3 Effective Ways To Grow Your Followers On Kidizen–And Why It Matters
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A huge part of selling on online marketplaces is marketing your listings. Some people may find this challenging especially when you think that you have good photos and items. But what’s the point of great photos when not many users see them?

This is where the number of followers enters the picture. The more you have, the higher exposure you get for your listings. When more people come across them, there is the likelihood of getting them interested and purchasing from you. It all seems difficult, but a little work and the use of automation tools can help you.

Why do you need followers?

On any social media platform like Facebook and Instagram, followers are the users who “follow” your account. Anyone who follows you can easily see your posts and other activities. Whether liking or sharing other users’ posts, commenting, or publishing yours, your followers can view your online activity.

In online marketplaces, the number of followers is crucial. This gives you the ability to gain exposure to your listings. Any reseller wants to have more potential customers visit their shop or account. Whether it’s browsing or inquiring about an item, once the user is already on your page; there is a greater likelihood that they will make a purchase.

On Kidizen, trust in a reseller is crucial. Parents can be particular in the products they purchase for their children. Whether they are clothes, toys, or accessories, parents only want the best for their kids.

This is why having more followers matters. When people see that you have hundreds or even thousands of users following you, you establish yourself as a trustworthy seller. It suggests that other buyers like your items and how you handle transactions.

Additionally, your followers passively vouch for your credibility. They may not necessarily shout out how you are a good seller, but the fact that they follow you already means you have proven honesty in your listings, message inquiries, and transactions. You have a clean record and don’t flake out on your customers.

Remember, followers don't always translate to buyers. Other sellers can also follow you and vouch for your credibility. It is better if these are popular sellers as it increases your chances of getting followed by their followers.

Three ways to grow following

There are tried-and-tested ways of increasing your followers on Kidizen. Follow these to help you in your shop and minimize the stress of coming up with strategies on your own.

  • List Frequently

    When you post a new listing, it goes up on the first page of your Kidizen shop.This means any user can easily see what you just put up for sale. You can plan your postings so that you will release something new every day or even every two days. In this way, you can keep “bumping” your listings on your Kidizen shop page.

    Listing frequently will get you noticed by more users every day. They will come across your items often, and who knows, when they keep liking them, they will visit your page to see what else they can purchase.

  • Join Communities

    Communities are such a big help in gaining exposure. On Kidizen, many of the sellers are parents and so gaining each other's support goes a long way. Of course, competition still exists, but you can still participate in bump groups.

    There is a “Seller Corner” where you can meet other sellers and market your items to them. This is a group of users commenting on certain listings all at once. Some have questions that you can answer. Generally, commenting “bumps” the listings to the top of Kidizen’s “shop” feed.

    Keep in mind that any recent activity on a listing “refreshes” it on the website or app’s page. This is why connecting with other sellers and strategizing to “bump” each other’s items are effective ways to gain exposure fast.

    Follow other accounts or shops. Usually, this applies to those that share a similar style or preference. Say you are selling vintage or classic-looking clothing. Follow accounts selling these pieces as well. Most of the time, you will get a “follow” back as support. When they do so, their followers may follow you as well.

    You can also opt to join “Hello Kidizen” as well, a Facebook group for all Kidizen users. Here, you can share your listings on social media. This makes it easier to share them on your personal Facebook account and tap non-Kidizen users to purchase your items.

  • Make Collections

    Making collections involves adding items from other shops and creating a “collection.” Similar to fashion shows, collections consist of pieces that “go together” to produce a concept.

    For instance, you can form a “safari” collection. All clothes, shoes, and accessories are related to this theme. Think of camouflage print, moss green or brown items, bucket hats, sturdy boots or shoes, binoculars, and similar.

    When you add items, their owners will most likely check out your collection and follow you. Of course, your collection should be unique to you. If you create common ones like “vintage” or “sporty,” people may not be interested. You can opt for tried-and-tested themes like “Disney '' or a new, interesting one like “Wes Anderson films-inspired” collection.

    Similarly, you get notified when other sellers add or share your items. Simply set your preferences in the settings. Go to “Me” on your profile page, click the gear icon, and select the in-app notifications you want (e.g., sales & purchases, shared listings, social activity).

Following and Followers

On your Kidizen app or website, you can see your followers and following (users you follow) right on your account page. You can click on each category and see the names of the users.

Aside from the username and profile photo, the seller’s top four listings are visible too. This can help you remember why you followed a particular user or a possible reason why they followed you.

To follow a user, simply click on the profile (username or profile photo). Their account or shop page then appears. On the top right corner, select “Follow.”

Managing your business efficiently

Bumping and sharing items in any marketplace already takes time, even more in interacting with other users. This is why automation tools like OneShop come in handy. The service app has crosslisting and delisting features. With only a few clicks, it performs these time-consuming tasks so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Cross-listing is useful in growing your followers. After all, your listings can reach the customers of other marketplaces like Poshmark, Depop, Mercari,and eBay. You get more users coming across your items and possibly making a purchase.

When it comes to tasks like shipping, OneShop assists you such that you can order packing supplies and schedule pickups. Additionally, if you want to track your progress as a seller, you can also view this on the site or app. You can input what you want to achieve and monitor how close you are to your goals.

Overall, OneShop serves as a one-stop app for everything you need as a reseller. From listing items and marketing them to assisting you in shipping tasks and tracking progress, the automation tool has these features and more.

Thankfully, OneShop has a free 7-day trial, so you can experience its convenience. Get ready to level up your business with only a few clicks. Sign up today so you won’t miss out on something great!

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