Poshmark Hashtags: The hacks to make your closet discoverable and attract new buyers.
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"Level up your social media game with the best hashtags – plus how and when to use them – to help you grow your Poshmark business."

We're all familiar with these un-spaced keywords ushered by the # symbol in posts on social networks. You may have used hashtags in the captions of your outfit-of-the-day shots or clicked on them to discover other users' posts. It's one of the easiest ways to gain exposure to whatever you wish to share with others outside your followers' list.

Hashtags may not work on #Poshmark (the search bar and style tags do their job well here), but it doesn't mean they are completely irrelevant in your life as a Poshmark seller. After all, your promotion should not be limited to self-shares and community shares on the Poshmark platform itself to attract potential buyers. It would be a pity not to leverage the popularity and the exposure provided by the likes of Instagram and Twitter to tap and grow your target audience – with a little help from hashtags.

Before you get excited and copy-paste an entire paragraph of popular hashtags or concoct your hashtags, here are some key points to consider to make your hashtag strategy work well for your business.

Create a separate social media account for your business

While some would be fine with mixing personal with the professional side of things, it's better to draw boundaries and make a distinct social identity for promoting your Poshmark closet. This way, you won't have to worry about potential customers discovering your hashtag, browsing your profile, then judging your screwball posts.

You don't have to make a separate account on every social media platform; just pick one or two that you're most comfortable using, have a wide reach, and where you feel you can sustain a regular schedule of posting. Instagram is a good place to start. If you're into creating videos, having a YouTube channel or even a TikTok video account for your Poshmark-related content would be great too. Whatever you choose, make sure to set this account to Public! Otherwise, your posts would be undiscoverable, and all your hashtag efforts would go to waste.

In creating these new accounts, infuse them with the branding elements of your Poshmark account. Use the same username or handle (lucky you if it's not yet taken!) and profile photo or logo (if you have one). In the bio, don't forget to put the link to your Poshmark closet. You may also create a unique hashtag for special listings that you'd like to push (e.g., "#PosherPennysNewDrops) that a potential buyer can click on and discover without going to your individual Instagram posts.

Incorporate the official #Poshmark Hashtags

Poshmark has an active Instagram account where they encourage engagement with Poshers using their official hashtags. This includes #MeetthePosher, where a Poshmark user can introduce herself to the community, and #ThePoshLife, where they can share snippets of their daily lives as a Posher and spark inspiration among their fellow sellers with a motivating quote or information. You may check out the complete list of hashtags endorsed by Poshmark here for your Instagram post.

Apart from these official brand hashtags, you may also want to explore a hashtag generator tool to see the top hashtags related to Poshmark, according to an algorithm. You don't want to go overboard with the hashtags in your posts. Just be sure to include the applicable Poshmark hashtags and some related hashtags based on the tool.

Use hashtags to network and socialize

Hashtags are also another way to connect with new Poshers and widen your circle of PFFs. For example, after checking out the posts under #MeetthePosher, hit the "Follow" button of the ones with who you feel like you'd most likely be friends in real life. Important Poshmark events like #PoshFest are also amplified with hashtags. Poshers are encouraged to share their posts for a chance to be featured on the official Poshmark account's feed or Instagram Stories. Now, these efforts may not directly translate to a sale. However, these still help build your reputation in the Posh community (brownie points if you're gunning for a Posh Ambassador status) – plus the friendships you will be forming along the way would be worth it.

Use Hashtags to Participate and Make an Impact

Poshmark also uses hashtags in launching challenges and contests, which gives you the chancer to participate. Last year, there was a #PoshmarkGivesBack challenge on TikTok wherein Poshmark donated $1 to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. There are also holiday giveaways and occasional contests that would be fun to join in!

Scaling your reselling business up in online marketplaces like Poshmark and Mercari involves an investment of time to grow your number of followers, boost shares, and all the nitty-gritty that goes into promoting your closet. This also includes keeping abreast of the social media trend and tricks such as hashtags to incorporate those with your promotional strategy. OneShop is perfect in this case, as it takes the time-consuming aspects of running your business so you can focus more on your inventory, customer service, and research and strategy. Sign up for our free trial today to experience the difference!

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