The Best Ways to Boost Your Vinted Sales
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Generating income using multiple avenues is truly fun but challenging. For someone to succeed in any business venture, one must know all the ins and outs of the business and where you can generate more. This isn't different for online sellers. Many people nowadays are dipping their toes in online selling, hoping that they can become one of those who have success stories from selling anything using the internet.

For this very reason, the use of online marketplaces has flourished, giving everyone the chance to use multiple platforms for vending their items. Aside from offering convenience to the shoppers, it gives sellers the opportunity to sell a variety of items regardless of whether their items are pre-loved or brand new.

Surely you have heard of Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, eBay, Vinted, Grailed, and many other marketplaces out there where many shoppers flock to find the best find they could purchase. As a seller, you must know how each marketplace work and how you can boost your sales in each of them.

In this blog post, let us share the tips and tricks on how you can boost your sales using Vinted.

Build Your Profile and Get Noticed!

Your profile as a seller has an impact on your potential buyers. On Vinted, a catchy profile with information that describes you and your style is visible to all users. Presenting yourself in your profile lets you build trust amongst other community members.

It is also nice to have your Vinted account verified by linking your Google and/or Facebook accounts. Being a verified member on Vinted helps you boost sales and speed up purchases. To do this:

  1. Go to "My Settings" under your profile
  2. Click "Profile details."
  3. Click the "Link" button close to Facebook/Google and follow the steps.

Aside from building a trustworthy profile, you can also keep your account active to catch your potential buyers' attention. You can:

  • List items regularly. It can earn you more followers who get notified when you upload new listings.
  • Use Item Bump and Closet Spotlight to increase your listing's visibility, ultimately increasing your sales.
  • Make offers to your buyers.
  • Reduce your item price. Followers and likers of your items get notified when you do this.

What is an Item Bump?

Aside from building your profile that will get you noticed by other platform users, a feature like Item Bump can give you an advantage over other sellers that sells the same item.

Bumping an item translates to boosting the exposure of your listings to more platform users literally. Meaning the more you bump an item, the more visible it gets to potential buyers.

Item Bump on Vinted is a paid feature that sellers like you can purchase for three calendar days or seven calendar days. It is a single-use automated feature exclusive to one item and is not transferable between members.

Item Bump lets your items become more visible on the newsfeed, other members' catalog search results, and to a more targetted audience who has an interest in specific details of items such as clothing type, sizes, and the brands they follow. It also allows you to see the number of people who looked at and interacted with your item.

When you avail an Item Bump, your listing is boosted once a day for the period you purchased (three or seven days)or until the item is sold – whichever comes first.

But how much is an Item Bump, you ask? There is no standard fee for all items. After choosing the Bump duration, you will see the applicable fee before completing your Bump order. Take note that Vinted may change the amount of the Item Bump Fee if you change the item's price even after purchasing the bump service.

To avail of the Item Bump service for your listing:

  1. Go to your profile and choose the item you want to bump.
  2. Press the Bump button below an item or press the 'Bump Your Items' to choose more than one listing you'd like to buy bumps for​.
  3. You can press the + sign if you want to add more listings
  4. Click on the 'Review Order' to see the checkout screen
  5. You can add your Vinted Wallet or credit card as your payment method.

Note: When you bump an item that is not compliant with Vinted catalog rules, Vinted can remove your listing, and they won't refund you for the bump fee.

Revamp Your Items

Revamping your items is another powerful way to boost your sales. Refreshing your listing can give them another chance to be noticed by potential buyers, ultimately resulting in conversions. Here are some effective ways to revamp your listing:

  • Upload informative photos. Great listing photos are undeniably one of the influential selling points of any item for sale. If you have a stale listing, you might want to consider updating the photos to higher-quality ones to help attract potential buyers so you can sell more quickly. Here's what you can do:

