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If you’re a seller on Mercari, it’s without a doubt that you’re looking to make as much money as possible. The big question is, how do you achieve this? Since its debut, the platform has been well-known in their selling game as a Japanese online marketplace that is further supported by their app’s straightforward interface (attributing to numerous downloads of the app), making them a staple in japan’s default market.

This garnered them to gain a solid online community of casual users and many new prospects that sign up to the platform as sellers and buyers, improving Mercari’s download numbers. That resulted in them gaining rapid international growth brought on by Mercari’s domestic operations and investors due to an ambitious overseas expansion plan that targets Europe, Singapore, and Tokyo. The goal is to improve Mercari’s stock and make them into a real unicorn while improving people’s image recognition of them despite the overseas challenges despite the size of the population.

However, as with any selling platform like eBay and Poshmark, Mercari’s rivals, competition is tough, especially with Mercari being a growing marketplace that attracts new shoppers and sellers daily. The key to becoming a top seller is knowing what goals to reach and how you can do just that.

This blog will discuss how Mercari sellers can set up goals on the platform and the specific things you can do to reach these goals.

What are Mercari Goals?

Mercari has already made its mark for its continuous drive for innovation to cut sellers' total operating loss through rapid developments brought on by the moderators' continuous feedbacks.

Mercari goals were created by Mercari’s former Vice President of Business Development. With Mercari goals, you can easily set a goal, and the platform helps you track its progress with personalized stats and curated tips to keep you at the top of your game with renewed enthusiasm for selling and adding a long list of new listings.

To start, you can find the Goals in the app (the app’s design is relatively simple to navigate with your smartphone), then tap on the bullseye next to your shopping cart. From there, all you have to do is tell Mercari how much you want to make, name your goal, and get to star on your listing.

What you need to know

Current earnings: this shows how much you’ve earned in profits (minus any fees such as the seller fee processing) since you’ve set your goal. Take note that cashing out won’t impact your earnings towards your goal. This will be rounded up to the nearest number.

Potential earnings: this is how much you can make with your listings right now. This includes all of the profits from the listings on sale and in-progress transactions.

As of now, the platform only allows you to set only one goal.

What you can do to reach your goals

The best thing that you can do to reach your goals and develop your formula for success is to take full advantage of Mercari's features, such as the following:

Smart pricing mode: it's an excellent choice to always turn this on when listing an item because Mercari will automatically lower your item's offering price, making it a key metric of the value of goods for the buyer. And this is also great to have a benchmark for creating an estimate in counteroffers (or even in offerup). You can also set the limit and just let the app do the work for you, making this one of the platform's smarter lifestyle features.

Visible views: one of the good things about Mercari is that you can see how many times each listing has been viewed. It is extremely helpful in determining which items are most popular so you can forecast additional stock, and it helps you make the necessary adjustments to your listings. It’s also beneficial in creating bundles for items like video games, toys, etc. For example, your listing is high when it comes to views to big market people. Still, it has no offers, so you might consider lowering the item's price, changing the labels on the description, applying the share listing, or taking clearer photos to entice potential buyers and be sure not to use stock photos.

Sell almost anything: Straight from their website Mercari prides themselves in “If it ships, you can most likely sell it.” So, you won’t be limited at all when offering different products (as long as they fall into the gray market) to add to your inventory that caters to the international and local tastes. It doesn’t have to be brand new items. Resellers are also popular on the site as many people hunt for certain garage sale items that people letgo). However, almost all online markets have certain items that can’t be sold, such as illegal or counterfeit items that you can check on their website.

Experiment with social media strategies: like with any business, you need to drive potential buyers to your profile or official store by getting their attention and causing disruption (think of it as a successful push to your business). And social media is the best way to do this. Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, make your presence known and easily traceable to your business through your bio.

Another way or tool that can help you reach your goals and get to the top of the targeted range is by boosting your sales throughout the fiscal year through automation software. OneShop is an innovative and customizable tool designed to act as your virtual assistant to get an advantage over your competition and boost your sales. It can effectively improve your sales by selling to multiple marketplaces. It acts as your own sales expert and analyst. It does the listing, gaining new shares, and relisting across multiple online marketplaces, giving you more time to work on more important things for your business rather than spend hours doing listings across platforms manually.

Try it for yourself, register for free, and enjoy a 7-day trial with assistance from our team.

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