What You Need To Know About Tradesy Fees
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If you’re just starting and want to venture into creating your shop on Tradesy. Now selling on Tradesy is simple. However, before you start, you need to familiarize yourself with the fees to sell on Tradesy. Like any online marketplace like Poshmark and eBay, they all have fees associated with their platforms.

In this article, we’ll discuss what you need to know about navigating your way with Tradesy fees and just what is Tradesy’s fee structure all about.

How it works

When an item sells, sellers ship the item directly to the buyer, and the earnings will become pending once the tracking updates are available on the package. Don't worry if your earnings are not yet credited to your account after shipping. Tradesy may hold your earnings for up to 7 days after the delivery of the item buyer as part of security.

Receiving earnings

After the transaction has been completed, you can transfer your profit from your Tradesy account to your chosen checking account, Paypal, or debit card. You may also use the funds to buy something on Tradesy that you love or would like to add to your inventory.

What are Tradesy Fees?

Every seller should know what fees are involved in selling on their respective platforms, and Tradesy is no exception.

Now, exactly how much are the fees on Tradesy? It depends on the type of fee.

  • Commission Fee

    From the beginning, we have the Tradesy commission fees. These are the standard fees that occur when items are sold. It charges $7.50 for sold items that are less than $50. If more, then the Tradesy fee increases to 19.8%.

  • Transfer Fees

    When you receive your earnings, you have to pay the Tradesy transfer fee of 2.9% of the total amount. This transfer fee covers payment processing fees that Tradesy pays on your behalf when your items are sold.

    Now you might be wondering, “Can I avoid the transfer fee on Tradesy?” The answer is yes. The fee is automatically waived if you decide to spend your balance onTradesy.

  • Shipping Fees

    It is no surprise that part of the selling fees on Tradesy is the shipping fee that is added to the sale price of each listed item. So in total, the shipping fee, plus the selling price assigned by the seller, is the total amount paid by the buyer. Tradesy retains the shipping fee and uses it to supplement the cost of providing pre-paid, insured Tradesy packaging and shipping kits to sellers.

What is Tradesy Cash?

Your Tradesy Cash is the funds earned from sales plus the site credit from purchases processed as returns) they will automatically appear at checkout and be deducted from your order total. Whatever remains has no expiration date on your earnings. Also, by using your earnings to shop on Tradesy, you save on the 2.9% Transfer fee when you cash out your money.

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