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Grailed is a peer-to-peer community marketplace and one of the largest online marketplaces to buy and sell menswear—sporting a wide range of high-quality men's streetwear and designer pieces from brands that consumers can't get enough of. And like many other online marketplaces, each has its policies on shipping, and here's what you need to know and more on how to ship your goods on Grailed.

How does shipping on Grailed work?

Shipping is not a complicated process to get the hang of, but it does require a lot of work and efficiency in getting your parcels out to meet the buyer's expectations. And with Grailed, this is how the shipping works:

1. Selecting a carrier - to save on fees, it pays to do your research when selecting your carrier. Your national/local courier offers the cheapest and often is the easiest shipping option to go for.

2. Get a shipping label - If you're located in the US, Canada, or the UK, you can print your label directly from your home through PayPal or have your post office create the label to save time and money.

Using Paypal: Once you have your sold item ready to ship, you have to go to your sold items and click on "Create a shipping label" or login to your Paypal account to locate the transaction and print the label accordingly.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your PayPal account and find your recent sale.
  2. When you print a shipping label through PayPal, the tracking will automatically be associated with that transaction by clicking on the "Ship link."

3. Grailed Labels - These are a pre-made shipping label service available to any US-based seller shipping an item within 50 states of the US and Puerto Rico.

4. Get packaging (flat-rate use envelopes) - Most smaller items that need to be shipped can be accommodated using a flat-rate envelope. This option is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to ship, especially if you're in the US. And aside from this, one of the staple packaging go-to's are paperboard boxes since it's lightweight and sturdy, so you can manipulate them to create custom shapes and structures to protect your items best. Corrugated boxes also do the trick nicely, and it consists of 3 layers of paper, an outer liner, and an inside liner. And a corrugated medium (fluting). And last but certainly not the least is a polybag, best known as a pouch or plastic bag. It can carry a wide range of products from food items, flowers, magazines, etc. They are essentially lightweight, reusable, and flexible, making them a favorite by many.

5. Add tracking number - part of providing good customer service to your buyers is to keep them informed about their packages through message and always add the tracking on Grailed so the platform can release your funds on time through PayPal.

Shipping Policy

The Grailed shipping policy is simple. Sellers should add tracking within seven days after they close a sale, or else Grailed will automatically cancel the sale and refund the buyer.

According to the platform, over 95% of Grailed sellers already add tracking information to their sales within seven days. However, they want to enforce this policy and give this leeway to all sellers as it coincides with most buyers' expectations on the time frame they expect their purchases to be shipped out. Note that this number of days is considerably generous as other marketplaces require their sellers to ship out the packages within 72 hours.

Understandably, it can be overwhelming for sellers like you to track all your sales at once. Good thing Grailed makes it easier with clear indications so you can avoid missing out on providing the tracking information required on time. Aside from having a clearly visible mark on your listing that needs tracking, you can also see a live countdown clock located within your message thread with your buyers. And to ensure that you won't miss any sale, Grailed will send automated reminders to you so you can add shipping three days and one day before they refund the buyer.

In the event that you can't ship the item within the given seven-day period, it is advised that you reach out to the purchaser and establish a mutual shipping extension agreement. By doing so, buyers can grant you an extension for up to 21 days so that the sale won't be canceled or refunded. However, it is important to note that buyers are not obliged to do this.

If any issues arise, you may contact Grailed directly to ask for assistance.

Note: The Grailed refund process includes a thorough review of all messaging between you and the buyer. It does not provide auto-refunds if an alternative shipping arrangement has been made.

How to ship using alternative shipping

For those who haven't tried alternative shipping on Grailed, here's the lowdown on how you can go about it.

  1. Prepare your sold orders by packaging them properly beforehand.
  2. Pay for and print your shipping labels straight from PayPal directly from your home.
  3. Book a pickup with your local courier or take it to the post office in the US (USPS offers free home pickup)

How do sellers get paid?

Sellers get paid on Grailed via PayPal when you upload the tracking information to these platforms. The tracking information must be uploaded directly to Grailed and PayPal for the fund to be released after the delivery is complete.

Benefits For Sellers

Grailed partnering directly with PayPal for their payment system can benefit sellers. Some of the benefits of this partnership are the following:

  • It gives sellers more security.

    This new payment method allows sellers to see the cases or disputes that a buyer has initiated and the reasons for those claims, including their current status. The improved technology also enables Grailed to suspend a buyer's payment processing before it reaches the seller if they suspect the buyer of being potentially fraudulent.

    In addition to this, the increased claim transparency and the ability to freeze payments helps improve the platform's capacity to combat chargeback and credit card fraud, which helps protect new and existing sellers.

  • Future Advantages

    Grailed has other advantages of the new system that will be available soon to allow customers to pay for your listings using PayPal Credit during the checkout process, resulting in more sales and a streamlined revenue process.

Grow your Business with OneShop

Taking care of your sold items and shipping them on time to ensure that you are compliant with the shipment policy of Grailed requires time and effort. This is why you must have extra time to do all these while ensuring that your business is active and reaches more buyers across multiple marketplaces.

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