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Grailed prides itself on having team members and a community of sellers and buyers that uphold the high standards established by the platform. However, as no marketplace is perfect, there are instances when buyers need to be duly refunded, or sellers need to recover the amount lost from false claims.

In these cases, Grailed Money Back Guarantee will protect either the buyer or the seller, depending on the circumstances. This article will focus on how Grailed protects its sellers and what must be done to make sure they stay protected in every transaction.

Here are three common scenarios why sellers need the Seller Protection:

  • The item you shipped out did not reach the buyer.
  • The received item allegedly doesn’t match the listing description.
  • The buyer files a refund claim for the item received.

Sellers and buyers may resolve these cases among themselves amicably, with the refund going to the aggrieved party. Otherwise, Grailed’s support team will review the cases thoroughly before coming up with a resolution. They will look at the case’s eligibility, which we will discuss in detail below.

How to be eligible for seller protection on Grailed

First, you must ensure that the transaction was done entirely on the Grailed platform, including payment. This covers payments made using PayPal checkout.

What is not covered are sales with offsite transactions involved – either using other platforms or through arranged meetups. Always be wary of potential buyers luring you to continue your transaction elsewhere. You can help keep Grailed safe by reporting these users.

Second, make sure that the item was shipped to a valid address and that you have active tracking information on hand. If the item is worth at least $750 (total price including taxes and shipping), sellers are required to request signature confirmation upon delivery for added security.

It is necessary to provide PayPal with the tracking information to be covered by their seller protection program for PayPal payments. Remember to enter these essential details into the system so that you may be reimbursed if needed. Be prepared to support your claim with as many clear, convincing pieces of evidence as you can gather. If you feel that PayPal has not decidedly fairly on your case, you may reach out to the Grailed support team for assistance.

Third, you must report the issue or file a claim against the buyer no more than 180 days after you made the sale. Do it as soon as you have gathered the evidence you need. Also, to stay on top of the issue, always check for Grailed or PayPal messages and reply promptly. Sometimes, these may land in your spam folder, so be sure to check that.

Upholding the Zero-Fraud Policy on Grailed

Aside from its Money-Back Guarantee, Grailed protects sellers and buyers through its Zero-Fraud Policy. Since Grailed is known for mostly designer labels, high-end brands, and limited-edition pieces, they strictly and regularly check the platform for any counterfeits or stolen product photos posted by scammer sellers.

Legitimate sellers benefit from this policy because their listing photos and descriptions are protected from theft. The vigilant marketplace monitoring ensures that the competition is limited only to real sellers; scammers and shady sellers are weeded out. Grailed also bans buyers with repeated suspicious behavior, which minimizes your risk of transacting with bogus buyers.

It is important to know your rights as a seller and how the marketplace you engage with can protect you in unfortunate cases. Seller protection may vary from one platform to another, so be sure to check the policy of each one if you sell in places other than Grailed.

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