Grailed Seller Guide: 4 Effective Ways to Actively Grow Your Followers
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Grailed is the marketplace for high quality menswear and womenswear and your follower count matters. The more you have, the more you establish your reputation around.

Sellers must prove that their items are high quality and precisely what they claim to be as Grailed has high standards for their sellers.

The more positive feedback and rating buyers give you, the more chances you have of them following you. When other users see how pristine your account is, they will trust you. But how exactly do you grow your followers? How essential is this to closing more sales?

Curating Grailed followers

The platform introduced an update in its “My Feed” section. This works the same way that social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram do. People choose who to follow based on their tastes and preferences.

On Grailed, users select which sellers to follow, depending on their style. For instance, an enthusiast of the Gucci brand may only follow sellers selling such designer pieces. After all, this user only wants to purchase and add items to their Gucci collection.

While this may seem like a negative move, it is helpful as you are now only associated with users and the categories you sell and engage in. For your followers, they get to see more of your active listings. They no longer have to come across sellers or accounts whose tastes or styles don't align with theirs.

Tips to Grow Your Following

Growing your number of followers organically can be challenging. This takes time and effort, but it is worth it. Below are some effective ways you can do it.

  • Take high-quality photos

    If you sell mostly designer items, taking clear and detailed photos of items is essential. Grailed's authentication team needs these images to verify your items. When these are certified, potential buyers are more confident and are likely to purchase from you.

    First, ensure the photos are not blurry and/or dark. The crisper and clearer it is, the better. Place the items against a plain background as well to place the focus there and not on the unnecessary objects behind it.

    Second, capture important details such as the brand tag or logo, the stamp or badge (for accessories), wash tag, tongue and outsoles (for shoes), and branding found on the underside of zippers and buttons. These help in verifying the legitimacy of the branded item you are selling.

    Third, take close-ups. Be it the embroidery, the fabric or materials used, the embellishments, and other details providing information on the item's condition. The more images you provide, the more the potential buyer can assess whether or not to purchase.

    Ensure you take photos should there be a tear, a scratch, a dent, or other flaws on the item. When you are upfront about this, the customer is most likely to trust you because you are being honest.

  • Create comprehensive descriptions

    Titles can make or break a sale. Aside from the photos, these are what capture a user's attention first. Don't bother with writing unique titles. Be straightforward - title it using the item's brand, model, and color.

    When it comes to descriptions, be as detailed and accurate as possible. Indicate the size, model or type, embellishments and the condition. Be transparent so potential clients know what exactly they will get once they purchase the product.

    Maximize the use of Listing Tags. These act like hashtags that help your listing reach more users as they search through categories. For example, if you are selling a vintage Tom Ford x Gucci belted bandage shirt, use tags like #TomFord, #Vintage, #Gucci, and #shirt.

    The more accurate your tags are, the more your listing appears on relevant searches. Never bombard your description with more than 10 Listing Tags. Creating such when they are unrelated to your item will tag your listing as “spam.”

  • Price your items right

    Research the original value of the item as well as its price on the current market. This helps you gauge how much to tag your item. But for you to gain confidence, you can always look it up on Grailed's “Sold Listings Feed.”

    This part of the website shows you all the listings that have been purchased. You can cross-check your product with other sellers' to know its worth. Doing so assists you in evaluating whether to increase or decrease the price you initially want for your item.

  • Send offers

    Buyers negotiate the price all the time for the chance of securing a cheap purchase. This is why you must consider doing “special offers” or “promos.”

    This involves reducing prices on certain listings and promoting them on the feed. It is entirely up to you how much you will discount. But make sure you are still getting a return on your investment.

Growing the business

Following these tips takes effort and if you are reselling as a sideline, then managing your time is a challenge. Consider using automation tools like OneShop to help you. This service app primarily cross-lists and delists your listings automatically. The two features help grow your followers as it increases your visibility. Thousands of potential customers from other online marketplaces can come across your listings.

Imagine your exposure when you crosslist to top e-commerce sites and apps like Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, Tradesy, eBay, and soon on Grailed and the Facebook Marketplace. You are enticing more buyers to your account. Additionally, as you have followed these tips for Grailed sellers, you now have more chance of closing that sale.

OneShop's new features, Duplicate and Scheduled Listings and Smart Listing Prices, are also useful, so you won't have to worry about posting listings on time and calculating different prices for each marketplace you post in.

The automation app has a 7-day free trial you can take advantage of. You can set up in less than three minutes and experience all the convenience it provides sellers.

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