Grailed Vacation Mode: Put your shipping activities on hold while continuously making sales
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Sellers need a break from time to time. However, some may be hesitant to do so for fear of experiencing a sales dip or dealing with the hassles of coordinating shipping with someone back home.

Grailed understands this pain point well enough to come up with the Vacation Mode feature. When this is turned on, the listings of a seller on vacation will remain visible on the site as usual. The only difference is that potential buyers are informed beforehand that the items will only be available for shipping on a certain day, the end date you specified while setting up your Vacation Mode period.

Sellers need to take advantage of this feature for their peace of mind while they’re away. The pressure to cut the trip short to prepare the items for shipping is taken off their shoulders. Even if you merely have to delegate this task to someone else at home, it is still an inconvenience you’d rather not deal with while supposedly on vacation to relax.

Now, it is up to you if you still want to check your Grailed account as usual and communicate with your buyers. Vacation Mode allows you to use the platform as you normally would, except for the shipping of your sold items.

It is best to go on Grailed Vacation Mode when you’re away and know that you won’t be able to fulfill your shipping responsibilities as usual. First, you still get to earn. Second, buyers’ expectations regarding standard shipping turnaround times are managed with no consequences to you.

In using this feature, there’s one important thing sellers need to keep in mind: Set an appropriate end date within 90 days. This is not necessarily the day you come home from your vacation, but rather the day you know for sure you can take on your shipping duties. You need to be able to perform your Grailed seller responsibilities as expected.

How do I activate Vacation Mode on Grailed?

To turn this feature on, find the Vacation Mode section located just under your profile (if using the web version) or under the Sell Tab (if using the mobile version). Note that this cannot be pre-scheduled and set before the actual day of your break. Remember to activate this feature on the Day 1 of your vacation.

You’ll be asked to identify your end date. It is worth repeating that you need to be careful in picking an end date within 90 days. On your end date, the automated Vacation Mode notifications to buyers made on your behalf will stop, and you must dispatch the items sold while you’re away immediately.

Note that Vacation Mode will technically expire at 12:00 AM based on the time zone where you turned it on. It’s best to set your end date the following day or a few days after you arrive from an actual vacation and have settled back to your usual routine to be on the safe side and take the confusion out of the equation.

Other important notes:

  • You may end your Vacation Mode prematurely by turning it off manually on your Seller Dashboard. Your original end date will be automatically canceled.
  • You may not extend your Vacation Mode beyond your set end date. If no sale had been made during your break, you could simply start a new Vacation Mode period once the previous one ended. Otherwise, you need to communicate directly with your buyers to let them know your situation. Depending on their response, you can either ship the items at a later date (based on your new end date) or refund them immediately.

How do sales work while I’m on Vacation Mode?

Since your listings are shown on the platform, you will still be able to receive offers. Before sending these offers, the potential buyers are made aware of the fact that the seller is on vacation, and items will be ready for shipping until a certain date.

Once you accept an offer, you agree to ship the items out to the buyers as soon as possible after your Grailed Vacation Mode expires.

Aside from allowing sellers to make a sale even if they’re away, Vacation Mode also ensures that the key performance indicators won’t get affected when sellers may not have the time or means to communicate with buyers and perform their usual tasks. These indicators include the Speedy Shipper badge and Responder badge.

If you’re selling on other online marketplaces other than Grailed, they may also have a feature similar to Vacation Mode that you can activate to keep your sales flowing.

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