Poshmark Host Picks: Strategies to Stand Out and Get Chosen
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Getting your listings featured as Host Picks attracts more potential buyers and boosts your closet’s visibility. Take advantage of this free exposure with our easy tips.

As a social marketplace that thrives on high engagement within its community members, Poshmark is known for its fun events that encourage such interaction. Poshmark Parties, for instance, are virtual gatherings that connect not just sellers and buyers, but also sellers with fellow sellers.

Three Posh Parties are held on specific hours daily. Each one has its own theme or target market. There’s a Category Party (e.g., for women, men, or kids), a Department Party (e.g., dresses or shirts or handbags), a Style Party (e.g., “date night looks” or “streetwear”), or even a Brand Party (featuring specific labels like Kate Spade, Lululemon, or Michael Kors).

Every Posh Party is manned by at least one Poshmark Party Host who’s in charge of curating several items that fit a certain party. A host pick may come from the host’s own closet, mixed with listings from other Poshers. This is where sellers could pitch their items for consideration as Party Host Picks.

A host usually receives a whole lot of requests to check out listings to include in the party, so it’s safe to say that only one or two from the items you pitched would make it to the selection if ever. Even so, it’s still worth giving a shot because:

  • Poshers with a more serious intention to purchase, or active buyers, flock to these parties. Having a specific theme allows the Posh Parties to have a targeted audience browsing real-time as the current party progresses. The picks are visible to everyone joining the virtual party, and your items may be seen on top of the party page.

  • The listings will remain in the main showroom for a little longer after the host’s party has ended. This means new batches of potential buyers would get to see your featured item if it hasn’t already sold at this point.

  • Even if only one of your items gets chosen as a host pick, you still win because you make your closet more discoverable by new Poshers. The main goal is of course to make a sale during the Posh Party, but if that doesn’t happen, at least you get new followers and new shares!

Ready to campaign your listings as host picks? Consider these pointers:

  1. Be an upstanding Posher. This is a no-brainer for Poshmark Ambassadors who have already hosted Posh Parties in the past. It is only logical that a Party Host features items from closets of Poshers who have a good standing with the community because they wouldn’t want to inadvertently promote sellers who break Poshmark rules, such as selling unsupported items or have a poor average ship time and average rating and less-than-stellar feedbacks. But even if you’re not a Poshmark Ambassador yet, you should be someone already confident with your credibility as a seller. For instance, make sure your profile picture is clear and pleasant and that your statistics (total shares, community shares, follows, and available listings) also look good. Be visible and active in the Poshmark community on Facebook. Simply put, you should be a seller any Party Host would want to be associated with!
  2. Identify the Ideal Party. As previously mentioned, there are different kinds of Posh Parties happening every day. Poshmark usually releases in advance the themes for the upcoming week along with the assigned hosts, so do your homework and determine the actual theme or party where your items would best fit in. Once you’ve identified it, get in touch with only one host per party. In the beginning, you may want to penetrate only a handful of parties per week until you get the hang of it and find out for yourself which tactics work for you.
  3. Respect the Party Host’s Guidelines. The party hosts would usually post their announcements about the party days before the event. The criteria for curating host picks are usually standard (e.g., must come from compliant closets), but of course additional criteria may be set by the party host (e.g., Poshers who share items from her closet will have good chances of getting host picks.). Be sure to read up and follow their guidelines.

    Some hosts prefer to choose and share listings during the event itself, while some prefer to come prepared with preselected picks so that they only need to share them with the party participants. Some love to do a combination of spontaneous picks and preselected finds. They may or may not disclose their strategy in the guidelines.

  4. Prep your listings. Once you’ve identified which listings you would like to pitch as host picks, ensure that these come with good listing photos and complete, enticing descriptions. You’d want to impress the host picks enough to pre-select these items before the event (or keep them in mind for sharing on the event itself.)
  5. Be on the Party Host’s good side. Share as many of her listings as possible to stand out, and follow her closet if you haven’t already. Then send a message or leave a comment congratulating her for the hosting gig and inviting her to check out your closet. You may also tag her on the items you’re pitching – but don’t attempt to do this if she explicitly mentioned in her guidelines that she’s not open to this particular tactic. Mind your manners at all times. Be friendly but never pushy. And if any of your pitched listings make the host’s cut, remember to thank her!

Every successful seller on the Poshmark platform knows that commitment and hard work are necessary to shine and scale up. You would need to invest time and effort in sourcing good quality inventory; coming up with pricing and discount strategy; being on top of your messages and notifications so you’re not missing any great offers or disputes that need to be promptly settled; and yes, even doing the above-mentioned tips to get your items featured as host picks.

The good news though is that there are important aspects that could simply be automated by OneShop, such as hitting the share button one too many times (to promote both your items and other people’s listings) and growing your followings. Begin to stop wasting time on these tasks with our free 7-day trial now.

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