How to Make Multiple Sales, Faster, with Kidizen Bundles
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As a niche reselling marketplace, Kidizen has a specific target market: parents or anyone looking for children's clothing, shoes, and accessories. To a seller, this could both be an advantage and a challenge. How do you make a sale in a sea of similar-looking listings?

Enter bundles. Although bundles are also a thing on Poshmark and other platforms, it makes perfect sense on Kidizen because children's items are smaller and lighter than those for adults.

It would be more practical for the buyer to buy more than just one playsuit or a beanie from the same shop to save on shipping costs. For the seller, it would mean making multiple sales and more efficient use of time in preparing the items and processing their shipment (as opposed to one shipment per unique buyer).

There's more than one way to do bundling on Kidizen. In reading each one, you will also learn how the following works on this platform:

  • What to do when accepting an offer from a buyer
  • How to make offers to buyers

Route 1: Set up a shop discount

The most straightforward way to go about it is to activate a shop discount to encourage multiple purchases simultaneously (e.g., 20% for two or more items and 30% off for three or more items). Every time your potential customers put more than one item (any) on their respective carts, they will be notified of the discount, which will automatically apply to the item prices upon checkout.

The default discount will be deducted from the item price only or from the total listing price (if you opted for estimated shipping to be factored in). Keep in mind that if you are aiming for bundled purchases, it would be better to have the shipping cost broken out. This way, buyers would know how much they saved on shipping for items bought together instead of per piece.

Route 2: Post items that may only be bought with other purchases (bundle-only listings).

If there are particular items you would like to push for a bundled purchase, you may do so, and these listings will appear with the "Bundle-only" label. You may want to do these to items of a similar style or same size range. Think like a buyer. What would make sense to buy in bundles? Once a potential buyer carts an item with this label, they would need to add another item or more to make a purchase.

Your shop discount will automatically apply to these bundles unless you excluded them from the default discount because you've already set special marked-down pricing for these listings. The option to include or exclude from the shop discount is available when you edit the individual listing.

Route 3: Create a bundled listing for a specific buyer (custom bundles in response to a buyer's offer)

At some point in your Kidizen seller journey, you may encounter buyers who would offer or request bundles that include certain items of their liking.

Discuss the details with the buyer privately, and once you have agreed on a price or discount rate, create bundle listings for the specific items the buyer wants. Name the bundle after your buyer.

There's no need to re-do the listings from scratch. Simply copy-paste all the details from the existing listings (Don't forget to hide these from the rest to disable them from getting added in other potential buyers' carts.) Give the buyer a specific timeframe (e.g., 48 hours) for purchasing these custom bundled listings.

You may then delete the hidden listings once the buyer has received the items without any issues. On the contrary, if the transaction didn't push through for one reason or another, simply make these hidden listings visible again and delete the custom bundles.

Route 4: Make offers to buyers (custom bundles or adjusted shipping for interested buyers)

This is the route to go with if you want to be proactive and lend a more personalized approach to reaching out to shoppers who expressed interest in your items.

You only need to subscribe to a notification alert that would enable Kidizen to inform you every time a potential customer adds an item from your shop to their cart. You may then send a message to the buyer and offer a custom bundle for them for a special price or discounted shipping.

We hope these approaches inspire you to take action in your Kidizen shop. You may want to experiment with two or more approaches to see how each one works for you – and we hope you do get favorable results!

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