Grailed photo tips: Guidelines and checklist to follow for successful listings
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Grailed sets itself apart from other community marketplaces for its selection of mostly high-end brands and designer pieces. This elite branding is evident in their website's clean aesthetics and the photo quality of the listed items on their platform.

Maintaining a uniform look and feel for the photos reinforces Grailed's branding. But more importantly, requiring sellers to provide specific photos helps establish Grailed's reputation as a legitimate, reliable source of new or used premium clothing, shoes, and accessories and helps boost the sellers' trustworthiness as well.

To ensure that the photos uploaded by the sellers meet their specifications, moderators check the listings and may request additional photos or, better, clearer shots. Knowing the requirements beforehand will save you and the moderators time and effort. Below is a cheat sheet to help you get it right every time you list.

But before we get into the specifics, remember the main factors that affect the quality of your photo. These factors are applicable not just on Grailed but on other platforms, too.

  • Camera. A professional camera is ideal, but since not everyone has one, make do with your phone camera and optimize the quality with good lighting and a clean background.
  • Lighting. Natural, ambient lighting doesn't cost anything, but it can make your items look like a million bucks. Make sure to hold your product shoot in the daytime and do it with an open window or door nearby. Relying on sunlight instead of an artificial source (e.g., flash function or any lighting fixture) puts your items in a better light and will not leave an unflattering shadow or weird cast. The natural color and grain or fabric will be more visible, giving potential buyers an honest view of your items.
  • Background. There's no need to set up a studio area for this. All you need is a blank white or neutral-colored wall with a hook to hang the article of clothing you're listing. If you're listing small items, take photos of them on a clean, uncluttered table or floor.

When these factors are present, it would be much easier to achieve the bright, clear, neat images required by Grailed. Do light photo enhancements if you need to make the images sharper, but don't overdo it. You would want the photos to be as accurate a representation as possible of the actual items.


Now that you've set the stage for taking great shots, make sure you cover these photo requirements:

  • At least three photos. Include at least three photos of the items showing different angles, highlighting details (refer to the examples below), and revealing any imperfections.
  • Brand tag. Take a photo of the brand or designer label on the tag (neck, sleeve, or other areas).
  • Wash or care tag. Also, include a clear close-up photo of the tag or tags bearing the instructions for washing and caring for the item.
  • Branding details. Features distinct to the brand or designer label can be seen on the hardware (e.g., buttons, zippers, buckles) or details such as a stamp, a badge, or a patch that bears the logo. Take clear close-up shots of these.
  • Proof of authenticity. A luxury item usually comes with a serial number to establish it as a genuine article – include a clear close-up shot of it as well. Suppose you want your item to be authenticated by Grailed. In that case, you will have to provide them with the receipt of the item upon its purchase or any legal documentation that proves the genuineness of the item you would like to be authenticated and listed.
  • Additional shots for sneakers listings. If you're selling sneakers, be prepared to take more photos. Doing so helps capture details such as the sneaker tongue (both front and the back where the labels are), insole and outsole (inner and bottom soles of sneakers), shoelaces (taken from above, laces in place), a shoebox (it is a must to include a photo of the manufacturer's label). Don't forget to check and take a photo of the insole for any tags you might have missed and include them in the photos.
  • Tagged photo. Grailed is very particular about including tagged photos in the listings, especially if it's of high value. This is an added layer of protective measure to ensure that the item is yours and you have it on hand to ship (as opposed to being stolen photos from another seller or website). This gives potential buyers the confidence to do business with you.

    To produce a Grailed tagged photo, simply write down your Grailed username on paper. Below it, write the current date and then the word "Grailed. Place this piece of paper beside the item you're listing and take a photo of it.

These photo requirements may seem intimidating at first; hence you need a checklist to guide you. The goal is to submit complete and high-quality photos so you won't have to spend additional time and effort to re-shoot and re-submit the images.

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