Grailed Authentication Process: Can Sellers Trust the Grailed Moderators?
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Typical buyers on reselling platforms are usually after two things: a good deal and a rare, high-value item. On Grailed, a marketplace known for its designer items and limited-edition shoes and clothing, buyers are usually looking for the latter.

Put yourself in the position of the buyer. You already found listings for that particular pair of Yeezys or Jordans you're looking for. All of them claim to be the real deal but you're skeptical. Considering just a claim that an item is authentic is not always a reliable indicator of authenticity, is there any other way to make sure you're buying a genuine article?

There is a way on Grailed. In a nutshell, items that pass Grailed's authentication process are identified as such and can easily be seen on the listing.

This is a win-win both ways. Sellers get to establish the legitimacy of their items by the very platform where these are listed while buyers get to have the assurance of purchasing guaranteed authentic items.

How does authentication work on Grailed?

Some marketplaces that do in-house authentication may be purely physical, which involves shipping the items from Point A to B and back. Some involve a combination of physical and digital steps.

The process of authentication on Grailed is purely digital. This eliminates the cost incurred and time wasted on shipping and avoids the logistical problems that may come into play.

Once sellers agree to subject their listings to its authentication process, Grailed's team of moderators will thoroughly check the listing description and photos for any tell-tale signs of authenticity or fraud. Please note that authentication is mandatory for certain items or brands (more on this below).

Make the process easier and faster by making sure you include as many clear photos as possible, especially those that show the details that moderators tend to scrutinize - which we will discuss further in this article.

At the end of the process, the items will either be authenticated or deleted should they fail to prove their authenticity. However, if you are certain of its genuineness and want to appeal your case, you may try to send a message to for reconsideration.

Who are the Grailed moderators - and should you trust them?

Grailed's team of about 50 moderators are trained to identify the genuine from the counterfeit. They work remotely and operate 24/7 to work on listings queued for authentication. Some of the Grailed moderators specialize in certain brands or high-risk items.

Since the moderators don't get to physically handle the items for inspection, it is easy to see why some buyers and sellers may doubt the legitimacy of their digital authentication process.

Although there's no way to see these moderators in action, rest assured that they are equipped with enough experience and technical know-how to perform their job well. Think of it this way: The reputation of the platform is on the line with every listing that undergoes its in-house authentication process. Any deliberate attempt to be careless could hurt the company's integrity and the trust of the community.

For their part, sellers are responsible for providing the information and materials needed to make the authentication process go as smoothly as possible.

What do these moderators look for when authenticating on Grailed?

Grailed moderators look for several details that reveal an item's quality and, ultimately, its authenticity. These include the size and placement of the logo, authenticity card, branding details on the hardware, and the like.

They are also trained to watch out for inconsistencies in stitching, color, materials, and other details that are not in line with the genuine articles of clothing or shoes of a particular brand.

What does Grailed consider a high-risk items?

As mentioned earlier, some items are required to undergo Grailed's authentication process before they get posted. These items are considered high-risk for several reasons, such as:

  • Items with an expensive listing price
  • The brand or type of item is commonly duplicated
  • The item is listed by a new seller
  • An old seller changed a piece of crucial information linked to their Grailed account (e.g., bank account or email address)

In handling high-risk items, Grailed moderators may look for specific authenticity details unique to a brand or a designer label. Don't worry, the system will provide a listing requirement that you can check against if you are attempting to post an item considered to be high-risk.

The Grailed team keeps abreast of the under-the-radar scams targeted at users of reselling platforms. This helps to ensure that the authentication measures they have in place stay relevant to protect the Grailed community.

What happens to items that are deemed fake?

Avoid listing items unless you're sure of their authenticity and can supply the photos and information to prove it. Grailed keeps an eye on first-time offending sellers, so you better not risk it if you suspect your item is fake.

If found to be inauthentic, the item will be deleted and will not be listed. Furthermore, Grailed may permanently freeze the seller's account if they repeatedly try to list counterfeit items.

Another thing is that you may lose your protection as a Grailed seller if you are found guilty of listing fake goods. Thanks to Grailed's Zero-tolerance policy, the platform will automatically act in favor of the buyer in any instance that a purchase of a counterfeit item is involved.

Spending a little time and effort goes a long way.

Now that you know how serious Grailed is with its authentication process, build the habit of spending a bit more time and effort to ensure you are sourcing and listing authentic items.

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