Spooky Season: How You Can Sell and Earn More in Halloween
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When it comes to online selling, sourcing inventory is the first and crucial step to closing sales. What you decide to sell determines how fast and how much you earn. Variety matters in e-commerce. When demand requires it, your shop should be there to meet it.

Aside from having different categories of items, you should also hop on trends and holidays. Halloween is among the most popular seasons celebrated. As autumn starts, so do the search for spooky outfits and costumes. You start to see decor and objects referencing horror films and content everywhere you go. This is when you come in with Halloween-inspired items or fall collections to sell in your marketplace. Be it clothes, accessories, shoes, or props, prepare your inventory and listings for Halloween. But what is the best way to do this? How will you know which items are appropriate for the season?

Hop on the season

Celebrations and holidays are crucial for online sellers. Although you may think selling what you want is enough, paying attention to what is happening around you can attract customers. Relevance is key. When you participate in seasonal events, you are keeping your online closet relevant. You are also meeting the demand of customers who don't want to fall behind trends.

When you adopt season-relevant items, the demand makes it possible for you to close sales faster. Here are the notable advantages:

  • High Demand

    When there are special occasions, holidays, and events, many go to great lengths to celebrate. For example, October is commonly associated with Halloween. From costumes to decor for homes, offices, and businesses, horror-related elements are in high demand.

  • Bundles and Discounts

    Given there is high demand for Halloween-related items, you have the option to sell some together and bundle. Not only will you decrease packaging and shipping costs, but you will also quickly sell these items.If you have numerous items in the inventory, bundling helps in clearing them out. You would have extra room for new items.

    When you sell bundles, you can also offer them at a discounted rate. Customers love to get discounts. Once they see slashed prices on your listings, you will surely attract more buyers.

  • Increased Shop Views

    Once buyers see items related to the one they are looking at in your shop, they will likely stay and browse in your shop longer. This helps your account views, affecting your search engine optimization (SEO). SEO matters as it assists in driving traffic to your page.

Tips for selling Halloween items

In 2021, Americans spent around $10 billion on Halloween costumes and decorations. People are keen on going all out for this holiday. This is why you should take advantage of the consumers' behavior during this time. Take a look at this list of items that sell well every Halloween.

  • Costumes

    When sourcing clothes and accessories, make sure to have a mix of common and unique items. This means looking for staples like costumes for witches, ghosts, and clowns. But when it comes to unique costumes, try searching for characters from movies, books, and video games. These include Frankenstein's monster, Pennywise, Freddy Kruger, etc.

    Potential buyers who see you offer something unique will likely flock to your account. They may make inquiries and close sales. The rarer finds you have, the more people will purchase them.

  • Decorations

    A similar mindset while sourcing Halloween items applies to decor. Look for both Halloween-themed and Fall-themed items. When buyers are searching for Halloween decor, they are often interested in general Fall decor as well.

An effective way to sell fast

While selling trendy items can help you sell fast, automating the tedious tasks necessary to succeed can boost your sales even more. OneShop is a service app that lets you sell with convenience.

The app has a website version as well. It has many great features, like cross-listing, which gives you exposure to other e-commerce platforms. These include Poshmark, Depop, Mercari, and eBay. The more you cross-list your items, the more thousands of buyers from other sites see your items. You will quickly clear out your inventory, as your in-demand items will sell well.

You also need not worry about accidentally selling the same item twice. OneShop automatically delists an item for you once you have already sold it.

As you will be selling in-demand items, you are likely to manage multiple tasks at the same time. Thankfully, OneShop allows you to “Schedule Listings.” You fill out a form and set a date for publishing your listing. The Listing Form is also streamlined, so site-specific fields like category, price, and shipping are grouped. This makes it faster to fill in as other additional information is located in the latter half.

OneShop has other great features you can take advantage of. It has a 7-day free trial, so there is no need to pay for a subscription. Yet once you experience how easy it is to manage your business, you will surely start using OneShop to grow your shop.

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