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List Perfectly allows users to post on multiple marketplaces. Find out if it's worth it for you!"

Selling online means maximizing the tools and reselling platforms available to have many sales. For most resellers, time is always of the essence. Listing out items and making sure that they get the boost that they need to get noticed by shoppers can be a handful of work; hence handling different closets and selling accounts is difficult. To grow your online business, knowing the available services that can help you list your items and save you time is always an advantage. Marketplaces such as Poshmark, Mercari, Etsy, eBay, Kidizen, Tradesy, and Shopify are just some of the platforms where you can cross-post to increase your items' exposure. While there are sellers who hire a virtual assistant to manually cross-list, many successful sellers are using cross-listing services not only to list items in multiple marketplaces easier but also to help them increase their sales.

When using a cross-listing service, being popular is not everything. You should also know its features and the things it can do for you and your business. It is important to ask some questions before you dive into it and sign-up. Some key information that you must know to find out if a cross-listing service is for you are:

  • Can this service cross-posts on the selling platforms where you sell?
  • Does it offer helpful features such as sending promos and discounts, analytics about your sales of the month, and more?
  • Is it a handy tool that you can access even when you're on the go?
  • Are they easy to manage?
  • Do they have a responsive customer support team that can help you whenever you have questions?
  • Do these services help you avoid problems like delisitng items automatically to avoid double selling?

With these questions, let's learn what one of the cross-listing services has to offer to online sellers like you who are seeking a time-saving and efficient cross-listing bot, the List Perfectly.

What is List Perfectly?

List Perfectly is a paid cross-listing service that started in 2019. Its founders, who are also online sellers, created this e-commerce solution to solve the frustrating and laborious process of listing on multiple marketplaces. With the mission to help online resellers work smarter while reaching new customers and making more sales, List Perfectly offers features such as crosspost to multiple platforms with templates for faster listing, bulk crossposting, inventory management, access analytics, and allows its subscribers to download CSVs. List Perfectly allows its users to import, add, and save products in their LP Catalog without a restriction in number. As of writing, this service can cross-post on different marketplaces such as Poshmark, Tradesy, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Grailed, Instagram, Depop, Facebook Marketplace, Kidizen, and Mercari.

List perfectly offers a 3-day trial with a money-back guarantee where you can list up to 20 cross posts. They also have resources that can help their subscribers, like their Youtube channel, seller community podcast, and FB group. Users of this service can access their List Perfectly account via devices where they can access web browsers such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as they don't have an app at the moment. Their software can be downloaded and will serve as a browser extension.

List Perfectly currently offers three tiers which means the higher the fees, the more features you can use. The prices for each tier are:

  • Simple plan is for $29 per month
  • Business plan is for $49 per month
  • Pro plan is for $69 per month
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Why use ListPerfectly

Every seller's struggle is the tedious and time-consuming process of listing across multiple platforms to increase their item exposure and sales. List Perfectly is one of the software available in the market that can help many sellers do cross-posting. Currently, it enables sellers to cross-list on 11 marketplaces such as Poshmark, Tradesy, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Grailed, Instagram, Depop, Facebook Marketplace, Kidizen, and Mercari. So, if you're the kind of seller who sells on these platforms, you may use List perfectly.

Aside from cross-listing on many marketplaces, they also:

  • Have a 3-day trial period where you can get your money back if you're unsatisfied.
  • Have available resources such as Youtube channel, seller community podcast, and FB group.
  • Offer unlimited listings on your LP closet.
  • Have customer support through the tool, email, and Facebook page.
  • Offer sales analytics (Business and Pro plan only)
  • Do giveaways that are sourced from their subscribers.

Cons of ListPerfectly

It does not automatically delist listings.

While List Perfectly offers a delisting process for sold items by selecting sold items on your LP Catalog, you still have to manually do it. This process can be time-consuming as you will have to go over each marketplace to delist an item sold from another platform.

Only for Desktop and Laptops.

List Perfectly does not have a mobile app. Although they have a mobile version, installing the List Perfectly software and crossposting listings cannot be done. These said features are only possible when using a desktop or a laptop.