    • Your first photos should display the full view of the item. Avoid displaying a collage in the first photos.
    • Make sure to upload three or more photos if you are selling an item from a well-known brand. This will let you showcase its authenticity and make your listing more attractive to buyers.
    • Never grab pictures from others or the internet. Always ensure to use your own photos. This way, you can show the actual condition of your item and avoid any copyright issues.
    • Always opt for natural light when taking pictures of your item. Avoid using filters or flash so you can show the true color of the item.
    • Showing different angles matters. Ensure to show varying angles so buyers can fully visualize your item.
    • Don't forget to highlight important features of your item. Upload a close-up photo of your item that is often unnoticed in other pictures, such as the logo, care label, stitching, and other similar details.
    • Be honest and transparent and show your item's defects in the photos if there are any. Aside from impacting your character as a seller, this will also save you from having disappointed buyers and item returns.
  • Get descriptive. Title and descriptions are essential to get your potential buyer's attention. So, when you revamp your listing, make sure to use the best words to describe your item to make an impact on your potential buyer's purchase decision.

    • For listing titles, always Include specific details such as the brand, color, type, or unique features. You must also avoid using words that don't make your item stand out from other sellers with the same item.
    • For descriptions, you must include the important details of your item. Ensure they are accurate so you can help your buyers visualize and decide if the item is for them. Always include details such as the item's measurements, the material used, and any alterations. Also, you must indicate any missing labels or other parts, especially if there are any flaws like tears or rips, scratches, marks, stains, spots, holes, creases, stretching, or washed color.
  • Set up a discount Shoppers love discounts. This is why buyers often flock when there are promotions. It goes the same for when you offer a discount in your closet. On Vinted, sellers like you can set up a discount for buyers who buy items in bundles. The bigger the discount you give, the more they are encouraged to buy more than one item. To set a discount in your closet:

    1. Click on your profile icon.
    2. Click on the Settings
    3. On the drop-down menu, click 'Select Discount.'
    4. Indicate the discount you prefer to offer to your buyers

Take note that before you set a discount, ensure that you have factored in all your fees and profit, so you won't compromise your earnings after the discount.

Closet Spotlight

Another helpful service that Vinted offer is the Closet Spotlight. Similar to Item Bump, this feature is also a paid single-use automated service that cannot be transferable to other Vinted members.

To use this feature, you must have at least five items in your closet. Take note that, unlike Item Bump, Closet Spotlight automatically selects the items that get more visible.

By having a Closet Spotlight, you get the following benefits:

  • There will be a significant increase in your items' visibility. For one week, your followers will see five items from your closet. Two of which match the members' item feed/newsfeed preferences and their catalog filters, and the other three items are those that are most favorite in your closet. In addition to this, it allows Vinted users to have easy one-click access to your whole closet to see the rest of your items.
  • It lets you reach the right members. Closet Spotlight makes your items visible to those with preferences similar to your item. The criteria include clothing type, sizes, and brands users follow.
  • It helps you increase the number of your followers. With the Follow button on Closet Spotlight, users can easily follow you, receiving notifications every time you list new items. This means the more followers you have, the more chances you have to sell.
  • You can see weekly statistics that show you the number of Vinted users who see and interact with your listings. This includes how many clicks, followers, and users favorited your items.

To buy Closet Spotlight for your items:

  1. Go to your profile icon
  2. Click View my profile
  3. Click 'Spotlight Your Closet' to confirm your order

When you opt to avail of the Closet Spotlight feature, you will have to pay a fee of $6.95. Note that there can be applicable sales tax which you can see at the checkout. To avoid wasting your 7-day subscription to Closet Spotlight, ensure that you do not violate Vinted's Catalog Rules and Terms and Conditions.

Take note that Vinted will not refund you for the following:

  • If an item is taken down or removed due to non-compliance to the platform's Catalog Rules and/or Terms and Conditions, which may cause you to have fewer than five items in your closet.
  • If your profile gets blocked due to violations, all the listings in your closet get removed.

Selling on Vinted is a profitable venture, just like other marketplaces. To boost your sales, you can apply these tips to ensure that you are maximizing your opportunity to earn more while at the comforts of your home.

If you are also selling on Poshmark, Mercari, and Depop (and more soon!), automation software like OneShop can help you do more without juggling multiple marketplaces in your hands. OneShop offers activity automation and cross-listing to give sellers like you extra time in managing other things that can help you grow your business instead of babysitting your closets 24/7. Head over to to learn more!

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