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Venturing into online selling can be challenging at first, especially when you don't know yet where and how you can get customers. This is why it is essential to strategize and plan carefully before putting your online business, such as a Poshmark closet, live.

As with any business, building connections is essential. On Poshmark, connecting with people is crucial; hence sellers and buyers help each other grow their business, giving the platform its reputation as the most social marketplace. Sellers and shoppers gather on this platform to shop and connect with those who have closets they like.

We will share some tricks and tips on gaining more followers on Poshmark, which can help your business grow. Not only just in terms of social connections but as well as in terms of boosting your sales. Here are the things that you can do to boost your following and grow your Poshmark account:

Find People Like You

Use Poshmark's Search functionality. You are often connected with those with the same interest, passions, or goals as you in real life. These people can be your family, friends, or even your workmates. If you noticed, they would appreciate the things that you have or the things that you do. This also applies in Poshmark. You can find users who share the same interest as you, such as your style and size. To do this, you may use Poshmark's search functionality and the 'My Size' feature. This will enable you to find listings that are similar to your size. The results will show you users who are your exact size and those interested in the same style. You may like their listings and follow them to get connected.

Use Social Media. While there are still some who don't have social media accounts nowadays, most people do. Our modern world is undeniably connected through social media and the internet. If we only relied on telephones and snail mails in the early times, now, the rise of technology has made connecting with old and new people better and easier. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and many other social media apps make communicating with your family, friends, and even acquaintances effortless. Not only does it bridge distances regardless of where other people are in the world, but it also helps widen your network.

Sharing your closet to social media platforms can also help boost the number of your followers, your closet exposure and ultimately earn you more potential buyers. By doing so, your friends and family who are also using Poshmark can check out your closet, follow you, and become your Poshmark friends to show their support.

Aside from promoting your username on your social media's general feed, you may also link your social media accounts to easily share your Poshmark listings to all your social media accounts with just one tap. To do this:

  1. Go to your Poshmark account.
  2. Select Sharing Settings
  3. Connect your available social media account.

Get your real-life friends and family involved. Your real-life friends and family are your number one fans, and they would love to see you succeed. Letting them know about your Poshmark venture can help them show their support by following your closet and sharing it with their friends. This helps you gain new followers and gives you the chance to expand your network via their connections. Who knows, these people may also purchase from your closet.

Follow Poshers

Poshmark is a social network full of supportive users composed of old and new poshers; hence following others on the platform can earn you many followers. Often, when you follow someone, especially a seller, their notifications in their app are turned on, so they know when you did them a favor. With millions of poshers on the platform, following others will surely earn you Poshmark users that will follow you back.

Poshmark community is similar to most help groups where people who share the same advocacy or goals support each other. On this online marketplace, sellers helping sellers isn't uncommon. Everyone who uses this platform knows the importance of having many followers to become successful; hence when you do something for them, they also return the favor, which can grow your business and increase your closet's visibility.

Share and Return Shares

Much like in social media platforms, Poshmark allows its users to share listings on the Poshmark feed. This action enables everyone to publish their listings in their feed for other users to see, facilitating a broader audience reach.

Self-shares: Doing self-shares means when you share items to your feed. This will make you visible to your followers and make you appear as an active seller on the platform. Using the self-share feature is a powerful tool that can help attract more buyers to your closet. In addition to this, your followers can also share your listings, making you appear on their followers' feeds.

Community shares: This action lets you share other users' items which is a great way to spread love and get a favor in return. Sharing another Posher's listing allows you to build connections with other sellers who can also turn into potential buyers. The Poshmark community is a great crowd, so making more community shares can also mean more followers and shares to expand your network.

Become a Poshmark Ambassador

Ever wonder how other sellers appear as recommended sellers to new poshers? Or how other sellers can host Posh parties? Or maybe you've asked yourself how other sellers can give host picks? Why are other sellers getting more advantages and perks compared to you? These questions have a simple answer - those sellers are Poshmark Ambassadors.

This highly coveted Poshmark status allows sellers to access special opportunities and make their closet advantageous compared to regular poshers. To get this status, you will have to earn a good standing with Poshmark so you can be one of those who represent the platform by welcoming, helping, and educating newcomers to the community.

Having a good standing means you'll have to meet specific criteria in the form of sharing, selling, listing, rating, and shipping. Here are the things that you should achieve to become a Posh ambassador:

  • Have at least 5,000 Community Shares
  • Have at least 5,000 Self-Shares
  • List at least 50 available listings
  • Sold at least 15 listings
  • Acquire an average rating of (at least) 4.5
  • Your average ship time should be less than three days
  • Given at least 1 Love Note

You can gain more followers due to the perks you can get your hands on when becoming a Poshmark Ambassador. With increased visibility when you get recommended to new users, achieving this status also enables you to get more social and interact with the community.

Keep on Partying

Posh Parties are the platform's real-time virtual shopping event or a day to day parties that can help your closet increase its visibility to many potential buyers. It is an excellent channel to showcase your relevant and qualified listings depending on the party theme and help drive your sales. By participating in Posh Parties, you can do Poshmark Party share and also have the chance to engage with other Poshmark users.

Because this event is where poshers shop, share and sell, joining in is an advantageous move. You can share your listing for as long as your items are relevant to the party's theme. To share your listing on an ongoing party:

  1. Select the listing that you want to share.
  2. Click on the Share button.
  3. Select the current party in the option.
  4. Click the Share to Party button.

Use OneShop

With the tips that we have shared with you, it is impossible not to grow your number of followers and, undoubtedly, your sales. Aside from being consistent, having an active closet plays a significant role in getting many followers. Luckily, Poshmark is a social community with lots of poshers giving the favor back. But we understand that being in front of your device manning your Poshmark closet can be time-consuming and require a lot of effort. That is why we have built reliable software that can automate Poshmark activities to help sellers like you save a day of work every week.

OneShop is here to help you automate sharing, following, relisting, and many more to ensure that your Poshmark account is active while you do other things to grow your business. OneShop is a Poshmark bot that works in a human-like manner; hence it won't get your closet in activity jail. In addition to this, you can quickly make drafts, list & cross-list, track profit & loss, and set goals while having access to sales analytics for free. In addition to this, we have a team that provides great customer service!

If you are ready to bring your online selling game to the next level with OneShop, all you have to do is leave your phone number here, and we'll send you the app. We offer a 7-day free trial without a credit card needed!

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