top of the Mercari feed when users search for these particular items. This makes your listing “fresh” instead of getting stale towards the bottom of the feed. You must remember that listings quickly get buried as many users are posting new inventories. The key is to relist, especially if you notice an increase in viewer counts.

Increasing visibility by relisting is sometimes just “finding the right buyer at the right time.” One seller had his item listed for several weeks already, and despite reducing his prices, that seller hadn’t sold it. He relisted the same item, and it sold for more than his asking price in just a couple of days!

Take advantage of automation tools.

Bumping your listings and editing details in them is definitely time-consuming. Whether you are reselling as a full-time or a part-time role, being strategic with managing your business is your priority. This includes finding cost-efficient ways to sell more and fast.

One trick here is to use automation tools like OneShop. The service app offers cross-listing, relisting, and delisting on platforms like Poshmark,Mercari, Depop, and more to come! These features are convenient for resellers as the software does all these tasks for you.

With only a few clicks, you can relist all your items and have them reach the top of the feed from time to time. OneShop automates this for you, including removing the listing if it has been sold on another online marketplace. This is beneficial as you need not worry about selling the same item twice.

OneShop has a free 7-day trial that you can experience for yourself. Sign up in a few clicks and get to know the convenience automation tools provide for resellers like you.

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