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"Increasing your Poshmark earnings can be done in so many ways and one of which is reaching a broader audience. Learn here how you can make more conversions on your online selling business by increasing your closet and listing's visibility on Poshmark."

Perhaps one of the common questions that online sellers get from other people is if earning money while staying at home is possible. Others may ask how successful sellers manage a business when all they do is stay in front of their computer in their pajamas while sipping coffee. Well, while some don't believe that it is possible to reach your goals while staying at home, seasoned online sellers know the beauty of having a business using online marketplaces. This includes earning while working at home, making sales without going out and physically swaying people to buy, and no more going out and getting stuck in traffic to operate your retail store and make a living.

With online shopping becoming more popular, selling and reaching your potential buyers can now be just a click away. That is why more and more people are using online platforms like eBay, Poshmark, and many others to make some money by selling their used items and even brand new ones. But are you curious if there is a secret to successful online selling? Do you wonder how you can turn yourself into one of those online sellers who testifies that selling using the internet can be as good or better than having a full-time day job? Well, the answer is none. There is no secret when you're selling online because, just like other industries, you have to spend time and exert effort to reach your goals. However, there are good practices that you can do to ensure that you are reaching the right audience for your listings.

This blog post will discuss the essential things you need to pay attention to if you want to succeed in your online venture and ensure that you are visible to the Poshmark community. Always remember that increased visibility equals sales equals success. Read on and find out what you can do to boost your presence and turn poshers into your buyers.

List Wisely!

Most of the new poshers don't know that one of the keys to success in Poshmark is to list items wisely. While it is simple to list items on the platform, you must know the crucial details in your listing that you need to pay attention to.

Listing Tite: Your title is the most crucial component of your listing. Not only does it serve as your first point of selling, but having a clear and well-structured title helps your item to have significant exposure to the platform feed and in search results. When creating a title, always remember to include these essential components:

  • Brand of your item
  • Category and sub-category
  • Style name
  • Market
  • Color and material used

Cover shot and item photos: It is not a secret that more potential buyers look at a listing with an attractive cover shot. That is why you should always ensure that you have catchy photos in your listings. To have well-captured photos, always ensure that you take them on a plain background using natural light to accentuate the appearance of your item and avoid any shadows.

Shopping virtually can be tricky for many because you don't personally see and feel the item you are eyeing. Also, buyers' dilemma is the chance of falling victim to deceiving descriptions. That is why, as a seller, it is your responsibility to make your buyer feel secure and that you can be a trusted seller. Always use your photos so you can set your buyer's expectations accordingly. If applicable, don't forget to include photos of the flaws to avoid future disputes.

Listing Description: Similar to your listing title, having a complete and detailed description is a plus that can help your listing appear on user searches when they type a specific keyword in the search engine. Keep in mind that online shopping is based on what sellers say about the item—giving your potential buyer all the information they need to set their expectations on the item helps them finalize their purchase decision. Remember that it is always important to disclose any flaws your item might have. This way, you create an impression that you are a trustworthy seller, and you can eventually earn repeat customers.

When creating an item description, don't leave out the information that you write in your listing title. You must also include details such as:

  • Size
  • manual measurements
  • Retail Price (if available)
  • Condition of the item (NWT or used)
  • Other descriptors that can help you persuade your potential buyer
  • You may also include where your buyer can use it (i.e., night out, party, formal events, etc.)

You may create your title and description template so you won't leave any vital detail you should always mention in your listing.

Price: Price is one of the most crucial parts of a listing. Many shoppers would look at the price first before clicking on an item as this will be their basis if they can afford your item. The trick in pricing your item is always to do a price check across many online marketplaces. While it is at your discretion as a seller how much you would like to sell your item, you must not go too far from the average prices of your competitors. And if you decide to list a price that's lower than most, make sure that it doesn't;t compromise your earnings after all Poshmark fees are taken.

Another way to help your closet become more visible is to turn on your search visibility for Google and Facebook, so Google and Facebook ads can feature your items intended for Poshmark's old or new poshers. To enable this:

  1. Go to Sharing Settings
  2. Click on Search Visibility
  3. Then, enable this feature

Stay Active

On social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, staying active is how you make your presence known. When you see their posts, you also get to know what's going on with your friends' lives. The more they post, the more you see them. You get to know what's up with them, how they are doing. You are updated when you see them often and actively present on the app. And when they're not, you have no idea where they are and what they're up to. Sometimes, you don't see their activity which makes you forget they're even on your friends' list. This goes the same when you are selling online. Keeping active and making your presence known is essential to reaching your potential buyers.

Always remember that there are hundreds of thousands of listing on the platform, and Poshmark's algorithm favors those items that are newly listed, newly shared, and liked. If you don't become consistent in making an effort to make your listings appear on the feed of your followers and other poshers, you will miss the chance of coming across the right buyer for your item. To stay in the game and ensure that your listings appear on top of other listings, you can do:

Self-share: You share items with your followers or to a party. Each time you share your listing, they appear on top of your followers' feed, so the more active your followers are when you share your item, the more eyeballs you get. On the other hand, sharing your listing to a posh party exposes you to many poshers participating in that event. You can also earn a host pick from the party hosts, which means they can highlight the item you shared at the party. Take note that you can never go wrong with self shares as this is the key to success which helps increase sales and visibility.

