eBay Buyer Groups: Promote your coded coupons in bulk!
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Business success relies on many factors, one of which is having repeat buyers. This group of people is an essential part of your market as they are considered the most profitable since they can also affect your acquisition. While many businesses underestimate the power of referral, you shouldn't. One of the leading ways to improve your sales and customer acquisition is through recommendations from shoppers that have purchased from you before, which ultimately helps grow your business.

When selling online, the most challenging part is how to encourage your buyers to purchase from you again. That is why it is crucial to formulate ways and strategies to reach out again and make them buy from your store instead of your competitors in the market.

Influencing your previous buyers to buy from you again is tricky. eBay understands this; hence, they developed the eBay Buyer Groups to help sellers like you reach out to your buyers and offer them promotions such as coded coupons.

Read on and learn how to use this feature to further your eBay store's success.

What are eBay Buyer Groups?

eBay Buyer Groups is a specific group of shoppers who qualifies to use your coded coupons. These buyers have purchased from you previously; hence the Buyer Insights section lets you know how many buyers you've had in the past, including your one-time buyers and repeat buyers.

This feature lets you decide which parameters your buyers would fall under and whether you would like to send coupons to those who purchased from you in the last 31 days, more than three months, or more than six months.

The Benefits

Sellers like you can benefit from using Buyer Groups as it offers you more control over who gets to have a discount using the coded coupons you made. Here are the great things about using this feature:

  • It can help boost your sales by establishing a good relationship with your previous buyers and encouraging them to buy again from you using the coded coupons.
  • You don't have to publicly advertise your ongoing discount as sending your coupons to a Buyer Group means it is a private offer.
  • It lets you control what categories of your collection you want to promote.
  • It gives you the option of whether to send your coded coupons to your buyers through email or in-app notification.
  • It offers flexibility in your budget and profit margins as you can control the minimum spend, expiration date, and budget.

What are Coded Coupons?

Coded coupons are your best friend when it comes to offering discounts to your previous buyers and potential buyers. You can share these coded coupons publicly by printing them out and sending them to those who buy from your store to encourage a repeat order, share them on social media platforms, or give them to your friends. You can also share them privately through your marketing channel, like eBay Buyer Groups.

This marketing strategy helps you become tactical if you want to have control over encouraging repeat purchases, your budget and profit margin, and when you want to offer discounts without changing the price of your listings.

Creating Coded Coupons

When creating your coded coupon, you must decide what kind of discount you would like to offer. It can be any of the following:

  • Set price reduction. This is where your buyers can get a specific discount when they reach a certain amount spent. For example, your buyers can get $2 less when they spend a minimum of $40.
  • Percentage discount. This kind of discount depends on the amount of their total. For example, your buyers can get 10% off when they spend a minimum amount of $60, and the maximum discount they can get is $10.
  • Multi-item offer. This kind of discount applies when buyers get multiple items in your category. For example, they can get one free item if they buy two items (Buy 2 Get 1), or Buy one and get the other one at 50% off.

To create a coded coupon, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Seller Hub
  2. Generate your desired code
  3. Indicate the requirements such as type of discount and max budget
  4. Pick your inventory where you would want the code to apply
  5. Launch your code.

Note: You can become creative when it comes to the code you like, i.e., SPRING2022OFF and so on. Also, don't forget to include the validity date and your terms and conditions when creating your coded coupon.

Sending Coupons

Now that you know how these coded coupons can help you reel in more buyers and increase your sales, it is time to learn how you can send coded coupons to specific buyer groups.

By accessing the Seller Hub Marketing tab, you can access the new Buyer Groups section. This is where you can find:

  1. Create a buyer group - Here is where you can choose the group of buyers that will receive your coded coupons.
  2. Choose your campaign - This section is where you can choose the existing coded coupon campaign you want to use or create a new one.
  3. Add a custom message - Don't forget to include a message to your buyers that you will send along with your coupon. This adds a personal touch to your offer.
  4. Send your coupons - Eligible buyers in your groups will receive your coupon codes.

Note: eBay only allows sellers to send one coupon to buyers every 14 days. That is why you must ensure that you only select the most relevant buyer group for the coded coupons you have.

Boost Your Sales with OneShop

Using the eBay Buyer Groups is indeed an advantage in ensuring a broader reach of potential buyers that can eventually increase your sales on the platform. But did you know that you can maximize your earning potential by expanding your market and tapping into a more significant number of shoppers?

Making your listings visible on other eCommerce platforms like Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, Tradesy, and more can undoubtedly grow your business and ultimately get more customers who can turn into repeat buyers. To do this, cross-listing is the way to go.

A great cross-listing and automation tool like OneShop is ideal for sellers like you who manage multiple online stores on different platforms as it can save you tons of time to help you do other essential things that can grow your business. You only have to draft once using the app and cross-list hassle-free to other marketplaces that OneShop supports.

In addition to this, if an item is sold on another platform, OneShop will automatically delist them on other marketplaces to help you avoid having problems when multiple buyers buy the same item at once.

Visit OneShop today to know more, and sign up to try our 7-day free trial to experience how convenient having OneShop is and how helpful it is to your online venture.

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