eBay Listing with Structured Data: Your Ultimate Guide to Higher Listing Visibility
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All sellers' success depends on how the market reacts to what they are selling. Whether it is services or goods, the ultimate goal is to make their audience get attracted to their business and finally purchase. But in order for a seller like you to encourage shoppers, you have to let them know what exactly you are selling so you can catch the attention of your target market.

In the online setup, sellers are required to be strategic. Often, many sellers overlook the listing's simplest but most important details, resulting in lesser exposure and low conversions.

In this blog, learn how you can ensure your listing is easily searchable by your buyers, which will help your items gain more views and, ultimately, increased sales.

Structured data is defined as something that has precise details with highly specific information. So, when you use structured data in listing your items, this means that you are indicating what you are selling precisely, making your listing easier to search for by potential buyers when using the search engine.

On eBay, listing with structured data uses essential details such as product identifiers and item specifics. Let's deep dive and see how this essential information helps eBay sellers like you.

Product Identifiers

When you go to Google to search for a specific item, like a Loius Vuitton purse, the search engine works by searching for bits of specific information about the product you are searching for. This information is the product identifiers.

Product identifiers are the information you see in most products to help your listing become more visible to your potential buyers, which significantly influences your sales. It includes the item's brand, Manufacturer Part Number (MPN), Universal Product Code (UPC), for books- International Standard Book Number (ISBN), or Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), whichever is available on the item itself or its packaging.

With more than 700 million active listings on the platform, it can be challenging for buyers to see the relevant item they are looking for. So, with these product identifiers, eBay matches the specific information mentioned above to your potential buyer's search, making it easy for them to see your listing regardless of whether the item you are listing is brand new or refurbished.

By using product identifiers, the benefits you can get are as follows:

  1. It makes your listing more detailed, helping buyers find your items easily on the platform and outside search engines.
  2. You get to have more accurate pricing guidance for your listings.
  3. eBay alerts you for the trending price of your listing when similar items are being sold at higher prices than yours.
  4. You get a higher chance of getting included in deals and promotions on eBay.

To maximize the potential of increased visibility, eBay's bulk listing and editing tool also help show your listings that need to be updated with product identifiers. Be sure to include this information in your listing, as this helps boost your listing exposure immediately.

Item Specifics

For sure, you are aware of the essential details such as the brand, size, make, model, size, color, and style that you should include when describing your item. These particulars are called item specifics.

Similar to how product identifiers make your listing easy for buyers to search for them, item specifics also help your buyers know the relevant information about what you are selling. These details typically appear at the top of your listing description, helping your potential buyers become informed about their purchase.

eBay suggests that you list your item specifics based on your item’s category and provide as many item specifics as possible. This way, you can optimize your listings for product-based shopping.

Keep in mind that it is advantageous on your end if you choose from the item specifics eBay provides rather than coming up with your own. For example, when selecting a color for your item, go for the dominant color. If your item is mostly red, choose the item specific "Reds" and select a relevant value for the "Shade."

Here are some examples of Item Specifics for certain items:

  • For Antiques, you must indicate the material, region of origin, date of creation or age, type, and size for its item specifics.
  • For art pieces, state their size (height and width), subject, medium or material, style, date of creation, region of origin, and artist.
  • For currencies (coins or paper), indicate the certification, year, mint, location, denomination, and brand (for Virtual Currency Miners).
  • For collectibles, include the relevant information such as the object, type, brand, year, if it's original or reproduction, authentication, signed by, theme, issuer, color, character, and more that is relevant to your item.
  • For stamps, state the quality, type, topic, denomination, and year of issue.
  • For baby gears, don't forget to include the brand, features, color, type, age, weight, and size.
  • For toys, always include the brand, age, level, type, skills, character, and rarity (if applicable).

Increase Your Visibility with OneShop

Having structured data when listing on eBay can undoubtedly benefit your business. Now that you are informed about the positive impact they can give your online venture, it's time to further your listing exposure and reach a wider audience by cross-listing your items on other online marketplaces.

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