Community share: Another way to make your presence known is by sharing other people's listings with your followers. This can benefit you by getting followers and earning a community share from others, and it can also increase your conversions.

Relist: Many sellers relist when they have items sitting at the bottom of their closet for too long. Many sellers relist to make the items sell to replenish their inventory or get the money they invested in that item. Sometimes, they just want to get rid of the item, so they'll relist at a much lower price. Regardless, relisting is another helpful task that can make you visible in other poshers' feeds.

Aside from sharing and relisting to increase your visibility, you can also join Poshmark's promo days, wherein you offer discounted or free shipping to your potential buyers. Not only does it qualify you to win exciting prizes courtesy of Poshmark, but it also gives you a higher chance of increasing your conversion. You can participate in three types of promo days:

Closet Clear Out- This is your opportunity to boost your sales by dropping your listing prices. All you have to do is drop your prices by at least 10% from the lowest price the buyer has received for a similar item. Once you've dropped the listing price, Poshmark will send a notification to every old or new posher who has liked your item, and they will receive discounted shipping on top of the listing discount.

Make a Deal Days- This is where you can use the Offer to Likers feature to send offers to those who have shown a liking to your item. Poshers who have received a notification regarding your offer will have 24 hours to respond to your offer. Keep in mind that your offer should be at least 10% below the lowest offer a potential buyer has received for the duplicate listing in the last 90 days, and it should include a shipping discount that is deducted from your seller earnings.

Love or List Challenge- This is simply creating a new listing. More listings mean increased visibility!

Get Social, Join Groups

We all know how powerful social media platforms can get when connecting people, regardless of distance and location. That is why people have since used it to reach others who share the same interest as them, hence the tons of groups you can see on social media apps like Facebook. These people have built an online community that helps each other with whatever questions the members may have or pitch in some advice about specific topics. And because groups like these help people learn and acquire knowledge, it makes joining Facebook groups fun.

There are Facebook groups created explicitly for sellers like you to help you navigate your way to Poshmark with ease and keep yourself updated. In there, you can exchange selling tips, pitch in ideas, ask for advice when you encounter any issues with customers or the platform, and earn new followers and friends, which can help you boost your closet visibility on Poshmark.

Think Like A Buyer

It will help if you put yourself in your potential buyer's shoes as a seller. It would be best if you thought about what they would like to know or see in a listing so you'll have an idea of what you should include in your closet. Always think of the factors that may affect your sales, like the season. Always consider listing in-season items so you'll have a better chance of selling an item. For example, during winter, boots and coats are in demand. If you have these kinds of items in your closet, always share them or relist them so they can be seen by many users looking for things they can use during the cold weather.

Considering the trend is also a plus to have an insight into the most searched item on the platform. For example, is there a new Coach bag that everyone's eyeing for, or a specific style of shoes that are highly sought after? Knowing the buyers' preferences is always an advantage. You may also refer to the Trend Report released by Poshmark.

Do It With OneShop

To ensure that your Poshmark closet is active and visible as much as you can require a lot of time and effort. Many Poshmark sellers are having difficulty managing their online business due to the tedious tasks that they need to do to ensure that the Poshmark community sees their listings. Aside from guaranteeing that your available listings have enough information to appear in search engines and Google searches, performing tasks and using the seller tools on the platforms is another key to increasing sales.

If you're a Poshmark seller with lots of listings in your closet, you've probably experienced getting exhausted going through your items one by one just to do self-shares, community shares and send offers to likers manually. We know how frustrating this can be. Not only does it leave you tired, but it also robs you of time in doing other essential things to grow your business, like fixing and replenishing your inventory and shipping orders, as well as managing your personal life.

We hear you, and we understand you! That is why we have created OneShop: your intelligent software and partner that will help take some loads off your plate. This Poshmark bot can help you automate tasks to have more time in your hands to do other business and life stuff. OneShop is your ultimate all-in-one virtual assistant that can do self-shares, community shares, follows, unfollows, relist, delist, send bulk offers, cross-list, and can even give you sales analytics for free. You also don't have to worry about activity jails. This software imitates a human-like activity, so your closet won't get flagged while ensuring that your listings are visible to many potential buyers.

Furthermore, we have a helpful team of customer support that's always ready to help you with anything and a great Facebook group (OneShop Seller Community) where you can freely interact with other sellers about selling on Poshmark. We offer a 7-day free trial without a credit card needed so you can experience how it is to have a reliable bot helping you reach your goals. If you are ready to increase your closet exposure and boost your sales, all you have to do is sign up here, leave your phone number, and we'll text you the app!

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