If you're an on-the-go seller, you are always on your feet and cannot babysit multiple marketplaces.

There is no doubt that List Perfectly can help sellers in managing their listings. However, if you're an on-the-go seller, you won't have much time to babysit your listings on multiple platforms. Due to some limitations, especially if you only have the Simple plan, you will still have to manually enter details in every listing you have. In addition to this, because they only have a mobile version, you wouldn't be able to quickly crosspost your items which requires you to be on a desktop or laptop.

The Simple Plan offers very limited features.

The basic plan of the List perfectly only includes image, title, and description when you cross-list. Details such as color, size, and price should still be entered manually, making it inconvenient work to do if you have many listings and sells on many other platforms.

Instagram is not included in the Simple plan.

Suppose you are selling on multiple marketplaces, including Instagram. In that case, you will have to upgrade your subscription to Business and Pro plans as these are the only ones that support crossposting on Instagram.

List Perfectly is for USA-based sellers only.

At the moment, List Perfectly can only support USA-based marketplaces and shops selling in US Dollar currency.


Not all cross-listing services are the same, so sellers like you need to know that there are options available. Here is some alternative cross-listing software that you can look into and see if they are the right cross-listing service for you:


Vendoo is another cross-listing service. It was founded in 2017 with a mission to empower and help online sellers save time by running their business more efficiently and be able to sell on multiple marketplaces such as Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, Depop, Etsy, Grailed, Facebook Marketplace, Tradesy, and Kidizen. Aside from their cross-posting, they also offer features like importing listings from another marketplace, delisting & relisting items, image hosting, image resizer & editor, and sales analytics that you can opt for as an add-on. They currently have six types of plans:

  • Starter Plan for $8.99/ month
  • Simple Plan for $19.99/ month
  • Plus Plan for $29.99 / month
  • Pro Plan for $49.99/ month
  • Advance Plan for $99.99/ month
  • Expert Plan for $149.99/month
​ ​


OneShop is the newest kid in the block but the most unique and automated software. From being the best Poshmark bot founded in 2020 (previously known as SuperPosher), OneShop is now offering cross-posting features coupled with helpful tools that will truly help resellers who are listing in multiple marketplaces save time and make more sales easily. What sets OneShop aside from other competitors in the market is that it is intelligently built to automatically delist your sold item everywhere for you, making it easier to avoid any problems and saving you time by going through your listings manually.

Here's why you should choose OneShop

OneShop is still in the works! Our team understands that it is a time-consuming task to list in different platforms manually to increase your items' exposure and sales. This is why we made sure to make OneShop your home for selling. Not only does it can help you have an advantage on your Poshmark closet, but it is also intelligently made to make listing across multiple e-commerce marketplaces easier and faster. Here are the things that you can do with OneShop. Our future features include:

  • Upload images, draft your listings, and cross-post on multiple selling platforms that our team has integrated.
  • Move all of your inventory data into OneShop easily.
  • Check and manage your listings and your sales on the go using your tablet or mobile phone because we have an app that enables you to quickly monitor your listings.
  • Leave the on-marketplace marketing strategies on us, such as sending offers and relisting.
  • Get analytics about your sales of the month, and see how your sales are doing compared to other sellers.
  • Have a responsive customer support team via email, text, and Facebook Messenger that can help you whenever you need assistance or have questions.
  • Get access to background removal for images in partnership with PhotoRoom.
  • Use the software even if you're a Canada-based seller.
  • Avoid problems like double selling an item because OneShop can delist it everywhere for you once your item is sold on another platform. And that is automatic! Not only does this save you tons of time in going over your sold listings manually, but this feature will also save you from getting a bad review or getting your account being flagged when you cancel an order due to unavailability.

If you want to experience having more time in your hands rather than babysitting multiple marketplaces while increasing your listings' exposure and sales, OneShop is here to help you. We aim to make selling and listing faster and easier without you having to spend a lot of time in front of your device. Your days of manually doing all the tedious processes of cross-posting are now just a few clicks away. If you are up for experiencing an intelligent and well-integrated system, OneShop will be the tool for you!

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